Four Fengcheng residents who practice Falun Gong were arrested between July and September 2014.

Ms. Wang Li (王莉) was sent to Liaoning Women’s Prison less than two months after her arrest. Mr. Jin Biao (金彪) is awaiting a verdict at Fengcheng Detention Center after an illegal trial. Both Ms. Lu Jun (卢俊) and Ms. Jiang Fengli (姜凤丽) are incarcerated at Dandong Detention Center as they await trial. Cases are being prepared against them by the local procuratorate.

1. Ms. Wang Li Sent to Prison Facility Converted from the Infamous Masanjia Labor Camp

Ms. Wang Li, 55, lives in Fengcheng. Li Xiaodong from the Fengcheng Criminal Court led five to six officials to Ms. Wang's home and arrested her at 8:00AM on July 10.

Ms. Wang's husband demanded to know when she would be released. Li lied by assuring him that she would return home if she didn’t pass the physical exam. They took Ms. Wang to Dandong Detention Center, where they forced her to take drugs for high blood pressure.

Ms. Wang was sent to Masanjia Prison Ward at Liaoning Women’s Prison on Aug. 19. This was the same facility used by the notorious second women’s ward of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Even though the infamous labor camp was shut down due to international pressure, the persecution continues unabated in the same location, just under a different name.

Ms. Wang's most recent arrest came a year and a half after her first arrest in 2013. Changan police arrested her and another practitioner on the morning of Jan. 6, 2013 as they told people about Falun Gong in Changan Township, Donggang City.

That day they were taken to the Domestic Security Division of Fengcheng City Police Department. Chen Bin, head of the Domestic Security Division, took a group of police to her home and ransacked it while she was kept at the station. The other practitioner escaped from the police station while a guard slept.

Ms. Wang was sentenced to one and a half years in prison by a group of extra-legal judiciary organizations, including the Fengcheng City Political and Legal Committee's 610 Office. The sentence was later vacated and she was released on medical parole.

Chen, along with other court officials, pressured Ms. Wang to sign incriminating documents. Ms. Wang was forced to have multiple physical exams. These exams have been connected to the internationally-condemned crime of organ harvesting.

2. Mr. Jin Biao Tried for Using the Internet

Mr. Jin Biao, 30, lives in Tianhewan, Fengcheng. He formerly worked at the Fengcheng Yuanjiagou Steel Factory.

Internet monitors from the Dandong City Police Station sent Wang Feng and other police from the Fengshan Police Sub-bureau of Fengcheng City Police Department to arrest Mr. Jin and ransack his home on July 2. They took away fifty Dafa books, 100 copies of Minghui Weekly, other Falun Gong materials, software, and an iPhone. According to informed sources, the Dandong Internet police had been tracking Mr. Jin’s Internet activity since December 2013.

The family demanded that Wang tell them why Mr. Jin was arrested. Wang said the case was being handled by He Xiuze. When questioned by the family, He Xiuze said the order came from “above.” The family hired a lawyer from Beijing to defend Mr. Jin, but he was allowed only one short visit a week with his lawyer.

On August 4, Mr. Jin’s cell phone and computer were returned to the family. A week later, He Xiuze transferred the case to the Fengcheng Procuratorate. Procurator Li Dan is responsible for the false charges against Mr. Jin.

On September 23, Fengcheng City Court put Mr. Jin on trial. Prior to the trial, Judge Pan Shuqin attempted to stop Mr. Jin's attorney from mentioning Falun Gong during the hearing, but was unsuccessful.

The lawyer weighed in with a strong defense, pleaded not guilty for Mr. Jin, and requested his client's immediate release.

Mr. Jin also spoke in his own defense. “Falun Gong requires me to be a better person and to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. This benefits me greatly both physically and spiritually. I hereby retract the statement that I was forced to write to renounce Falun Gong and publicly declare my intention to resume practicing Falun Gong.”

When the hearing concluded, Judge Pan Shuqin announced that the decision would be made by a collegial panel and recessed the trial.

3. Ms. Lu Jun Placed with Inmates Infected with AIDS and Syphilis

Ms. Lu Jun, in her 50s, currently lives in Tongyuanbao Township, Fengcheng.

On July 2, 2014, Internet police from Dandong City Police Department, along with Cui Changyun and other police from Tongyuanbao Police Substation, arrested Ms. Lu, charging her with visiting a Falun Gong website.

They took her house keys, a printer, a computer, Falun Gong books, and a computer owned by Ms. Lu’s daughter. They also illegally interrogated her daughter and son-in-law.

On July 3, Ms. Lu’s daughter received a “detention notification” for her mother. On August 1, she received an “arrest notification” stamped by the Fengcheng City Police Department, but with no signatures as required.

On August 8, a local lawyer met with Ms. Lu to discuss her case. She had been locked in a cell with 20 people, some of whom were infected with AIDS and syphilis.

At the end of September, the Tongyuanbao Police Substation delivered Ms. Lu’s case to the public prosecution section of Fengcheng City Procuratorate. Procurator Sun prepared the false charges.

This is only the latest false arrest that Ms. Lu has been subjected to. She has been repeatedly arrested and detained since the persecution began in 1999.

Her first arrest occurred after she and her eight-year-old daughter went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on October 15, 1999. She was arrested and sent to the Qianmen Police Substation.

She was transferred to the Dandong office in Beijing and detained there for two days. Two Liujiahe police officers and a town official took Ms. Lu back to Fengcheng.

Ms. Lu was detained for 15 days at the Fengcheng Detention Center. The police forced her family to pay 2,000 yuan before releasing her.

Between February and March of 2000, Ms. Lu visited her father, who was ill. Two police from the Dixiongshan Police Substation broke into her parents’ house while she was there, took away Dafa books, and arrested her.

Officers from the Liujiahe Police Substation were waiting in Dixiongshan to take her back to Liujiahe. They threatened to have her sent to a forced labor camp. Ms. Lu spoke to them about the real situation with Falun Gong, and she was ultimately released.

These same individuals, however, continued to harass her and did so on three occasions at her home.

4. Ms. Jiang Fengli and Policeman Zhang Pingxian

Ms. Jiang Fengli, in her 50s, lives in Chalu Village, Baoshan Township, Fengcheng. She formerly worked as an accounting clerk at the Baoshan Township Grain Depot.

Because Ms. Jiang has followed the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” since 1999, she was harassed and arrested multiple times. Her house was ransacked, and she was once sent to a brainwashing center and given a prison sentence.

On Sept. 7, Ms. Jiang met Zhang Pingxian, deputy head of the Baoshan Police Substation at Baoshan Bus station. Zhang is gaining a reputation, even outside China, as a duplicitous hypocrite. He claims to be sorry for what he has done to practitioners, yet continues to harass and persecute them.

Ms. Jiang gave him software that allowed access to an uncensored Internet. Zhang immediately called in the police; three arrived and arrested Ms. Jiang.

On Sept. 18, Ms. Jiang’s 83-year-old father and other family members went to the police station and asked for Zhang, who wasn't available. A relative called Zhang and said, “If you don’t meet with us, Ms. Jiang's father won’t leave the station.”

Zhang turned his cell phone off.

Later, a police officer named Yu met with the family. He took the father to a room to show him the Dafa books, Master’s pictures, and copies of Minghui Weekly that they took from Ms. Jiang’s home. He told the father that the case had been transferred to the city procuratorate.

On Sept. 22, Ms. Jiang met with her lawyer. She recounted a statement made by Zhang: “I regretted what I did to you. Please don’t hate me. Please help me withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

Despite these contrite words, when Zhang returned to the station, he prepared the items taken from her home as evidence and approved her arrest.

Zhang was stationed at the Domestic Security Division of Fengcheng Police Department from 2008 to 2012. He participated in the arrest and preparation of false charges against ten practitioners. His actions led to the death of three practitioners, including Mr. Qu Shanlin.

He was primarily responsible for the illegal sentencing of seven practitioners, including Mr. Liang Yuncheng and Ms. Jiao Lin. He played a major role in the sentencing of three practitioners, including Ms. Xia Yan, to a forced labor camp.

As a reward for his actions against Falun Gong, in 2012 Zhang was promoted to deputy head of Baoshan Police Substation.

Since 2008, practitioners outside China have called Zhang many times about his villainous behavior. When they ask him to change, he says he accepts what they are saying and agrees to withdraw from the CCP. Then, he turns around and persecutes practitioners with greater intensity.

People who participated in this persecution:

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Fengcheng City Procuratorate:Tang Jinfeng (唐金风), Guan Qunyu (关坤玉), Li Dan (李丹) +86-415-6276231Zhao Yunshuang (赵运双) cell: +86-13354159997; Home: +86-415-8125008; Office: +86-415-6276217

Fengshan Sub-bureau of Fengcheng Police Department:Wang Feng (汪峰): Office: +86-415-8201006; Cell: +86-15102445002He Xiuze (何岫泽): Office: +86-15-8201005; Cell: +86-15841505652

Baoshan Police Substation:Zhang Pingxian (张平先): Office: +86-415-8900559; Cell: +86-13898502818, +86-+86-13125590666

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