(Minghui.org) The Daxing District 610 Office orchestrated multiple arrests on June 21, 2014, involving four local police stations. All the illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioners had collaborated with authorities in the past, and even helped and participated in persecuting other practitioners in the Daxing Brainwashing Center.

However, they had realized their mistakes and had taken up the practice again about two years ago with the help of other practitioners. That made them and their families targets for constant harassment. Authorities have tried to use the loss of jobs and economic benefits and their families to compel them to renounce the practice again. Some practitioners sold their apartments and moved away to avoid the harassment.

The arrested practitioners were Jiang Xiandong, Li Guihong, Du Wenge, Feng Yumei, Gao Yuqi, and Liu Xin, and others. Practitioner Gao Yuqi was also arrested at Mr. Jiang’s home.

Mr. Du and Mr. Jiang were arrested by officers from Tiangongyuan Police Station at around 6 a.m. on June 21. Their homes were ransacked and the police confiscated a lot of personal belongings.

At the same time Mr. Jiang was arrested, his wife and child were arrested at their rented apartment by officers from the Lucheng Police Station. They were released that afternoon, but they didn't have any money because the 610 Office agents had stolen their bank card. The police also pressured their landlord to force them to move.

Several dozen police officers and agents from the 610 Office surrounded Ms. Li Guihong’s home around 8 a.m. When Ms. Li refused to open the gate for them, the police jumped over the wall and arrested her. They ransacked her home for several hours and confiscated many personal items.

Officers from the Guanyinshan Police Station arrested Ms. Feng Yumei at her rented apartment the same morning. They confiscated a printer, cash, and personal items. Ms. Feng’s pregnant daughter was frightened and upset.

Parties involved in persecuting them:Ma Chunyuan (马春元), director of the Daxing District 610 Office: +86-13716002418Li Guangling (李广林), deputy director of the Daxing District: +86-13801060667Yang Lianjiang (杨连江), captain of the Domestic Security Unit of the Daxing Police Department: +86-13910316211Li Xuejun (李学军), assistant captain of the Domestic Security Unit: +86-13911836718Fan Huitong (范慧同), Daxing Police Department: +86-13910810005