(Minghui.org) I'm a 66 year-old housewife and started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Prior to taking up the practice, I had all sorts of illnesses and was unable to work in the field.

I regained my health shortly after starting the practice. Since the inception of the persecution in 1999, I started clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa because my own experience tells me that Falun Dafa is good.

Producing My Own Materials

I used to depend on other practitioners for truth-clarification materials. The supply was short, as we didn't have many material production sites. I then had the idea of making the materials myself.

Although I did not know how to get online, I purchased a small copier and made my own materials that way. Other practitioners provided me with the originals.

I made as much as we could distribute. I printed the Minghui Weekly page by page and then bound them all together. Our initial efforts were able to meet the short term needs of nearby practitioners.

Sometimes the originals were printed in light gray, so I had to write over the characters to make them darker before copying them. Despite the difficulties, I persisted in operating my little production site.

The materials I copied were distributed to dozens of nearby villages. Over time, I became intimately familiar with these villages as I visited them time and again.

I sent righteous thoughts before going out each time and asked for Master's protection. I thought to myself, “I'm doing the most righteous thing in the cosmos. With Master's protection, I will make it back safely.”

My Husband Joins Cultivation

My home cultivation environment got worse after the persecution began in 1999. My husband was under a lot of stress, especially after my daughter was sent to a labor camp in 2001 for protesting in Beijing about the persecution. The family was constantly harassed by local officials.

My husband did not practice Falun Gong at the time and could not handle the pressure. He often lost his temper, and scolded me night after night. He strongly objected to my going out to distribute truth-clarification materials.

I thought, “Dafa is good, I cannot be selfish and just enjoy the benefits myself. I have to tell others.” I went out to distribute materials and tell people about Falun Gong, while making sure that I handled the chores at home. I had been to so many markets in these ten-plus years that I got to know most of the regulars.

I went out one summer night in 2003. I didn't think my husband noticed me leave, but he actually followed me. He was furious when I returned.

He screamed: “My daughter is already in a labor camp. If you are caught, too, how can I live? I am going to destroy your books.”

I didn't manage to control my aggressiveness and yelled back: “Don't you dare!”

As soon as I said that, he rushed to my books and started tearing them apart. I held on to my books and squatted down. No matter how he beat me, I would not let go of them. He eventually tore apart two of my Falun Dafa books: a copy of Zhuan Falun and a copy of Hong Yin.

My heart was broken. It was my fault; my aggressiveness caused him to commit a sin against Dafa. I picked up the pieces and put them into a plastic bag. I remembered that Master once said: “Buddha Law is Boundless.” (Hong Yin Vol. II) Maybe the pieces would become a complete book again some day.

I explained to my husband about the karma that he generated by tearing the book apart, after he calmed down and was rational again.

He immediately replied: “Let us put them together.” I asked: “How can we do it, now that the book has been torn into so many tiny pieces?”

“We can tape them together,” he answered.

I took out the plastic bag. I was overwhelmed by the tiny pieces; some were the size of finger nails!

An idea all of a sudden came to me: If I could find the pieces with page numbers on them, putting them back together would be quicker. With Master's support, a complete Zhuan Falun re-appeared after 12 hours. I was so happy!

My family still reads the book, and my husband has been cultivating for a few years now.

A Failed Attempt to Arrest Us

About seven policemen from the local police station, city and district 610 Office came to my home in August 2004. I saw two police vehicles outside, but my righteous thoughts were strong. I told my husband: “Do not be afraid.”

I went out and spoke to them: “ What are you here for? Looking for Falun Gong again? We are doing well.”

I clarified the truth to them, and advised them not to persecute Falun Dafa, as it was not good for them. They cut me off, “Did you submit an article to the Minghui website?”

I said: “Which article? Let me see it.” They gave me a printout of the article. The article was about the benefits that I had personally received from practicing Falun Dafa. So I said, “Yes, that's my story.”

They wanted me to tell them who wrote the article, the location of the truth-clarification material production site, and a list of people with whom I shared my personal story.

I replied, “I told everyone. As a matter of fact, people would tell me: 'You are so healthy. You work in the fields every day; you are an iron woman.' I always respond, 'Of course, I practice Falun Gong!'”

The standoff went on. One of the police officer said, “If you refuse to speak now, then be prepared to talk at the detention center.” I told him: “That is not a place for me.”

Two of them came up and tried to drag me away, and I yelled out loud: “Help! They are arresting good people!” It was around 3pm. Many farmers in the surrounding area looked on.

My husband stood by the door of the police vehicle and blocked them from dragging me inside. He warned them sternly, “If you take her, one of you will have to stay and work in my field. You are arresting people illegally. I am going to sue all of you!”

The policemen left after several hours of standoff.

This experience validated what Master said in “The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Vol. II:

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”

Breaking through Sickness Karma

I got up as usual at 3:50am to do the exercises in a winter morning of 2008. My husband also got up and did the exercises with me.

During the second exercise, I suddenly felt very weak and uncomfortable. I began perspiring. In my heart, I asked for Master's help. I passed out briefly and heard my husband say: “Sit on the sofa.”

I lied down and felt better. However, I immediately realized that I shouldn't acknowledge this tribulation, which was arranged by the old forces. I stood up and finished the exercise, after which I felt completely normal.

The sudden encounter with sickness karma made me search within: I must have had loopholes seized upon by the old forces. I recalled that before doing the exercises, I would often count how many years Master had spread the Fa, wondering when the Fa would rectify the world.

I was attached to time. I did not want to endure hardship and subconsciously hoped for reaching Consummation sooner, so that I wouldn't suffer so much. How selfish this was! I lacked compassion and did not put saving sentient beings as my first priority.

Such sickness karma has not recurred after I recognized this attachment of mine.

It took me a year to write this experience sharing. My daughter helped me organize it, as my education level is quite low. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate according to the Fa.