(Minghui.org) Several fellow practitioners in my city were illegally arrested last year by the 610 Office and Domestic Security police. We learned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was planning to put the practitioners on trial.

Those who heard about it sent out a notice overnight: “Let's all step forward and send righteous thoughts close to the courthouse and detention center.” Many answered the call. Fellow practitioners traveled from near and far to the courthouse. Several elderly practitioners stayed there throughout the day.

The power of one body was evident. A practitioner volunteered to coordinate the effort. Some practitioners visited family members of the detained practitioners and helped them ask for their release. Some visited the perpetrators and their family members to clarify the truth. Some wrote letters and made phone calls to inform people about the persecution in our local area. Some made stickers with similar information.

Several hundred copies of informational materials saturated our small city. No one waited or relied on others. Each of us was a both cultivator and a coordinator. We took the initiative to follow our own path, yet coordinated well as a group.

When I saw the name of the judge assigned the practitioners' cases, I recalled that I had a distant relative with the same name, A. That relative also worked in a courthouse. I'd only met him once. Could it be the same person? I checked with another relative and confirmed my suspicion.

I then recalled that A's signature was on the verdict of another practitioner's illegal sentence. It turned out the A had been participating in the persecution for many years. Knowing full well the dire consequences of illegally sentencing practitioners, a firm thought of mine emerged: “I have to save A.”

However, concerns followed almost immediately: He was only a distant relative, and a judge who had persecuted us for many years! Would he harm me?

Master's words in “Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles” appeared in my mind:

“And some students have seen [what was lacking] and took the initiative to remedy it themselves--these things have happened a lot, too.”

I put my palms together and said, “Master, please don't worry. Please give me the wisdom to find A and stop this. A will also be given an opportunity to redeem himself. Master, I can do it! I will do it!” All my unrighteous thoughts disappeared.

Over the following days, I was able to find A's address. I added a thought to eliminate the evil factors that controlled A. I thought about A's name, imagined A's looks, and called out to his primordial spirit. I also asked Master to link my mind with A's.

I "spoke" to A in my mind with compassion: “I'm sorry to have learned about your role in the persecution so late. I haven't been able to help you, and you have committed such huge sins against Falun Dafa disciples. There's no way to repay it all. Only Master and Dafa can save you. I am asking Master to save you.

“From now on, remember that Falun Dafa is good, that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, and that Master is good! Stop the persecution of Dafa disciples, and personally release those you have put in jail. My master will know all about this and can help you. This is the only way you can redeem yourself!”

I was in tears after I thought of this. I could feel that A's primordial spirit was also crying. It's so sad when a living being commits such crimes without even knowing the consequences!

A week later I felt that the timing was right. I visited the courthouse and told the security guard that I was a relative of A. I went to A's office and learned that A was on vacation. I then visited A's home. His nanny told me that the couple had gone to Beijing.

Practitioner B, who was on medical parole, visited me several days later and told me that A had contacted him to go to the courthouse to sign off on his sentence. A had said that if B didn't sign the verdict, his case would be kicked back to the procuratorate, in which case his sentence would be heavier.

I knew that A had come back from Beijing. I told B, “Ignore A. Study the Fa more and send righteous thoughts more. Eliminate the evil factors behind A. Don't go sign the verdict. Don't cooperate with the evil. Buy some time. I will visit A soon. Everything will change.”

I visited A's home that same night, with a letter written with warmth, compassion, and dignity. He wasn't home, so I left the letter with a family member.

On my way home, I thought that it wasn't enough to just send forth righteous thoughts every day. I had to let everyone in our area know that many Dafa disciples were still detained in the detention center of our city. Everyone should know about this and be presented the opportunity to help end the persecution together.

Just as Master said in “Still So Arrogant and Reckless?”

“Payback is coming in this life,and there is no escapeEvil must be paid for”

I acted immediately. We made several hundred stickers and posted them all over the city: the perpetrators' names and the names of arrested Dafa disciples. We also warned the perpetrators: Whoever does bad deeds will incur consequences, sooner or later.

As soon as I finished posting the stickers, I thought of visiting A, “I must see A today. I have to clarify the truth thoroughly in order to save him and stop this persecution case.”

I sent forth righteous thoughts on the way and asked Master to help arrange for A to wait for me at home. I asked, “Who's home?” as I stepped through A's door.

The couple was home and was surprised. They said, “Auntie, we haven't seen each other for over 10 years. You still look so full of energy. Please sit down.” They offered me tea and fruit.

I quickly cut to the chase: “I have wanted so badly to see you recently, even to the point of losing sleep. Have you read my letter? This is not an ordinary case. You don't know the dire consequence.”

They raised questions, many of which let me know they had been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) lies. I answered them one by one. They finally learned that the self-immolation on Tiananmen Square was staged to frame Falun Gong and justify the persecution. When I told them about the state-sanctioned organ harvesting from imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners, they were shocked.

I also told them about cases of karmic retribution in Chinese history and in the history of other countries. I said that many high-ranking CCP officials had already fallen. Even though it looked like the result of internal CCP struggles, in fact, it was karmic retribution. Which of those high-ranking officials wasn't involved with the persecution of Falun Gong?

“Do you know about the new clause in 'Laws for Civil Officers' that public security and civil officers in the procuratorate and court system must take lifetime responsibility for cases they process? It is, in fact, a rod for the CCP to beat you and use you as scapegoats. It is a consistent trick of the CCP.” My relatives agreed with me.

“Are you still going to convict Dafa practitioners using Article 300 of the criminal law?” I asked.

A said that the Supreme Court and the procuratorate had made it a policy that Article 300 be used to convict Falun Gong practitioners, so what choice did he have? I said, “Nobody or institution other than the People's Congress holds legislative power. You are violating the law as a legal professional. The Constitution will be referred to when it's time for accountability. You, as the one who passes the sentence, will be the one who pays the price.”

A said, “What if I lose my job?” I said, “You cannot take this case even if you do. I hope that you will release those innocent practitioners you have put in jail. Your kindness will save you from trouble. Master will help you, too. Such opportunities are rare.

“Even if you don't do it this time, you need to make up for all the illegal sentences you handed down in the past,” I said. A seemed very nervous. “There's no way,” he said.

“There is a way. From now on, have a genuine thought: 'I will not take any Falun Gong cases. Falun Gong practitioners are innocent and practicing Falun Gong is legal,'” I said.

A and his wife quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Three hours had passed, and it was already after noon. They asked me to stay for lunch, but I said that I had to go. They responded half jokingly, “Are you going home to do the Falun Gong exercises?” I said that I had finished the exercises before 6 a.m. that day and left.

As I was doing this, Practitioner B was thinking, “I cannot avoid the issue. My family members are so afraid. I haven't done anything wrong. I should go find A to clarify the truth to him myself.” He discussed it with me. I said, “If you think your righteous thoughts are strong, then go. It should go well.”

B met with A and told him his story: B had been persecuted to the point that he became very sick in the detention center, but recovered in a few days after being released on medical parole. B shared many examples of how Falun Gong benefits the mind and body.

A said to him in the end, “Falun Gong is good. Go home and practice.” He returned the case to the procuratorate and never bothered B again.

Master teaches us in “Fa Rectifies the Cosmos” from Hong Yin, Volume II:

“Mercy can melt heaven and earth into springRighteous thought can save people of the world”

I think that if we save people, we should truly strive to achieve that goal. I plan to talk to A again to help him genuinely repent for the crimes he has committed unknowingly. This will also enable him to choose his position.