(Minghui.org) Mr. Huang Xiao, 40, an instructor at Lianyungang Normal College, has been illegally detained since May after he was reported for telling his students about the persecution of Falun Gong. He is now facing trial.

Mr. Huang was arrested by officers from the Lianyungang City 610 Office on May 28, 2014. He is detained at the Lianyungang Detention Center.

Plainclothes officers ransacked his home without a search warrant in March 2014 but found no incriminating evidence.

Mr. Huang’s family received a call from the police on July 4 and was informed that Mr. Huang was being investigated. The police submitted fabricated evidence to the Xinpu District Procuratorate on July 25. The Procuratorate has submitted its file to the Xinpu District Court.

Mr. Huang's employer has stopped paying his salary, imposing great hardship on his family. According to an insider, one of the college's administrators cooperated with police and insisted that he be imprisoned.

Mr. Huang is from Wuhan and teaches in the Foreign Language and Business Management Department of Lianyungang Normal College. He was arrested twice in the past for practicing Falun Gong.

Perpetrators involved in the persecution of Mr. Huang:

Lianyungang City Police Department:

  • Zhang Kongquan (张孔权),deputy section leader: +86-15861238915
  • Xu Jian (徐健), officer: +86-15861237880
  • Zhu Fengqing (朱凤清), officer: +86-13505136899

Lianyungang Normal College:

  1. Teng Shitao (滕士涛): +86-15261310999
  2. Qian Jin (钱进): +86-15261399922
  3. Zhang Jianhua (张建华): +86-15261310000