(Minghui.org) A forum on China's state-sanctioned live organ harvesting was held in a downtown library in Calgary, Canada on October 29, 2014. The event was sponsored by the Calgary Falun Dafa Association and the Arusha Center, who invited Mr. Ethan Gutmann, former US think-tank researcher and China expert, and Mr. David Kilgour, former Member of Canadian Parliament and Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) to speak.

A similar forum was held in Edmonton, Alberta, the day prior.

Journalist Ethan Gutmann, a former US think-tank researcher and China expertMr. David Kilgour, former Canadian MP and Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific)

Attendees talk to Ethan Gutmann and sign petition to support Falun Gong.

Audience during the presentation.

Mr. Gutmann introduced his new book, The Slaughter, for which he spent seven years tracking down references and interviewing hundreds of people. He said that the current focus is not whether the organ harvesting atrocities occurred, but how large scale the slaughter is, that it continues and that it is still unknown how many the people have been killed for their organs.

Mr. Kilgour narrated a conversation he had with a patient who went to China for a kidney transplant. He said the patient went to Shanghai Number One People's Hospital. His doctor tested his blood and selected a name from a list. A pair of kidneys were ready for transplant two hours later. The recipient's body rejected the transplanted organ, so hospital authorities tried three more pairs of kidneys within a few days. None of them were successful. The patient returned to the hospital three months later and tried four more pairs of kidneys. Finally, the eighth pair of kidneys turned out to be a match and the patient fully recovered. But this meant that eight people were killed for this one patient.

Mr. Kilgour encouraged the audience to help stop this crime against humanity. “Talk to your MP or write to the editors of newspapers. No Canadian should go to China for organ transplant. We can pass legislation to ban organ trafficking. Facing such a crime, Canada should act.”

Audience members asked many questions afterward. Some stayed to discuss the issue further with the speakers after the forum.

“I was absolutely shocked,” said senior documentary filmmaker Darold Black after the presentation. “This mass murder for organs is unbelievable. Going to China consciously for organs should be considered homicide. Anyone considering this should be informed.”

Mr. Black said he would like to make a documentary on China's organ harvesting to help spread the message to prevent people from unknowingly supporting it and to stop it from continuing.

“This is not a China issue. It is a global issue facing all human beings,” said Chris, who attended the event due to his work in a medical organization.

Chris said he knew organ harvesting was linked to China in the past and he was not surprised as China is under communist control. But he said simply knowing about it was different from hearing the evidence, which was very compelling and disturbing. He said, “As a global citizen, everyone should tell China: You have gone too far! Murder must be stopped!”

Also in attendance was Mike Unrau, Chairman of Arusha Center, a collectively run, member-supported organization that provides resources on global social, economic and environmental justice issues. “I cannot believe such a crime has been going on for so long overlooked,” he said.

Mr. Unrau said he hopes Canadians will pay attention to the issue and take action to stop this crime. He hopes the Canadian government will pass legislation to ban illegal organ trafficking.