(Minghui.org) The following story from Yi Zhi Lu (“Records Beneficial to Wisdom”) talks about how a person accumulated virtue by doing good deeds and followed the advice of a deity to practice forbearance in order to avoid a disaster in his family. The book was written by Jie Jian in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).

Kindness and forbearance are both very important. Kindness will bring about blessings. Forbearance will dissolve any grievances or hatred among people and can even change people's destiny because they can then transcend the cycle of karmic retribution.

Su Cheng from the Zouping County area in the Qing Dynasty was a kind person and did a lot of charity work. One summer's day, he took a rest under a giant willow tree on his way home.

A blind old man from the east came by. He walked so fast that even people with good eyesight couldn't keep up with him. He walked under the tree and said to himself, “I haven't been able to beg for any money today. It's nice to get some shelter from this tree. Let me assess its future.”

He then said with surprise, “How sad! This willow tree is going to die soon. It's just like reading a dead person's fortune.” He shook his head and left.

Su thought that the old man made some random comments and didn't really pay attention. However, soon after, several men approached with axes and saws. They told Su: “We are going to cut this tree down.”

Su was quite surprised and responded, “This tree is on the roadside. If it's cut down, passersby won't have a shady place to rest.” The men said, “The owner of the tree has sold it to us. What else can we do with it?” Su said, “I'm willing to pay you guys more for what you bought it for. Can you please keep it for the convenience of passersby?” The men said, “Of course. That will do!” They then made an appointment to complete the transaction the next day.

Su then thought, “The blind old man knew this was going to happen. Isn't he a deity? Only a deity can know the future! However, why couldn't he foresee that someone would then save the tree?” He quickly caught up with the old man to ask, “Why couldn't you tell that the tree would be saved?”

The old man said, “You are right. I foresaw that someone might buy the tree and save it. However, there are too few good people in the world now. I didn't want to jump to that conclusion.”

Su said, “I am the one who saved the tree.” The blind old man said, “You have done such a kind deed. You're able to prevent disasters and bring about good things!” Su continued, “I would appreciate getting your guidance on my future.”

Passing a Huge Test

The old man replied, “Everything else aside, you are going to have a strange disaster later today. However, because you have accumulated some virtue by saving the tree, you may have a way out. Remember to forbear, and you may then avoid the disaster.”

When Su heard that he was going to have a disaster, he hurried home. When he arrived, he saw that his wife was in bed sleeping with a young man. He was furious and was going to kill both of them. However, all of a sudden, he remembered the old man's advice and suppressed his anger.

He woke his wife up and asked, “Who are you sleeping with?” His wife said it was their daughter. Su smiled and said, “Why is our daughter dressed like a man?” The wife said, “Today is my birthday. It's a shame that we don't have a son. So I asked our daughter to dress like a son just for today.”

Su was relieved and said, “I almost killed both of you today, if it were not for advice from an old blind man.” He then told his wife the story of the willow tree.

In today's China, people also have an option to either side with the perpetrators or help Falun Gong practitioners inform people about the persecution. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has committed a lot of crimes in the persecution, including forced organ harvesting from the practitioners. Those who choose to help Falun Gong practitioners will gain a lot of virtue and be blessed.