(Minghui.org) Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples are supposed to do the three things well. My family members and close friends are the first people that I should help to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

Taken by Surprise

My husband has a big family with more than 30 people in it. What can I do to help them understand the truth of Falun Gong and have them quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations?

Due to my introverted nature, I used to use any excuse to avoid family gatherings. But things are different now. Master is rectifying the Fa and I am a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. My family members are relying on me to rescue them. How can I clarify the truth if I don't reach out to all of them? I realized that I must change my mentality and become more outgoing.

I started to contact my family members. Whenever there were family gatherings or holiday parties, I would always attend. I only had one goal: tell everyone in my family about Dafa and help them position themselves correctly.

At one family gathering, I told everyone the facts of Falun Gong. I talked about why the CCP persecutes Falun Gong, the trend of quitting the CCP after the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, and the significance of quitting the CCP. I hoped that everyone could withdraw from the CCP and be saved.

After I finished talking, people started to mock and even threaten me. The son of my sister-in-law said, “I don't believe that God will take care of me if I withdraw and won't take care of me if I don't. I just won't withdraw, no matter whether God takes care of me or not. I never do bad deeds. I am a good person.” My aunt's son-in-law said, “If you keep talking, I will call the police to have them arrest you!”

Their reactions took me by surprise.

On the way home, my husband said to me, “They don't know to treasure the opportunity to learn the truth of Falun Gong. Don't bring it up again.” I said, “You know the truth and you have a bright future. But so many people in the family do not. I have to let them know who is righteous and who is evil and who is good and who is bad so that they can make the right choice. Their future depends on it! If I don't save them, what will happen to them in the future?” My husband agreed.

During those few days, scenes of clarifying the truth to my family members kept appearing in my head. My heart felt heavy.

One night I had a dream: I was walking on a small road and passed by a small, lonely house. I heard someone in the house yelling: “Save me, sister-in-law!” I looked through the window and saw the shadow of a person in the dark house. After I looked more closely, the shadow seemed to be that of my sister-in-law...

Oldest Sister-in-Law Saved

After I woke up, I felt even more uneasy. I sat down and started to study the Fa.

Master said,

“People's ability to understand things, or lack thereof, and sentient beings' different thoughts and views on this, have become challenges for you as you validate the Fa and save the sentient beings of this world. But regardless of how they have behaved, we still need to save them, for their lack of understanding is on account of their being lost in delusion. They cause some challenges for Dafa disciples because they cannot see things as they really are. Whatever their reason for coming here millennia or eons ago, they have, all the same, been awaiting this final time. We cannot decide against saving them just because they conducted themselves poorly in one lifetime or did some particular thing wrong. When Master looks at a living being, [what he considers] spans the entire course of that being's existence. If someone did a lot of great things in history, and even had many great achievements in service of validating the Fa, can we not save him just because he has behaved poorly in this lifetime?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference”)

I was touched by Master's grand compassion. The attachments to pride, fear of being misunderstood, blaming people and hatred melted away. I felt calm and warm in my heart. I had a pure thought: Let those beings who are lost in the mortal world have a beautiful future.

During that time, my mother-in-law's home was being demolished and she relocated. There were conflicts among family members about how the reimbursement for her home being demolished would be used. I thought to myself, “I have to do well and be righteous so everyone can see what kind of people Dafa disciples are. I have to validate Dafa.”

My mother-in-law owned a second house that she wanted to rent out. Because of the conflicts among the children, no one wanted to help my mother-in-law to get someone to rent it out. My mother-in-law was very worried, but there wasn't anything she could do. So I went to my oldest sister-in-law and younger sister-in-law and said, “Being elderly is not easy. Let's help her rent the house out. I will take care of everything, but I need both of you to witness the signing of the contract.”

After they got the details in order and were about to sign the contract, they suddenly asked me to sign off on it. After I signed, my oldest sister-in-law said, “Since you signed it, if anything goes wrong, the tenants should go to you.” I responded, “Yes, I will be responsible for it.”

After two months, my oldest sister-in-law called me and said, “Did you take one month's rent?” thinking that I had kept the money for myself. I said, “No, I didn't. You have the bank card. How could I withdraw the money?” She insisted, “It was definitely you who took the money. One month's rent is missing from the account.” I said, “Don't worry. I'll figure it out. I'll let you know when I get to the bottom of it.”

We found out that the money transfer was delayed a few days because the Realtor changed and there were some administrative issues to take care of. I told my older sister-in-law about it and asked her to check if the money was transferred after a few days. A few days later, she called me and said that the money arrived.

She felt bad when we met in person. I said to her, “Dafa teaches cultivators to always think of others first. We have to be even better than good people. We should take reputation and personal gain lightly and not fight or compete for benefits. I'm holding myself to the standards of Dafa. I need to be sincere, compassionate and tolerant.”

She said, “The more I look at you, the more you look like a Buddha.” I said, “Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa, so whoever practices it will benefit!” She said, “People who cultivate Dafa are really different. Dafa is so good. I want to learn it, too.” I said, “We are now fellow practitioners!” She smiled happily.

My oldest sister-in-law has turned into an entirely different person. She doesn't compete with her siblings anymore. Other people asked why she changed. She told them, “It was Dafa that changed me. I wouldn't have changed if I didn't learn Dafa.”

Younger Sisters-in-law Understand the Truth

Later, my mother-in-law wanted to move back into the house and live there by herself. She also wanted to enclose the balcony and make it into a kitchen. The current resident was able to move out quickly and I prepared construction materials and found construction workers.

After my husband got off work and saw what I had done, he became very angry. He lost his temper and was fuming at his brother, “You've crossed the line. Are carrying bricks and dragging sand work for women?”

I was in big trouble. My younger sister-in-law questioned me, “Do you want this house?!” I said, “I don't want it.” She said, “My brother said he wants it.” I responded, “He said it out of anger. I wouldn't want the house, even if it was given to me.” She asked, “You don't want the reimbursement for the house getting demolished? You don't want the house. What do you want?”

Master's Fa in Zhuan Falun appeared in my head right away:

“'Some people knew that he was a practitioner and asked him: 'As a practitioner, you don’t want anything. What do you want?' He responded, 'I’ll take whatever others don’t want.'”

Then she said, “What do other people not want?” I quoted Master's words again,

“No one wants the pieces of stone on the ground that are kicked here and there. So I’ll pick that up.” (Zhuan Falun)

Her jaw dropped and her hands froze in the air. I said, “The side of you that understands cried for to me to save you. But the side of you that does not understand the truth of Dafa is still muddle-headed. If you have joined the Party, the Youth League or the Young Pioneers, will you withdraw from them?” She seemed to have just woken up from a dream and kept saying, “Of course, of course!”

This incident influenced my family members a lot. Another sister-in-law and the wife of a younger brother said, “People who cultivate Dafa are really at a high level.”

I said to them, “Cultivators all follow the highest principles of 'Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance'. They always put others' needs first. That's why they are a group of good people. As long as you read the book Zhuan Falun, all of the puzzles of human life can be resolved. Then you are not throwing away your life.”

My sister-in-law immediately said, “I want to read it.” Then the wife of my younger brother said, “I want to read it, too.”

After that, both of them changed a lot. They each invited my mother-in-law to live with them long-term.

“I Will Also Withdraw from the CCP with a Clear Conscience”

Two years ago at my mother-in-law's birthday party, I sat in between the son of an older sister-in-law and her son-in-law on purpose. I pointed at the people in the room and said to them, “Everyone here has withdrawn from the CCP. Only you two haven't decided to quit yet. You have missed many chances. You know that Dafa is benevolent, but it's also dignified!”

“If you don't withdraw from the CCP or wipe away the mark on your forehead, you will share its fate. Gods are compassionate toward people and give people a chance to make a choice. This kind of opportunity will not last forever.”

The son of my older sister-in-law suddenly said loudly, “I will withdraw from the Party, Youth League and Young Pioneers!” On the other side of the room, the son-in-law of my sister-in-law also said, “I will also withdraw with a clear conscience!”

I took a deep breath, “How hard it is to save you.”(“How Hard to Save You” from Hong Yin III) Both of them felt bad and smiled then thanked me.

I said, “Don't thank me. You should thank Dafa and Master! It is Master who is saving all humankind. Remember 'Falun Dafa is great', 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great'. That is the passport to a beautiful future.”

When the daughter of my younger sister-in-law heard our conversation, she came over and told us, “Let me tell you something. I heard on a TV program that people should 'carry out the three withdrawals to ensure their safety'! Everyone looked at each other then smiled.”

It is the mighty virtue of Dafa and the grand compassion of Master that brought sentient beings the hope of being saved. As Dafa disciples, we should treasure the time that is quickly running out, give up our last attachments, cultivate away our human hearts and save more people.

Thousands of years of reincarnation and the spinning Falun are keeping me on the path to return to my original, true self. Thank you, Master, for your compassionate and painstaking salvation!

Thank you, fellow practitioners, for your selfless help!