(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa in April of 1997. As I think over the last 16 years of my cultivation, I realize I am able to be here today only because of Master's compassionate protection.

A colleague introduced me to Dafa. When I first opened the book Zhuan Falun , it seemed that Master was so warm and close. How long it had taken me to find this book! My feeling at the time was beyond words.

I had a lot of interference when I first obtained Dafa. I was laughed at by relatives, friends and colleagues--they said I was superstitious.

Resistance from my mother was particularly strong. I had been a devoted son from the time I was a boy, and I had never disobeyed her in my life. She behaved quite strangely when I first obtained the Fa.

She came to my house and disturbed me a great deal. My two-year-old son later had a constant fever, and nothing worked, not even injections. He could not eat or drink anything, and he passed out. Looking at my baby's dry lips and face, I felt awful.

Mother came again and said, “Everything will be alright, your baby will be fine, as long as you stop cultivation.” I replied, “That is not possible. No matter what, I will continue to cultivate.”

Looking at the baby, I became anxious. I looked at Master's picture and said, “Master, I am determined to cultivate Dafa, please help your disciple eliminate all the bad factors.”

I dozed off momentarily and saw clearly in a dream that there were two separate realms, one black, one white. I carried the baby and flew from the black realm to the white, bright one, and then I woke up. My baby slowly awoke as well and said, “Thirsty.” He had finally regained consciousness! Tears ran down my cheeks, and I pressed my palms together and thanked Master.

Mother came the next day and told my wife, “I will not try to stop my son from practicing anymore.” She looked at Master's picture and said “Last night, this Master, who was dressed in a suit, came to me in a dream and told me not to stop my son from practicing the Fa, that our entire family will benefit in the future.” From that point on, my mother no longer interfered with me practicing Falun Dafa.

Once I began cultivation, I seized every moment to study the Fa and do the exercises. Master purified my body quickly and powerfully. Great changes began inside my body, whether I was working, resting, or having a meal. The internal movements shook the heavens and the earth. I felt my body moving, but others did not notice. That state lasted over two weeks before it settled down.

In those days, fellow practitioners and I shared experiences and understandings with each other, and everyone was very diligent. Everyone was undergoing tremendous changes from the inside out: for some people, their white hair turned black; a female practitioner in her 70s regained her menses, and there were numerous cases of illnesses being eliminated.

I later became a volunteer instructor. I organized group exercises in the morning and group Fa study at my home in the evening. On holidays and weekends, I would work with other instructors to organize large scale activities to promote Dafa. Whenever there were newcomers, fellow practitioners would work together to teach the exercises, share about the benefits of Dafa, and provide Dafa books; everyone was doing what he or she should do.

We abided by the requirements set by Master to help the people who had predestined relationships with the Fa to obtain the Fa. Before the persecution, reading Master's scriptures diligently, everyone realized the urgency and serious nature of cultivation and the importance of promoting the Fa. Everyone was able to carry out the responsibility and walk the path well.

Going to Beijing to Safeguard the Fa

It was almost like the sky collapsed when the persecution began on July 20, 1999. The radio, television and newspapers attacked Dafa mercilessly. Workplace administrators pressured us, while family members and relatives tried to persuade us to leave Dafa. In this brutal environment, everyone seemed to be going through the test of life and death.

I took a banner and went to Beijing by train at the end of 1999, I wanted to appeal for Dafa on Tiananmen Square. Before the train arrived, we were all arrested and taken to an office near the railroad station. The thugs began to beat those of us who refused to give our names and addresses. Male practitioners were striped of their clothes and the doors and windows were deliberately left open to let the frigid air in. The thugs were shivering in their thick coats, while we were warm with bare skin. The thugs were scared silly. We Dafa practitioners knew that it was our compassionate Master who protected us and endured for us, and we were all in tears.

One after another, each of us was taken away, and I was the last one. They took me to a small room and threatened me: “If you don't tell us your name, we will kill you!” They showed me pictures of brutal torture. I thought, “No matter what, I only follow Master. I will not cooperate with you whatsoever.” They wanted me to raise my hand, so I began to do the second exercise “Holding the wheel.” They took a chair apart and used one of the legs to beat my finger joints. It sounded like they were beating on a metal pipe, but I did not feel any pain. Again this verified Dafa's dignity and supernatural quality.

This scared them, and they threw the pipe on the floor, poured me tea, and asked me to sit down. They begged me, “We know you are all remarkable. Please don't make it harder for us, it is not easy for us.” I thought it was time to go, so I told them my name and address.

I still cannot forget the day we were released. We were called out one by one. When it was my turn, a policeman shook his head, and I was released. Those who were taken away never returned. We did not know about the heinous crime of organ harvesting at that time. Now it all makes sense. Justice will prevail—the day will come when all the evildoers will meet their retribution.