(Minghui.org) Mr. Liu Erli, 70, a retired worker of the Lengshuijiang Steel Plant in Hunan Province, was arrested at his home by officers from the Lengshuijiang City 610 Office and the Lengshuijiang Court on January 26, 2014, four days before Chinese New Year.

Mr. Liu was taken directly to the courthouse, where officials demanded he sign a summons and complaint, as well as a residential surveillance notice. After refusing to sign, his trial was set for February 28, 2014.

Just a week prior, officers from the same agencies harassed Mr. Liu and his youngest son at home for over an hour on January 16.

Mr. Liu, 72, has a disabled left hand, which has only three fingers, and he has been detained six times and held in forced labor camps three times in total.

Arrested Five Times in 2013

Mr. Liu was arrested five times in 2013.

On one occasion in December, he was arrested at home and taken to the Procuratorate, where he was held for two days before being taken to the courthouse on December 26. Yang Haizhou from the Lengshuijiang City Domestic Security Division showed Mr. Liu a great amount of “evidence,” and told Mr. Liu that he would soon be tried. Mr. Liu was released after an hour.

Arrests and Harassments in 2012

While waiting for a ride at Zhagang Road on the evening of March 6, 2012, he was spotted by Xiao Yongcai, chief of the Lengshuijiang City Domestic Security Division. Mr. Liu was then taken to the Domestic Security Division, and over 100 Shen Yun DVDs were confiscated.

After being taken to a hospital for an examination, he was released later that same day following the results of his health exam that revealed he was too unhealthy to detain.

The chief of the Lengshuijiang City 610 Office, along with about a dozen officers from the Lengshuijiang City Domestic Security Division and police station, arrested Mr. Liu at his home on the morning of August 29, 2012. Mr. Liu resisted, so the officers carried him to the squad car. Mr. Liu managed to return home later that same day after being taken to the Procuratorate.

Partial list of the main personnel responsible for the persecution:

Yan Xiqiu (颜锡球), chief of the Lengshuijiang City 610 Office: +86-738-5222558, +86-738-5315233, +86-13707388916 (Cell)
Xiao Yongcai (肖永才), chief of the Lengshuijiang City Domestic Security Division: +86-738-5221655 (Home), +86-738-5113933 (Office), +86-13873826366 (Cell)
Yang Shemin (杨设民), director of the Lengshuijiang City Police Department: +86-7385317588 (Office), +86-13807388526 (Cell)

Please refer to the original Chinese text for additional names and telephone numbers.