(Minghui.org) Four days before the deadline of submissions to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) disciplinary inspection group in the Harbin area, I heard that some practitioners had submitted persecution cases. We were not sure how many practitioners or the level of participation.

An involved practitioner recalled that a message was received from an unknown source, saying that the CCP Inspection Teams were collecting cases of Falun Gong practitioners being physically and financially persecuted. The purpose was said to be used in prosecuting Jiang Zemin, the former head of the CCP who launched the persecution in July 1999.

According to the practitioner, the person who spread the message did not have anything in writing; it was conveyed orally. A P.O. Box number was given and some questions were raised, but no one questioned the source and authenticity of the message. No one evaluated the message based on the Fa principles. Everybody just listened, followed, and/or spread it further.

Some practitioners have actively spread the message among practitioners who had suffered under the persecution. It has gone as far as some coordinators spreading and organizing the collections. Many practitioners have participated, especially during the last few days before the deadline.

The CCP has established teams under the Central Inspection Group. The teams have set up special phone numbers, post office boxes, and SMS numbers, all for people to report officials' corruption. This system was prototyped in 2006, completed in 2009, and has increased its activities over the years.

Most of the participating practitioners have not undertaken any rational, independent thinking about whether Master needs Dafa disciples to put an organized effort in something like this in the current stage of Fa-rectification, and they just followed those who like to have “new” ideas.

I believe that the inspection system has nothing to do with our practitioners, which means that there is no need for practitioners to do anything. Moreover, it shouldn't have an impact on our cultivation.

There is no coincidence in cultivation practice. In the course of our cultivation practice, lessons were indeed too painful and too deep.

Master said:

“Do you really not understand that it was a demon who came knocking at your door, thanks to your human attachments?” (“Be Vigilant” in The Essentials Of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

We cannot always pay to learn from the same mistakes over and over again without improving ourselves. We should think about the root cause after a bitter lesson, learn from it positively, and stop making the same mistakes again caused by our human thoughts. We need to walk our paths of cultivation practice that Master has arranged for us righteously.

Strong Fa-Study Provides Solid Foundation for Cultivation

As the proverb goes, “Without a strong foundation, a house might collapse in troubled weather.” When things emerge, some people lose the foothold in their heart and do not know what to do, or only know how to follow human thoughts and habits and do what everyday people would do. In short, they have not assimilated to the Fa.

Practitioners who have not studied the Fa diligently would, when facing problems, find things to appear real but they are really not, become unsure, cannot draw a conclusion, and would heavily rely on the understandings of other practitioners.

If coordinators do not study the Fa well, their human attachments would seriously affect practitioners without a solid foundation from Fa-study and thus lead the practitioners off-track.

As for submitting persecution cases to the inspection teams, I don't think we should harbor any fantasies about the CCP, nor pursuit “new ideas.”

Minghui.org has been collecting and publishing persecution cases for 15 years. Why would Dafa disciples always rely on everyday people to take the lead on something? The thought habit of “developing new ideas”, “ingenuity” and “individual effort inspiring the whole nation or the whole world” - are they based on the Fa?

Effective Salvation Requires Fundamental Breakthroughs

Truth-clarification and saving people should be done mindfully. It is important to achieve breakthroughs in both attitude and behavior during face-to-face truth-clarification and advising people to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.

Something has been bothering me for years, and I need to speak out. It has to do with the number of withdrawals from the CCP having increased so slowly. How can we achieve Master's wishes of saving at least half of the Chinese people?

On the surface, the manpower distribution in producing truth-clarification materials, giving out the materials, and face-to-face truth-clarification are not in balance.

In other words, too few practitioners are doing face-to-face truth-clarification and persuading people to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations, even though the number has increased over the past few years.

In my city, a provincial capital, more practitioners are doing face-to-face truth-clarification in recent years than before, but they still account for no more than 10 percent of all practitioners. In some areas, the number of practitioners doing it is so small that it is almost negligible.

The big banners and signs have indeed played an important role at the beginning of the persecution. The evil has weakened as time went by, people have awakened, and some even shout in public, “Falun Dafa is Good!” and “The CCP is evil!”

If every practitioner is still doing nothing but giving out the materials instead of persuading people to quit the CCP face-to-face, then no matter how much our effort and how long the time is extended, the number of people who quit the CCP will be unlikely to grow more quickly.

Face-to-face truth clarification is difficult only for practitioners who hold fear. Even though it's difficult, those practitioners must do it, and it is their test to pass.

My fellow practitioners, don't look at others; every one of us is in the middle of it. Every one of us must put ourselves into the situation and look within.

The cut-off time of the overall Fa-rectification cannot be pushed back, and it is getting closer and closer every day!

Make Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts a Priority

Put sending forth righteous thoughts and sending forth quality righteous thoughts as a priority and display the mighty power of Dafa disciples.

Due to my cultivation level, it is inevitable for my article to contain improper thoughts or elements of CCP culture. Please do point them out.