(Minghui.org) Several large truth-clarification} material production sites organized by local practitioners were destroyed between 2002 and 2003. Many practitioners were arrested and most of them were illegally sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. When they were brutally tortured by police some of them told the police my information. To avoid arrest, I fled my home.

However, the police, the local 610 Office and domestic security team searched everywhere for me, and sent out orders to arrest me. After spending a lot of money and manpower, they arrested me one year later.

“Ten Years in Prison” Never Happened

When I was sent to the police station interrogation room, the head of the local 610 Office was waiting. He told me that he arranged my arrest, and was very proud of himself. He said, “This time I will send you to prison for years.” I told him, “Whatever you say doesn't count.” He slapped me in the face and yelled, “Wait and see!”

Next, three officers interrogated me. I refused to answer any questions, so they tortured me. They took off all my clothes, and tied my arms and legs with wires. Then they stood on my body to hold me down and shocked me with electric batons all over: my head, ears, eyes, mouth, throat, chest, and other places. But I was determined that no matter how they tortured me, I would never cooperate.

One of the officers poured water on me, put a lit cigarette into my nose, then shocked me all over again. They pinned me down with their feet as my body violently convulsed because of the electric shock. I still refused to say anything.

Another officer showed me the confession of another practitioner who was unable to endure the torture, and said, “We have enough evidence to prove that you are in charge of delivering materials to several towns. If you do not tell us who you gave the materials to, you'll die tonight!”

I shook my head, and told myself, “I will never betray fellow practitioners.” After 11 hours, the three officers were too tired to continue. One of them wrote “nothing” on the record and ended the torture. I was sent to prison.

No “One Year Forced Labor Detention”

Right before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the communist party started to raid practitioners on a large scale again.

One day when my wife was on her way to work, she was arrested by officers from the domestic security team. When they searched her, they got the key to our apartment and searched it.

I was at home. When I heard unusual noise in the hall way, I felt something was wrong, so I locked the door. The police couldn't open the door and became angry. They tried to break down the door.

Later they called a firefighter truck, and broke into my apartment through the window. They handcuffed me and carried me out of my apartment building. I saw that many people had come out to see what was happening and I shouted loudly, “Falun Dafa is good!”

They took my wife and me to the police station and detained us there for four days without eating or drinking, and even deprived us of sleep.

Later they transferred us to a detention center. The cell head had worked at an overseas embassy, and he knew Falun Dafa practitioners were being unjustly persecuted so he treated us well. He gave us extra food, allowed us to take showers, and did not assign us to hard labor. All we did all day was memorize the Fa and clarify the truth to other cellmates.

Several days later, we were separated into different cells. The head of my cell was very hostile towards me. Once I told the prisoners about the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party and exposed how evil the CCP is. The head reported me to the guards.

A guard put cuffs on my hands and feet for a whole day and night. At the same time, he instructed the cell head to beat me. They forced me to stand in garlic water and peel garlic. Because my hands and feet were soaked in garlic water for a long time, my nails turned black and fell off. My feet also turned black.

The torture almost made me lose my righteous thoughts. I felt one day was as long as a year. One month later, I was sent to a labor camp for one year.

On the way to the labor camp, I suddenly remembered that Master's law body was always with me, and remembered that there were so many sentient beings waiting for salvation. I sent out the strong thought: “I shouldn't go to the labor camp, that's not where I belong.” I kept sending forth righteous thoughts and felt more and more at peace.

When I arrived at the labor camp, I had to undergo a medical checkup and the result was not good. So the labor camp refused to accept me no matter how hard the police begged them.

Economic Difficulties

My wife and I had very good jobs until 2001 when we were forcibly sent to brainwashing class organized by the 610 Office. Attempting to force us to give up our belief, the 610 Office personnel ordered our companies to suspend our jobs and salaries. Without any income, our life was very difficult for a long time.

In order to overcome the economic persecution and also to save my superiors who had been deceived, I wrote many letters to clarify the truth. I wrote a thousand word open letter to the CEO explaining what Falun Dafa is, how I benefited from practicing, what my family suffered in the persecution, why the party persecutes Dafa and other facts. I requested to go back to work unconditionally.

The CEO read my letter and I made an appointment to see him. He was very polite to me and even said he admired me. However I could tell he was afraid of the CCP. Even though he didn't help me get my job back, he knew the truth and even shared the letter with others.

At the end of 2009, my company was being restructured, so each employee would get compensation. When I heard about it, I went to the current CEO who was my assistant before. However he was deceived by the CCP and kept avoiding me. I went back eight times to ask for my money, but he refused.

Before I went the last time, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil that controlled him. I asked him to return the money and unconditionally let me have my job back. He replied, “But you are not our employee any more.” I said, “If that's the case, then when the police asked the company to find me, why did the company always comply?” He felt uncomfortable and suggested I talk to the supervision group. I went to clarify the truth to the supervision group. A few days later, I got my compensation and was arranged to be transferred to a new company to work.

There are many new faces at my job. I also need to contact many people through my work. I will make the best use of my time to save them.