(Minghui.org) Over a million Chinese tourists visit Paris each year. Many of them choose to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after they learn about the crimes the CCP has committed against Falun Gong practitioners.

Practitioners in France have tirelessly clarified the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong in China over the past ten years at many different tourist destinations. Those who understand often choose to withdraw from the CCP for a clear conscience and a better future.

Chinese tourists read the display boards at the Eiffel Tower.

Falun Gong Practitioners Are the Hope of China

A man in his 70s told a practitioner, “As I see it, Falun Gong practitioners are China's hope. They are all good people who risk their lives to tell people what is really happening in the persecution. I admire you. The CCP's lies don't work anymore. I wish your Master well. Falun Dafa is good!”

A couple in their 60s listened carefully and said, “You said it! For years we have lived in fear of the CCP's political movements. There isn't any human dignity left. I will tell my friends and relatives what you told me. You are China's hope.

Two men in their 30s told a practitioner, “We have read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and we circumvented the firewall to read the Epoch Times online. We are glad that you are doing such good deeds. Your hard work allows us to realize the truth and shows there is hope for China. Thank you for holding on. We support you!”

Chinese Tourists Volunteer to Give Out Falun Gong Brochures

A tour guide took a copy of the newspaper from a practitioner, turned around, and said to his clients, “Look, a newspaper with the truth. Everyone should take a copy home.” They all rushed to get one. A woman in her 40s took many copies and said, “I will help you distribute them.”

Many tourists quit the CCP and its youth organizations without the need of much persuasion. “After you read the newspaper, don't forget to quit the CCP to stay safe. Over 150 million have already quit. Let me help you quit,” said a practitioner to an older man. “Yes, yes. Thank you!” The man said and left smiling.

The practitioner said to another tourist, “Have you read this newspaper? It has a lot of information on the CCP's crimes. Most people who know the truth have quit. Are you a member of the CCP? Why don't I help you quit with an alias?” “Sure, go ahead, and I will pass on the newspaper after I read it,” said the tourist.

Veteran CCP Member: Quitting the CCP Is a Must

A practitioner talked to a veteran CCP member about the regime's crimes against the Chinese people over the past dozen years. The man nodded and replied, “I know intimately many of the things you talked about. Quitting the CCP is a must.” He thanked the practitioner after he quit.

Dozens Quit the CCP During a Lunch Break

Groups of Chinese tourists passed by a practitioner's table near the Eiffel Tower. The practitioner talked to a mother and daughter: “It's a blessing to be able to travel outside of China and learn the truth..” After listening to the practitioner, the two quit the CCP and its affiliates.

Many others drew near, wanting to hear what was going on. The practitioner raised her voice and told everyone how the CCP harvests organs from Falun Gong practitioners while they are still alive for obscene profits. The practitioner told them that even the lawyers in China who dare to defend practitioners are incarcerated and tortured. Twenty more tourists quickly opted to quit the CCP.

After a practitioner explained the facts to three families, everyone quit the CCP. The practitioner helped nearly 60 people quit during the noon hour in one day. She said, "Once they understand the facts, most young people have a sense of justice and quickly quit the CCP and its affiliates.” This year alone the practitioner has helped about 5000 people quit.

A Tourist Wants to Help

A man asked a practitioner for a poster. He held the poster up high facing a lot of Chinese tourists in front of a shopping center so that they could see the facts about Falun Dafa without having to come to the practitioner's table.

Another man told the practitioner, “I learned how to use software to break through the firewall and read the facts about Falun Gong. If I had free time I would want to be a volunteer like you. Many of my family members died because of the CCP's past campaigns of persecution. CCP members are demons that belong in hell.”

The CCP's Atrocity of Harvesting Organs from Living Practitioners

After hearing a practitioner clarify the facts, three men countered, “We have read your newspapers. I believe that the corrupt officials transferred the money they embezzled overseas, but I don't think that they harvested organs from living people and sold them for transplants.”

The practitioner patiently explained, “Many people like you thought that live organ harvesting was simply unbelievable. But international human rights organizations have proven it to be true. Patients in China can receive matched organs in a couple of weeks, while those in other countries have to wait years. China has become the world's organ transplant tourist destination. It is an unprecedented evil on this planet, and it will be punished. Quit the CCP so that you can have a safe future.”

Other tourists were in disbelief: “The CCP is guilty of a huge crime in harvesting organs like that!” “Shame on the Party!” Nine of them instantly agreed to quit the CCP.

Tour Guide Helps His Clients Quit

A tour guide told a practitioner that he had already quit. The practitioner told him, “Tell your clients to quit, too. You will be blessed for making them safe.” He smiled and agreed.

He waited for the tourists in his group to gather and said to them, “Falun Gong is good! Quit the CCP and its affiliates now to stay safe. The CCP is doomed.” Some gave him a thumbs up, and many smiled and gladly quit.