(Minghui.org) My sister-in-law lost her appetite several months ago. She had swelling in her epigastric area, where she had felt a lump. After an examination and a CT scan she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The doctor recommended that she go to a larger hospital for treatment.

The examination results at the provincial hospital produced the same results as the local hospital. She had late-stage pancreatic cancer which had spread into her surrounding organs. Her liver was enlarged. She felt nauseous and had back pain. Her face was pale and her eyes were discolored. She couldn’t sleep at night. She felt and looked miserable.

The provincial specialist said that the success rate for pancreatic cancer surgery was low, not only in this country but also internationally. This cancer spread quickly and affected many internal organs. Even if the operation was successful, it could only extend her life for three months. If the operation was not successful, her life would end sooner. The doctor knew of no one who survived this type of cancer, and told my brother to be fully prepared.

The entire family was shocked. After my sister-in-law arrived home, I had a talk with her about her illness. I told her illnesses were a result of ones own karma and only through cultivation could she recover. She and her family then listened to Master’s lectures and repeated “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” frequently day and night. They believed in Falun Dafa because they witnessed that other family members who recovered from illnesses after they practiced. For example, my mother, who was illiterate, firmly believed in Master and Falun Dafa and recovered from high blood pressure, edema, heart problems and gallstones.

My sister-in-law experienced no changes the first three days. Her son commented that she didn't believe in Dafa one hundred percent. I asked her if she had done anything wrong or been to any temples. She said that she did go to a temple. I told her that she shouldn’t acknowledge them and needed to believe in Master and Dafa completely, she nodded her head in agreement.

That night she woke up her son at 11 p.m., obviously excited about something. She said to him: “Master has purified my body. I felt my abdomen was cut from top to bottom, although I felt no pain, only numbness. And then something was spinning in my belly.”

For a while she vomited a bitter fluid. A few minutes later the lump in her belly disappeared. She could stand upright, and her whole body was relaxed.

After so many sleepless nights, she was finally able to get a good night's sleep. The next morning all her symptoms were gone and she felt well.

Friends and neighbors were shocked at her good news. Family and relatives were amazed by the miracle of Falun Dafa. Many exclaimed that it was indeed very good. My brother kept saying that “Falun Dafa is very powerful!”

My brother and his wife were very thankful to Master and Dafa. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Minghui website so we can express our gratitude to Master.