(Minghui.org) Groups of tourists from various cities across mainland China visited Korea to see Shen Yun. They offered some great insight into the Shen Yun performance, and why they had to travel so far to see it.

Mr. Zheng from China's Qingdao City was in tears after the show on Feburary 9. “We organized a tour group of about 18 of us to come here. The show is superb! This kind of performance is not available in mainland China. You cannot find anything like this in China, because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) believes in atheism and does not believe in the existence of divine beings."

He continued, "Nevertheless, Shen Yun presents traditional Chinese culture in the form of dance. Ne Zha, you know, is a traditional story. [Chinese people] have known this story for a long time. Shen Yun performed this story with dance, and the effect is really great.

“The synchronization between the animated backdrop and the dances is so perfect. You absolutely cannot see this in mainland China. I am indeed quite touched. China once had culture like this, the 5,000-year-old traditional culture. Now it is presented through Shen Yun. Shen Yun makes us so proud!”

Li Tang (Mr. Li chose to use an alias, fearing reprisal from CCP authorities if he dared to publicly speak out in favor of Shen Yun) from Heilongjiang Province, came with his relatives and friends to Korea just to see Shen Yun. After the show, he had tears in his eyes. He said with excitement, “This is Chinese traditional culture. It’s truly brilliant.”

“The art form is very traditional. I saw lots of truth about Falun Dafa (which the communist regime has banned and cruelly persecutes in Mainland China) and have benefited tremendously from it.”

“I don’t know why, I am just so moved. I felt that I was being saved. It seemed like the scenes and the music were from heaven. The trip was definitely worthwhile.”

He raised his hands and said, “You see? My hands turned red from clapping so much. It’s really fantastic.”