(Minghui.org) Master said:

“In an evil environment, especially in China, there is a lot of evil in other dimensions and it persecutes you. Outside of China there are not that many evil factors, and the pressure is gone. Currently, whether it is karma elimination or interference from evil factors, that is all the work of the old forces. It’s all the same—they are just called different names. I am against all that the old forces do. I don’t accept any of it. And even less so should Dafa disciples be made to endure such suffering.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference (Questions and Answers)”)

I would like to share with fellow practitioners two major tribulations that I overcame. Without Master’s protection, I would not have made it this far. I did not study the Fa well in the past and was twice persecuted by the old forces. Breaking through the tribulations, I finally enlightened to what genuine cultivation really means.

The bottom of my ears started to throb when I was at work one day in 2006. Things deteriorated that evening, and my head hurt and I had a fever. All my joints, including my fingers, hurt, and it was impossible for me to fall asleep. I listened to Master’s lectures the entire evening.

My face was swollen so badly the next day that I could hardly see. I wore heavy clothes, but I still felt cold in May. So I used a blanket to cover myself. It felt as if there was some kind of liquid flowing inside my head, and my eyelids itched tremendously.

My head hurt the whole evening. It was as if I was wearing a hat full of needles. Fellow practitioners thought I had been in an accident because my head looked like a water balloon covered with scabs. I could not see anything since my eyes were swollen.

It was really like something Master said,

“Abundant troubles rain down together,
All to see: Can you pull through?”
(“Tempering the Will” in Hong Yin)

I could do only two things: listen to Master’s lectures and send forth righteous thoughts. Extreme misery filled my mind, along with thoughts that made it impossible for me to completely deny the old forces’ arrangements (like some other practitioners were able to do). Desire for comfort once rose in my mind, and I even thought about asking my sister to get some medicine for me, but I was able to get rid of that thought quickly.

This situation continued for over a week. To help me feel better, my child played practitioners’ songs. Tears rolled down my cheeks when I heard my favorite song, “Master’s Smile Is My Only Wish.” I began to sob, but the longer I cried, the sadder I felt. I had never in my life cried so sadly for so long. After that evening, though, I felt much better, and I was fine very soon after.

Master Has Endured So Much

I did not understand why I cried so much for so long that day. Then a few days ago when I studied the Fa, I enlightened that it was because I had seen the tribulations I suffered in the cycle of reincarnations, as well as what Master has endured for us to save us in our different lives. I could also feel Master’s mercy in saving when me when I went through this tribulation.

My right elbow began to bother me one evening. It started to hurt so much that I could no longer move it. It then became more and more difficult for me to breathe. I trembled even if I breathed lightly. When I could barely inhale anymore, I moaned intermittently, “Master, help me breathe.”

That symptom lingered for more than two hours. When it was time to send forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I tried my best to do it even though I was unable to move. After that my condition improved a little bit. Immediately I asked my child to put on the practitioners’ songs for me. I could not lie down for about six days. If I did, I could not breathe, and it was very painful. I could not drink water because I could not breathe. The pain caused by mild coughs was intolerable.

After this tribulation disappeared 12 days later, I searched inside myself and asked where the tribulation came from and why it went away. I knew that I must have done something wrong so as to have given the old forces loopholes.

Dafa disciples all have issues to work on and attachments to let go of. However, practitioners cultivate on various foundations and are enlightened in different realms. We all have our perspectives with our faith in Master and Dafa. Consequently, the ways that we let go of our attachments are different, and our perspectives on, and the causes of “illness” karma, all vary. Because of that, our situations are affected diversely: some practitioners are healed right away, some take a while, but for some practitioners, the symptoms linger for a long time. Unfortunately there are still others who can never break through the tribulations.

Master said, “In cultivation, if a person can be steady, confident, and aboveboard, there is sure to be little interference.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference (Questions and Answers)”)

I encountered two tribulations in about 12 days. It was very fast, but I did not have sufficient righteous thoughts. How did I overcome the tribulations so quickly? It seemed to be a miracle for ordinary people, but for Dafa disciples, it was due to the mighty mercy of Dafa.

I later understood why I cried so much that day.

“You know, a lot of students want to see me, and a lot of ordinary people want to see me. When some people see me they get excited without knowing why, and when some people see me they feel especially warm and close. Some people get so excited they want to cry. That's because their knowing sides all know that whoever sees me, I will help him, (applause) and I can reduce the sins and karma he made throughout history. (Applause) So no matter what your job is or what you do, as long as you see me, I'll have you develop good (shan) thoughts, and as long as you see me I'll reduce your sins and your karma amidst your good thoughts. (“ Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003”)

Master's Boundless Compassion

I realized that my knowing side had seen that Master helped me eliminate the karma that I had collected in the cycle of reincarnation in my numerous lives in the past, and that was why I cried so hard. When we go through tribulations, only Master can save us.

When the symptom hit me again, Master saved me for the second time. I bore the extreme misery and pain, but felt deeply Master's mighty mercy.

The reason I could quickly break through the tribulation was probably because I had little conventional notions of “illness” karma. I have also built up a habit that, whenever I accomplish something, I always thank Master for strengthening me. Even though I cannot see anything, I often talk to Master.

When the huge tribulation pressed down on me, I did not think about such terms as “hospital,” “treating illness,” or “taking medicine,” nor did I have a thought of asking fellow practitioners to help send forth righteous thoughts. Finally, I broke through the tribulations with what I should do as a Dafa disciple.

I know that Master helped me to overcome the tribulations quickly. My righteous thoughts are still lacking, and I have not earnestly searched inside myself. The first tribulation occurred seven years ago; nonetheless, my forehead still occasionally itches. The second tribulation ended about five months ago, but sometimes I still find it hard to breathe.

These symptoms occur to remind me that I must be more diligent. I am often interfered with by drowsiness, and when I send forth righteous thoughts, I still slack off. Master has told us that time is running out; therefore I must not be lax from now on.

I will remember Master’s teaching and cultivate myself well!