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VI. Master Helps Disciples Change Their Human Notions

The following are some practitioners' recollections of visiting historical sites in Lushun with Master in 1994.

1. Master Knows Everything

Master visited Honglujing, a Tang Dynasty relic in Lushun, with a group of practitioners on July 7, 1994. An elderly practitioner volunteered to be the tour guide, since it was Master's first time in the area.

During the tour, the elderly practitioner told Master about two ancient wells, but one of the wells couldn't be located. The second well was said to be under a stone tablet. Master walked toward the stone tablet, then stopped and pointed downward.

He told us that the second well wasn't under the stone tablet, but was beneath where he was pointing. We were surprised. How could Master know things from the Tang Dynasty, 1,300 years ago?

I asked an elderly scholar from the Lushun Museum of History about it sometime later. He confirmed that the location of the well was truly where Master had indicated.

We also accompanied Master to visit the North Fort of East Jiguan Mountain, a historical site from the Russo-Japanese War. A practitioner gave Master an introduction to the site and pointed out the place where a famous general died.

Master told the practitioner that the general actually died at the ruins closer to the tunnel. He briefly described the famous general's physical attributes, saying that he wasn't very tall, and looked quite small. We were surprised that Master knew details from 100 years ago.

I later visited historians and looked through some historical records, which confirmed that what Master had said was accurate. I finally realized that Master had used these trips to historical sites to tell his disciples, “Buddha Law can allow people to thoroughly understand immeasurable, boundless worlds.” (Zhuan Falun) Everything Master did was to help people enlighten, lead his disciples to progress in cultivation, and to save sentient beings.

2. Master Helped Me Get Rid of My Atheistic Mentality

I had been influenced by atheism and materialism. I completely disbelieved in any superior beings. It was a serious obstacle in my self-cultivation. To help me get rid of this mentality, Master showed me scenes from different dimensions.

I went with Master after his last lecture in Dalian. As we travelled, Master told me that divine beings watch people all the time, but humans can't see divine beings whenever they want to.

As we drove by Wafangdian, Master pointed at a mountain and told me to look. I saw people about 1 meter tall and dressed in ancient attire. I asked Master who they were. Master told me that they were local land gods. I asked what they did. Master told me that they were in charge of different areas. He said these gods were similar to residential property managers in the human world.

I learned that our material dimension isn't the only dimension in this vast universe. There are many other dimensions and lives that we can't see. Many lives are superior to humans, like Buddhas, Daos, and Gods. What Master showed me removed my atheistic mentality and changed my view of the world.

3. Master Enlightened Disciples about Other Dimensions

Master visited Dalian for his first lecture series. During His visit, a few practitioners and I watched Master's exercise instruction video. Some practitioners saw lotus petals on the video that moved in a beautifully rhythmic way. I couldn't see them.

As we were discussing the lotus petals, Master walked into the room. I asked him why I couldn't see the lotus petals. Master told me not to worry, that he would show me.

He placed a tomato on the table and covered it with his hands for a moment. Then he put the tomato on top of a soda can. A tiny child appeared on the tomato, jumping up and down. A green pole of light extended from the child's head all the way to the sky. The child normally exists in another dimension, but Master made it appear in front of our eyes.

I went to visit Lushun with Master on July 7, 1994. We looked out to sea from Dianyan Fort on the east of Lushun Harbor. As a new practitioner, I was very excited and felt proud to be a student of our master.

I couldn't contain my excitement and yelled “Falun Gong” loudly toward the sea. My voice seemed to travel a long distance out on the open sea. To my surprise, a pole of light rose into the sky. I asked Master what had happened.

He told me that, just like the Temple of Heaven (Tiantan) in Beijing, this place was a connection point to other dimensions. While this place connected to four other dimensions, the Temple of Heaven could connect to seven. I realized a long time later that Master took every opportunity to show his students how to break through our everyday mentality about other dimensions.

When we were on Baiyu Mountain, I saw Master make special hand gestures. He turned his right hand slightly with his fingers pointing to his left palm. Master told me that the area was dirty. I didn't realize that Master was talking about another dimension, and I casually replied, “This place isn't an ancient battlefield. It's supposed to be clean, with a beautiful mountain.”

Master told us that there were many souls of people who had died at this place, and most of them were Japanese. He said they begged Him on their knees for salvation. I remembered that Lushun had been the site of many battles, including during World War II. There are many souls of the deceased in Lushun, even though an ordinary person can't see them.

Laotie Mountain at the southern tip of Lushun is the junction of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. Master stood on a cliff facing the Yellow Sea with his right hand facing upward. He used his left hand to guide something.

A bright ball of light gradually appeared on his right palm. After a while, Master slowly sent the ball of light out to sea. He told us he didn't know there was such a good place in Lushun. I then saw a huge flying creature with large wings and a round head above the lighthouse.

I had never seen anything like it before. It wasn't scary, though. Instead it made me feel safe. I asked Master what it was. Master told me it was his guardian. I asked in wonder, “Who is the tall one standing at the edge of the sky?” Master told me it was his law body. One practitioner took pictures of this miraculous scene.

Master also visited the historical site where the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty led his troops back to land. A yellow dragon from the Yellow Sea and a gray dragon from the Bohai Sea jumped for joy, spraying beads of water. Master lingered at this site for a long time. I felt merged in the compassion of Buddha Law while with Master.

Even though what I recalled above can't be verified with empirical science, this all truly happened. As practitioners of Falun Dafa, we continue to improve and break through different dimensions. We must fundamentally change our human mentalities and our thinking patterns.

VII. Master Guided His Disciples to the Correct Path

1. Master Told Us the Principles of Cultivation

During Master's teaching in Lushun, a student who had been looking for Falun Gong since 1992 was very excited and asked many questions, including about the relationship between virtue and energy. Master taught him that one's heart nature is like the huge silos that store grain that you find in China's northern countryside. As your heart nature becomes higher and higher, more energy can be retained, just like how more grain can be stored in a larger silo.

In December 1994, a new practitioner gave another practitioner a book from a different qigong school. After reading it, the practitioner's mouth and eyes became disfigured. This incident was reported to Master. The practitioner's features returned to normal after he realized his mistake.

Master's compassion is boundless. He will take care of you as long as He knows that you regret your mistake. This lesson impressed us deeply. We have remembered ever since not to spread or read anything from other disciplines.

2. Master Wrote Scriptures to Correct His Students

On March 30, 1994, the fourth day of Master's first lecture series in Dalian, we went to visit Xinhai Park with Master. Some practitioners saw dragons and fairies on the sea.

One of the practitioners had some supernormal abilities and thought that he was the one who had brought the dragons and fairies. Another practitioner asked, “Are the dragons and fairies brought by me or by Master?” Master told us a practitioner shouldn't pursue supernormal capabilities, that he should study the Fa well and cultivate himself well. Master wrote in the sand on the beach:

“Supernatural skills are but petty means,The Great Fa must be the basis of everything.”

It was later published as “Seeking the Righteous Fa” in Hong Yin.

Practitioners invited a veteran practitioner from another city to Dalian to help teach the Falun Gong exercises in 1996. This veteran practitioner altered the exercise movements. He taught them differently from Master. Master heard about it and wrote a scripture on this topic and sent it to the Falun Dafa Association in Beijing. It was later published in Essentials to Further Advancement – "Immutable."

Even though these were certain individuals' problems, they were pretty widespread. Master corrected the problems right away.

VIII. Master Encouraged His Students to Advance Diligently

Master's second lecture series was held in Dalian Locomotive Stadium from July 1 to 8, 1994. Many students saw that Master sent forth strong, colorful energy at the beginning of the class. These lectures were recorded for students to study.

The afternoon of July 4, 1994, Master answered student's questions. One student asked, “Master, I would like ask about the future of Lushun.”

Master told the student that good people wouldn't be affected by any disaster, that the purpose of what He was doing that day was to save people--to teach them to assimilate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, to let them return to their origin and leave this dangerous situation. Master compared mankind's degenerate morality to a rotten apple. It had to become a fresh apple before it could be kept.

Some practitioners asked questions about international relations. Master told us that we don't get involved in politics. He said that, as practitioners, we should seize the time for our solid cultivation.

Another practitioner asked about how to select a site for group practice. Master told us that wherever we choose to do cultivation practice would be blessed.

Master told students in Lushun on December 31, 1994, that we should give Fa study the top priority. He told us to memorize the Fa. He said studying the Fa in a group is a good format and that we must seize the time to study the Fa and cultivate ourselves solidly.

* * * * *

Master's teaching 12 years ago [Editor: This article was written in 2006.] immersed us in the compassion of the Buddha light, purifying our bodies and minds. Today, we see clearly our holy mission to help Master rectify the Fa. Doing the three things well, with righteous thoughts, is the best way to thank Master. Like Master said,

“Dafa disciples, you are golden light in the mortal world, the hope of the world's people, Fa-disciples who help Master, and future Fa-Kings. Keep diligent, Awakened Ones that walk the earth: Everything of today will be the glory of the future.” (“Congratulatory Message”)