(Minghui.org) A Beijing procuratorate recently approved the arrest of a 39-year old man, four months after he was taken away by police along with several other Beijing residents. This “formal approval” paves the way for subsequent prosecution and possible sentencing of Mr. Jiang Xiandong (姜显东), an employee of Daxing District Statistics Bureau.

Mr. Jiang's wife wasn't given any formal notice of the arrest approval. Mr. Jiang's defense attorney verified the news after jumping through numerous administrative hoops.

After Mr. Jiang's arrest on June 21, the Beijing police dispatched agents to his hometown in Anhui Province, which is 650 miles away, to harass his parents. The elderly couple live in fear and count the days when their only son can come home. The formal approval of their son's arrest, however, have dimmed their hopes of his return.

Mr. Jiang had been arrested and detained several times since the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999. At one point during his detention at Daxing Brainwashing Center, he gave in to the pressure and renounced his belief in Falun Gong. Under severe duress, he turned around to help the guards persecute other practitioners.

After realizing his mistakes, Mr. Jiang resumed his Falun Gong practice and firmly refused to collaborate with the authorities any further. He again became a target of persecution by the police. His home was broken into and ransacked on December 20, 2013. The police confiscated his computer, printer, CD burner, cell phone, and a hard disk.

Half a year later, four local police stations made simultaneous arrests of a number of practitioners including Mr. Jiang. All these practitioners had a past similar to Mr. Jiang's in that they once gave up their belief in Falun Gong and collaborated with the police.

After arresting him at Mr. Du Wenge's home on June 21, agents from the Tiangong Police Station ransacked Mr. Jiang's apartment and confiscated a number of personal belongings.

While this was going on, another group of agents from the Lucheng Police Station ransacked Mr. Jiang's rental place. They confiscated the family car and kept his wife and daughter in custody for a few hours before releasing them in the afternoon.

Mr. Jiang's wife and their 8-year-old daughter had to move, as the landlord was pressured by police to terminate their lease. Staff from the 610 Office also tried to find out where they moved to.

Mr. Jiang is currently being held in the Beijing First Detention Center after spending 37 days in the Daxing Detention Center.

Individual or organizations who have participated in the persecution of Mr. Jiang Xiandong:

The First Branch of Beijing Procuratorate: +86-10-59909114 (Office)Case Management Section: +86-10-59909107 (Office)

Tiangong Police Station in Daxing District, Beijing: Jiang Hongbing, Manager: +86-13911557979 (Cell) Jiang Song, Police Officer: +86-13601293535 (Cell) Sun Zhiyong, Police Officer: +86-13601319234 (Cell)