(Minghui.org) I'm from a small village in an impoverished area in the mountains in Hebei Province. A few years ago, my father accidentally started a fire on the mountain. Benevolent Master helped us extinguish the fire and spared us from a disaster.

Practitioners who live within a 100 miles radius of our village do not have access to the Internet, so I was not able to share my experience online when it happened. Recently, a practitioner from far away helped me submit my article to the Minghui website so that I can thank Master for His protection.

My father is 87 years old. A few years ago during the spring planting season, he was digging a ditch when his shovel struck a rock, made a spark, and accidentally started a fire. He didn't realize it, and the fire grew. I was about a mile away and saw the billowing smoke. We were in a mountainous area surrounded by dense forest.

I ran toward the fire and saw it burning up the mountain from the ditch. About three acres of land were already in flames mixed with black smoke. The wind was blowing, lifting dry leaves, and the fire crackled as it devoured the fuel. Fire balls sprang up several feet into the air. The black smoke billowed up and blotted out the blue sky.

I was stunned! I had a hard time standing, could barely breathe, and couldn't open my eyes. My face hurt from the burning heat. I tried to run away from the fire, but it followed me. The valley was full of dry leaves that fueled the fire even more.

Tears and sweat blurred my vision. I was desperate. I placed my palms together and asked Master for help, “Master, please help me! Master, please help me with the fire!” I wiped my face with my sleeve and was dumbfounded at what I saw next. The flames and the black smoke changed direction and headed back down to where the fire started!

The other villagers started to arrive. Within half an hour, the fire stopped spreading and was extinguished by six in the evening. I found my father lying in the ditch. He was scared and couldn't move but was otherwise unhurt.

We were all covered in ashes and dirt. The other villagers could barely believe what they saw, too, and commented, “It should have been impossible to put that fire out. Why did the wind change direction? Why didn't the fire just keep going? We've never seen anything like it! It should have burned for miles and miles.”

Years have passed since then, but my heart still aches and I cry every time I think about it. Master saved me and my aging father, who is not a practitioner. Benevolent Master protected the villagers from losing their families and acres and acres of land. My home was spared, and there was no loss to our village. Thank you, Master, for your merciful salvation!