(Minghui.org) Mr. Yang Huizhou and his wife were suddenly arrested at their home Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province on the evening of November 29, 2013. Officers from the Yucai Street Police Station and the Domestic Security Division involved in the arrest also sealed off the couple's home.

Mr. Yang's wife, Ms. Yan Rujuan, was released 15 days later. Mr. Yang is still being held at the No. 2 Shijiazhuang City's Detention Center.

The reason for the arrest is unknown. His family hired a lawyer on December 27, 2013, who visited Mr. Yang and learned that he might have been arrested because the police found two MP4 players that contained Falun Gong content at his home.

His wife was physically harmed as well as traumatized by the abuse she suffered while detained. Mr. Yang's elderly parents and his son are also worried for his safety.

Earlier in 1999, Mr. Yang Huizhou was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison because he refused to renounce Falun Gong. He made a living by repairing home appliances after the release.

We hope that fellow practitioners and kind-hearted people can help call for the release of Mr. Yang Huizhou.

Below is a partial list of organizations and names of people who were involved in the persecution of Mr. Yang:

Yucai Street Police Station: +86-0311-86048518, +86-0311-86048886 Liu Guangli(刘广利), chief, Domestic Security Division: 86-13803367357 (Cell), 86-13703390662 (Cell) Li Xinle(李新乐), deputy director, Shijiazhuang City Police Department: +86-13503112599 (Cell) Liu Zhipeng(刘志鹏), secretary general of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, (former director of the Tangshan Police Department for 11years): +86-311-86686568 Huang Chaoqing(黄朝庆), deputy secretary general, and director of the City 610 Office, (former secretary general of the Jingxing Mineral District). Zhou Benshun(周本顺), the Party secretary general of the Hebei Provincial CCP Committee. Zhang Yue(张越), director of the Provincial Police Department Li Jianfang(李剑方), the director of the Provincial 610 Office Li Xinle(李新乐), deputy director, from the City Police Department: +86-13503112599 (Cell)