(Minghui.org) Two Falun Dafa practitioners in Hubei Province were talking to people about Falun Dafa on the street in mid-September of this year. Two officers from the local police station saw them and apprehended them. A police car was soon called to take the practitioners to the police station.

The practitioners clarified the truth to the officers: “Many of your senior officials have been moved out from their positions for persecuting Falun Gong. Do you want to follow their example and ruin your position?”

After hearing the truth, the police car driver complained: "I did not want to come to take you to the station. However, my supervisor insisted that I do so.” The officer also blamed the two officers who apprehended the practitioners for making this trouble for him.

The practitioners were taken to an interrogation room. They continued to clarify the truth to the officers. The officers were silent. The practitioners also gave them informational materials to read.

One officer asked, “Where did these booklets come from?” The practitioners said: "We are not going to tell you as it is not good to let you know that."

The officers stopped asking. They called the Domestic Security Division and asked how to deal with the two practitioners. The officer there said: “Do whatever you want. We do not care.”

The officer who called said: "They do not care; why do we care?" At that time the two practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts: “We want to get out here. It is not the place for us. Master, please help us!”

An officer asked, “Do you need to eat?” The practitioners said, “Yes, we want to go home and eat.” The officer said, “Go home to cook your food now.”

Both practitioners went back home safely. It has been recently observed that the evil forces in this area no longer dare to run rampant.

It is just as Master said,“Brash and wild no longer,   panic has set in"(“Still So Arrogant And Reckless?”)