(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa only recently. Tears well up in my eyes whenever I think of how I started. I have to seize the time now, considering that I almost missed my opportunity after overlooking it for so long.

My mother had been practicing for nearly 20 years. Many times she told her four daughters about the goodness of Dafa and how the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has persecuted Dafa.

I knew Dafa was good because my mother was over 70 years old, yet she never felt tired even after riding a bicycle for about 50 minutes to a fellow practitioner’s place. Our family members also witnessed the power of Dafa, but we never got into cultivation.

My mother never wavered and remained a firm practitioner, although she suffered under the persecution on two occasions. In the winter of 2012, she came down with severe chest and back pain and passed away.

Remembering a Dream

I kept thinking about the meaning of life after mother's passing. She appeared before me with a light blue body as I fell asleep one night. She floated in front of me and said, “I miss you.” Then she flew behind me.

My whole body went numb. It seemed like my soul was being pushed out of my body and I went to another dimension. The next morning I woke up and was very surprised to recall this dream.

I connected that occurrence with my mother’s long term cultivation. I wanted to find the reason, so I looked for the Dafa book. I found the book Zhuan Falun that had been my mom's.

I read the book in one sitting and felt that it answered all of my questions about life. I wanted to do the sitting meditation and could sit for about half an hour. I saw a Falun rotating quickly before my eyes clockwise and then counter-clockwise during my meditation once. The Falun appeared again the following morning.

A Pure Land in a Materialistic Society

I kept reading Zhuan Falun and my understanding grew. I could not believe that there was such a pure land in this materialistic society.

I learned the exercises by watching the exercise tape. I tried to do several movements and felt something like a small fan moving in the center of my palm. I knew Master was taking care of me and what I felt was all real.

A warm current went through my body from head to toe during sitting meditation. I understood from reading Zhuan Falun that Master was purifying my body.

My eye problems, resulting from my work as a welder, resolved themselves. After my eyes returned to normal, some golden words appeared to me. I could only see the second character “Xian” (present or show) clearly and not at all the last four characters. I wondered about the meaning of these words and could not figure it out.

Some fellow practitioners kept mentioning a sentence in their cultivation experience sharing articles in the following days. “Fulfill the vow and do not fail in our mission.” (Dui Xian Shi Yue, Bu Ru Shi Ming)

This sentence kept striking me until I realized that the eight characters were the golden words. Tears covered my face. I felt so regretful because for 20 years I had missed the chance to practice Dafa.

Saving People With Compassion

Master said in his articles that the most important thing is to save people. It was so hard for me to obtain the Fa. Therefore, I anticipated that some people might not accept my truth clarification because they were as confused as I was before. Regardless of how they treat me, I would treat them with compassion.

I was unable to talk to people at the beginning, even though I thought I was fully prepared. I looked within and realized that I had not studied the Fa diligently. This was the beginning of my reading all of Master’s lectures and studying all of the truth-clarification DVDs and other materials.

I told a well-educated colleague about the Udumbara flower. Incredibly, he saw the flower in Xiangshan, the Fragrant Hills Park in the Western part of Beijing. He said that his mother-in-law used to practice Falun Dafa.

I told him all about the CCP's misdeeds from past to present. He kept nodding his head in agreement. He said Falun Dafa was truly good for people. Thus, it was very easy to help him quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I also gave him a Minghui DVD and asked him to share it with his mother-in-law.

Building on this experience, I was able to clarify the truth and help several of my coworkers to withdraw from the CCP.

Producing Truth-Clarifying Materials

I purchased a new printer, a laptop computer as well as a CD burner, produced Dafa materials and handed them out to people. I started with handing out about five copies a day. The number has grown to about 50 copies per day.

New apartment buildings in Beijing usually have doormen and locked doors. Only tenants with keys can enter the buildings.

I send forth righteous thoughts each time before I go out to distribute truth-clarification materials and said to Master in my mind: “Master, I'm going to pass out materials now. Please help arrange those predestined to obtain the truth.”

Master takes care of me at every step. Doors usually open for me as I need to enter an apartment building. A tenant usually happens to leave and opens the door for me. I really appreciate Master’s arrangement.

Master Takes Care of His Disciples

I felt Master is close to his disciples and that he takes care of them at all times. On one occasion, I was going to take a bus, which didn't come for a long time. Then, I saw a building beside the bus station and used this opportunity to distribute materials. The bus came after I finished distributing the materials.

I realized that as long as I let go of attachments, maintain righteous thoughts and put Master and the Fa first, everything will be fine.

I'm a rather new practitioner, but I have experienced many miracles and gained much experience. I know that if I firmly believe in Master and Fa, keep studying and memorizing the Fa, I will constantly improve and raise my cultivation level.

The above is my limited experience. Please kindly point anything inappropriate.