(Minghui.org) Ms. Chen Guiying (陈桂英) was tried in Linghe Court in Jinzhou City two months after the police came and got her in front of her grandson. She was convicted and given three years in prison, although the prosecutor couldn't provide evidence of the crime she was charged with.

She filed an appeal and her case is now before the Jinzhou Intermediate Court, which is known for upholding original rulings--regardless of evidence--when it comes to Falun Gong cases.

Ms. Chen, 63, picked up her grandson from Shenyang on July 13, 2014. She left her purse at the checkpoint at Jinzhou Train Station. When she went back to look for it, the police arrested her and refused to return her purse. The chief of police, Li Meishan (李嵋珊), assaulted her before taking her to a detention center. A guard at the detention center threatened to have her organs harvested if she refused to cooperate. The police ransacked her house that night.

Torture device: Iron Chair.

The next day the guards restrained Ms. Chen on an Iron Chair and interrogated her. Then they instigated inmates to beat her and hung her up from a window frame for half an hour. Ms. Chen was later put in a solitary confinement for four days for refusing to wear a prison uniform. She was tied down and went without water for two days while she was being tortured. She had no access to a toilet for 14 hours.

At her trial at Linghe Court on September 15, Ms. Chen's lawyer pointed out that the crime she was charged with, undermining law enforcement, was vague. The prosecutor couldn't provide evidence of any specific laws she had broken. Her lawyer demonstrated that the prosecutor did not have evidence to sustain the charge and asked that Ms. Chen be released with no further charges.

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