(Minghui.org) I recently saw a scene in another dimension. There was a large mountain with countless steps going to the top. Each step was very large and wide. Many enlightened beings were standing on the left side of each step. Their bodies were made of high energy matter and looked transparent, like crystal. Looking from afar, those beings looked like beautiful silk and crystal-like scarves flowing from the top to the bottom of the mountain. It was a really majestic and magnificent sight.

From my own understanding, whichever steps these enlightened beings were on weren't in relation to their final cultivation level. Their ultimate goal was to reach the top of the mountain, so they still needed to keep climbing to where I could see grand pagodas and palaces.

Master stressed many times in different lectures about cultivating “with the heart you once had” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”). The reason Master talks about this is because practitioners' current cultivation states are slacking off. My understanding stems from the fact that these enlightened beings seemed to be quite pleased with their level, not wanting to climb any higher.

This brings about a situation in which the overall group of practitioners don't want to make continual progress. This means the entire group can't improve. So how could the Fa-rectification end? If the overall group of practitioners haven't reached the final step, the Fa-rectification can't end. When we complain that the Fa-rectification hasn't ended, is because practitioners haven't cultivated themselves diligently.

Guardians of the Universe

Practitioners used to see some Buddhas, Daos or divine beings with their celestial eyes. But recently I saw some demons. A righteous divine being's body is golden, beautiful and holy. But a demon's body is black. Whether Buddhas or demons, they are arranged purposely by the creator and are the guardians of the universe. The only difference is the way they guard the law of the universe. Buddhas are kind and compassionate when dealing with things, whereas demons are violent and merciless.

Three groups of people were handing flyers to the Dafa practitioners when they finally got to the top of the mountain and ready to enter the palace. It seemed that they were promoting themselves. Their appearance looked like Buddhas, Daos and righteous divine beings, because their bodies were all golden and shining.

A large demon showed up. He wanted to force practitioners to take the leaflet that promoted himself. The leaflet he handed out was black.

Master said: “Without the existence of demons, one would not be able to cultivate Buddhahood.” (“Buddha-Nature and Demon-Nature” in Essentials for Further Advancement) My understanding is that the purpose of the demon's existence is to embody the righteous life. The interference from demons could create a chance for practitioners to cultivate and improve.

Demons have to comply with the law of the universe when wanting to do things, otherwise, they would be violating the law of heaven and face elimination.

Why can demons interfere with practitioners? In my understanding, it is because some practitioners have human notions and loopholes that are not in line with the Fa. So demons exploit the loopholes and interfere with practitioners. If practitioners don't meet the requirements that Master asks, they are not in line with the Fa, and so demons can interfere through directing their thoughts and actions.

This is my personal understandings, please point out if something is incorrect.


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