(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Deshan was sentenced by the Gaomi City Court to three years in prison in late September 2014, after being detained for over a year. The police presented fabricated evidence during the trial, which took a year to collect.

Mr. Li was illegally arrested on August 15, 2013. Four police officers broke into his home, arrested him, and confiscated his six computers, a printer, and other personal items.

Police held him in the basement of Weifang Police Department, tortured him during interrogation, and demanded he admit to installing satellite dishes. Mr. Li, who lives by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, refused to admit to an action he never committed. Besides, there is no existing Chinese law that forbids installation of satellite dishes.

In an effort to collect the false evidence against Mr. Li, police arrested practitioners Mr. Qin Yongjie, his wife, Ms. Cheng Ruiyun, and their daughter, Ms. Qin Xue, on May 16, 2014. They illegally detained them for a month, demanding that they provide false accusation about Mr. Li installing satellite dishes. Mr. Qin and his family refused to give false evidence.

Mr. Li was still tried and sentenced in September 2014.

Mr. Li was previously sentenced to 18 months of forced labor in 2008. Officers ransacked his home on July 9, 2008, and confiscated his personal belongings.

He was sentenced to three years of forced labor and held in the Changle Forced Labor Camp at the end of 2000. He was held for six months beyond his original sentence.

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