(Minghui.org) After cultivating for many years, quite a few Falun Gong practitioners have recalled memories from previous lives. As a result, many have become attached to stories about previous lives and really enjoy talking about them. Some have even been affected to the extent of losing focus in cultivation.

I learned that many practitioners have looked around for “high level people” or practitioners with gradual enlightenment to seek information about their own past lives. Some chase after such information for other practitioners and themselves. As I understand it, they may have even unknowingly developed demons in their own minds.

Such practitioners are mesmerized upon learning that they were once an emperor, a person with superior ability, a king, a general or a noble. Sometimes a few practitioners even fight for the “ownership” of a certain historical role and refuse to give it up.

Some male and female practitioners who are not married to each other justify and indulge in their strong lust by claiming they were some legendary lovers in famous Chinese folk tales in their previous lives.

As I observe, these practitioners often cannot bear loneliness and are unwilling to bear the hardship required by cultivation. In order to fulfill their wants and wild thoughts, they pursue what they don't have in society with strong human notions.

If their attachments cannot be satisfied in this life, they seek other ways. Tales of previous lives have then become a source of comfort and fantasy.

As a result, the old forces trap them with illusions and indulgence. The practitioners refuse to pull themselves out of the situation and breed demons in their own minds. Some even refuse to wake up and insist on guarding their daydreams when others point out the problem to them.

I have also been in the gradual enlightenment state during my cultivation. During my early years, I couldn't handle myself well when I found out that I knew some things that others didn't. I was carried away by my “special knowledge.” My arrogance almost led me to the state of having demons in my own mind.

Fortunately, with Master's compassionate protection, I later studied the Fa with a calm mind, looked inward continuously and truly cultivated myself. I slowly rectified myself and became a genuine Falun Dafa practitioner.

Many practitioners asked me about their previous lives over the years. They wanted to know whether they were some historical figures, or whether they had a predestined relationship with someone.

Of course, not all these practitioners were after seeking this knowledge to satisfy their attachments. Some were in severe xinxing tribulations and wondered if knowing historical reasons would help resolve the problems.

However, I think no matter what reason it is, we should not focus on it. This is looking outward and not unconditionally looking inward. Such pursuits can easily lead us down the wrong path.

In history, the old forces have already arranged everyone meticulously. Nothing is coincidental. Master taught us in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference,”

“Things have been arranged for such a long time and this is such a major event, so things are really well-ordered! If I told you that even every step you take as you walk, and that even how big your stride is, were arranged, you might not believe it. But even the number of times you would scream while being persecuted and how many blows you would be dealt were arranged by them. Of course, the presence or absence of strong righteous thoughts in a cultivator can change these things, but not by much.”

No matter who we have been in history, the old forces inserted their influence in our lives. The arrangements contain their mechanisms and traps.

I have not told anyone about their previous lives, even if they had great predestined relationships with me. I also do not take it seriously. I just consider them as illusions since I cannot distinguish which are arranged by the old forces and have no way to know what influence it has on today.

No one has the ability to know the true picture except Master. So let's simply think of them as illusions. Do not entertain them or be attached to them. Then, they won't be able to interfere with us.

The practitioners who are attached to their previous lives have all developed problems. Some appear to act and talk senselessly, and their minds are not clear. Some even breed demons in their own minds; their cultivation has been totally destroyed as a result. Some may not be experiencing big troubles, yet are also in danger. If they do not get rid of the attachments, serious problems are only a matter of time.

As I see it, these attachments to past lives are simpy traps arranged by the old forces. The more you are attached to it, the more you will be trapped and controlled by the old forces. Eventually your cultivation will be ruined.

We Falun Dafa disciples are gods and kings at different levels who have descended to the human world to help Master in rectifying the Fa. We gave up the most sacred and noble throne in the divine world and came to this dirty world.

Why do we still attach ourselves to the small roles in the human world? This is no different than Shakyamuni's disciples who gave up enormous wealth but were attached to begging bowls during later stages of their cultivation.

Not all reincarnation media articles are true, even if they are seen and told by practitioners. We should not be attached to them or consider them true. Moreover, some articles are not pure and still contain lust and a show-off mentality.

Hence, I also would like to remind the practitioners who write such articles that; for the best effect of validating the Fa, we must write articles with a pure mind.

Please pardon any lack of compassion in my tone, as I am anxious to point out the issues I have seen among fellow practitioners. Please allow me to end this sharing by quoting Master's poem,

“Don’t pay heed to the affairs of bygone dynastiesAll will be known when you return homeat Consummation” (“Clarity Upon Gaining The Way”, Hong Yin Vol. II)