(Minghui.org) Practitioner A suffered an illness tribulation for a long time, and she kept sending forth righteous thoughts without any improvement. She thought that she needed to increase the five minutes to prepare to send righteous thoughts, extending it to ten minutes. She still didn't improve, so she extended it to half an hour of preparation. She kept increasing the time, yet without any visible result.

A told others about her experience. Practitioner B said, “Master said five minutes is sufficient.” However, A stuck to what she thought would be best for her. B then said, “I believe in Master. How about you?” Practitioner C interjected, “Since Master said five minutes is enough, if you insist on increasing the time, it may mean that you don't believe in Master.”

A realized that she was practicing based on her interpretation of the Fa and did not truly believe in Master and the Fa. Master said five minutes was enough, but she chose not to believe it. She needed to change her human notion and to truly act in accordance with the Fa rather than according to her feelings. Her illness symptoms soon disappeared after she adjusted her mindset.

I was greatly touched. I think that belief in Master and the Fa is fundamental. I think that everything should be judged by the Fa and that one should not be moved by false appearances.

Energy Replenished after Sending Righteous Thoughts

My third eye has not opened, so I cannot see scenes in other dimensions, but I tried my best to send righteous thoughts. Each time I did, I always felt tired. A practitioner took a photo of me while I was sending righteous thoughts, and I saw that my body was stiff and I looked serious.

Master said:

“As far as sending righteous thoughts goes, you can do it any time, any place. So long as you haven't worn yourself out, you can send them forth, and it should be fine. All of what you expend will quickly be replenished.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York”)

Since the energy consumed in sending righteous thoughts should be replenished quickly, why did I feel tired? I realized that I used forceful effort in sending righteous thoughts. That was not right, so I adjusted my gesture and mental state when sending righteous thoughts. I felt the energy field, which was filled with compassion, and felt better when sending righteous thoughts.

Sending Powerful Righteous Thoughts

A reporter at the NTD television station was in pain and asked for help. She worried about delaying her report for the next day’s Shen Yun show. I sent righteous thoughts to clear away the evil elements that interfered with the Dafa project. She told me that the pain was gone a few minutes later.

I gained more confidence from this experience. I used to think sending righteous thoughts would be only effective in close proximity, but now I realize that distance does not matter. Nothing can block the power of sending righteous thoughts.

One practitioner from Vienna asked for help last year when the Shen Yun promotion was not doing well.

We agreed to send righteous thoughts immediately after we got the call. She told us on the phone that her third eye saw our righteous bodies appearing at their ticket sales place with mighty power to get rid of the evil. I was shocked, because we were far away from Vienna.

On one occasion, we helped Sydney practitioners promote Shen Yun tickets. Very few people were coming by. Fellow practitioners went there to send righteous thoughts, and the number of people increased instantly. All of the practitioners there felt the mighty power of the practitioners’ assistance.

Just as Master said in Essentials for Further Advancement II: “Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful.”

Cultivation is more serious than anything else. Tickets sales weren't doing well a week later at the same place with the same group. Why? We found that some practitioners had let up and were chatting about ordinary people’s things, as well as discussing the cultivation states of their fellow practitioners and other things. Everyone adjusted their state after communicating, and soon the situation improved and the tickets were sold.

I realized that when sending forth righteous thoughts, we need to use pure thoughts that are in line with the Fa, or they will not work.

If we send righteous thoughts as if we were just going through the motions, that won't work. Only when we realize the seriousness of cultivation and send righteous thoughts with full confidence, will all evil be eliminated.

I have encountered many miraculous things while clarifying the truth. I've truly felt the mighty power of righteous thoughts. I've realized that time and space mean nothing when our superpowers are pure and strong.