(Minghui.org) Two Falun Gong practitioners from Dujiangyan City were given unknown drugs following their arrest last October. Mr. Xiao Zhanghe died seven months later on his wife's birthday. Ms. Liu Xiangqun went insane and wandered away from home in March 2014. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

The local police are closely monitoring Mr. Xiao's family after his death.

1. Xiao Zhanghe Poisoned While in Police Custody and Died Afterwards

Sixty-year-old Xiao Zhanghe started to practice Falun Gong in 1998. Although closely monitored by the authorities, Mr. Xiao was never afraid of speaking out about Falun Gong. On Oct. 21, 2013, a large group of police broke into Mr. Xiao's home and took him to the Tianma Township Brainwashing Center. There Mr. Xiao refused to write a statement giving up his belief.

The next day, the police took Mr. Xiao to the Comprehensive Management Office of the township government. According to his own account, the police brought him lunch. In the afternoon, a female staff came and prepared tea for him. She urged him to have more tea as they talked.

At 5pm, Mr. Xiao suddenly could not speak and could not focus his mind. In his debilitated state, the police asked him to write statements giving up the practice of Falun Gong, which he mindlessly followed. On the third day, the police continued to give him tea and Mr. Xiao experienced the same symptoms. In such a condition, he signed more statements according to police orders.

After signing everything the police wanted, Mr. Xiao was allowed to return home. When he recovered, he returned to the government offices and declared that his previous statements were invalid. He also questioned what kind of drug the police fed him; police denied giving him any drugs.

A week later, Mr. Xiao had a sore throat and hoarseness. Large red patches appeared all over his body. The city hospital could not diagnose his condition so his family took him to Huaxi Hospital, which is the most advanced hospital in Sichuan Province.

At first, the hospital diagnosed Mr. Xiao as being poisoned. Later, however, the diagnosis changed when the family told the hospital that Mr. Xiao was a Falun Gong practitioner. In an odd turnaround, the diagnosis was changed to “gallstones.”

The hospital claimed that the treatment required surgery and it was hard to cure. They also stated that Mr. Xiao would probably die during or after the surgery.

The large red patches on Mr. Xiao's body spread, and he passed away on May 22, 2014.

2. Liu Xiangqun Became Insane after Injected with Unknown Drug

Liu Xiangqun is in her 50's. She started to practice Falun Gong before 1999. She has been arrested three times for telling people in her community about Falun Gong.

Ms. Liu's last arrest was in late October of 2013. She was taken to the Congyi Township Police Station. According to her account, as she stood at the top of a staircase she was hit on the back of the head by Director Ren Zhiyong, and fell down the stairs and lost consciousness.

When she awoke, she could not get up because Ren firmly planted his foot on her face. She felt blood coming out of her ears. Later it was found that her ear lobes were torn. While keeping his foot on her face, Ren injected unknown drug into her arm.

“Why are you injecting me? I am not ill.”

“It's to check your health,” Ren replied.

Ms. Liu was allowed to go home after the injection. A couple of months later, she started to have hallucinations. She often got up in the middle of the night, talking nonsense and creating a mess at home. When her mind was clear, she told her family about the injection.

Then, in the late hours of March 12, 2014, Ms. Liu left her home and has not been seen since. Her whereabouts are presently unknown.

Personnel responsible for the persecution of Xiao Zhanghe:

Xie Bin (谢兵), director of the Comprehensive Management Office in Tianma Township, 13350840183Zhou Chengui (周成贵), the CCP secretary in Xianhe Village 13608016913Xiao Chengwei (肖成伟), Captain of the No. 7 Group in Xianhe Village, (Xiao Zhanghe's nephew, brainwashed by the authority and persecuted Xiao Zhanghe) 13666224966

Personnel responsible for the persecution of Liu Xiangqun:

Ren Zhiyong (任志勇), director of the Congyi Township Police Station, 87286151 13540228666