(Minghui.org) Elder Sister: Greetings Master and fellow practitioners. My name is Cai Yiting. I'm seven years old. I first started memorizing “Hong Yin” and learning the exercises at the Minghui School in Sydney when I was just a little over three.

Younger Sister: Greetings Master and fellow practitioners. I'm Cai Yixuan. I'm six years old. I started going to the Sydney Minghui School when I was around two. There I learned and memorized “Hong Yin” and started doing the exercises. Today we would like to share with you some of our cultivation experiences.

Elder Sister: After Reading Through Zhuan Falun Once My Jealousy Toward My Sister Disappeared

I was once a very jealous person. Whenever my mom bought something for my sister I would feel resentful, so much so that I would use my jealousy as an excuse to hit my sister.

My arguments with my sister disrupted my mom's Fa study quite often when I was five years old. My mother realized that I was also destined to learn the Fa, so she taught my sister and I to read Zhuan Falun.

I didn't know a lot of Chinese characters so I read very slowly, learning only 10 pages in two hours. It took us two weeks to finish reading Zhuan Falun once. Not long after this, my mom bought my sister a new pair of shoes that were really pretty.

Out of concern, my mom explained to me that she hadn't bought new shoes for me. I wasn't unhappy at all. Instead I laughed and said, “Mom, I have shoes so you don't need to buy me any.”

Both my dad and mom were surprised.They said things like, “Children who have studied Zhuan Falun are simply different.” Thank you Master, for giving me such a wonderful Fa.

Younger Sister: Handling Sickness with Righteous Thoughts

It was extremely cold one day this May. I wanted to look pretty, and not heeding my mother's words I stubbornly refused to wear anything but a dress. I noticed that I had the symptoms of a fever the next day. The left side of my face swelled up on the third day. I had a fever during the night.

Mom said this happened because of my vanity, and so she studied the Fa and did the exercises with me. Even though the second set of exercises was very tiring, I managed to do it.

My left ear felt blocked on the fourth day, and a watery substance started to flow out. I couldn't hear anything, but I still studied the Fa and practiced the exercises with my mom.

Mom saw my lack of energy, red face and high fever after she came home from work on the fifth day, and asked my dad to take me to the hospital. I overheard and I cried and told her I didn't want to go, and that I wanted to do the exercises.

My dad looked at me and said to my mom, “Let's listen to her.” My mom didn't say anything and went to cook dinner, so I asked my dad to study the Fa and do the exercises with me.

My fever was gone the next day. By the seventh day my face was no longer red. On the eighth day everything was fine except for my ear, which kept discharging a watery substance. I had recovered completely after about two weeks. Mom said, “Compared to me, you had stronger righteous thoughts.”

Elder Sister: Sharing the Shen Yun Photo Album with My Classmates

My sister and I both had a homework assignment to share something we liked to do, which was two weeks before Shen Yun came to our area. It was also preferable that we talk about something related to our culture.

My sister and I took the Shen Yun photo album to school. I took the album because it is one of my favorite books and I like the pictures of the dances in it. I told my classmates that Shen Yun was my favorite show and that I watched the performances every year.

I also told them the story of the Monkey King. Everyone asked me a lot of questions after hearing the story, and said it was very good. I told them I was going to see it in Canberra in a few weeks. My teacher said he was envious that I was going to see the show.

Many of my classmates came to look at the Shen Yun album after class. I saw that they liked the photos and I told them I could give everyone a Shen Yun flyer. My teacher and classmates were thrilled when they received the flyer. Afterwards, I lent my teacher the Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truth,Compassion, Tolerance) International Exhibition book and Zhuan Falun. I told him to read Zhuan Falun from start to end without missing a word.

He told me the materials were fantastic and that he had heard of Falun Dafa before. He also knew about the Chinese Communist regime harvested organs from Falun Gong practitioners. I felt great knowing my teacher had read the books and understood the truth about Falun Gong.

Younger Sister: Glad to Be Rid of Attachment to Greed

An auntie, who was a fellow practitioner, once gave me two beautiful purses. She said one was for my sister and the other one was for me. The purses were really pretty so I hid them.

When my sister found out about the purses she asked for hers but I wouldn't give it to her, as she already had a purse. If I gave her another one she would have two, and I would only have one.

My mother heard us arguing and asked what was the matter. My sister told our mom that I didn't give her the purse, and I got even angrier with my sister for telling my mother.

I started yelling. I said if I gave my sister the purse she would have two purses, which isn't fair. My mother looked at me and said sternly, “Look at yourselves, you received presents but you are unhappy about it. Aren't you supposed to be delighted? If both of you are so attached to these purses, they should be returned to the auntie.”

I reluctantly gave the purse to my sister, but all of a sudden she decided not to fight with me over it. She said: “Why don't you keep it? Or else I would have two and you would only have one.” My mom said, “Well isn't this just like the story that was told at Minghui School?”

My sister and I smiled. We were told a story at Minghui School about people who have a lot but are ungrateful. The characters in the story went to a lot of trouble to gain a little and ended up losing true happiness.

It was greed that made me fight with my sister, and we were both happy when I got rid of it.

Elder Sister: Taking Part in Signature Drives with Other Young Practitioners

There weren't many local activities to join in Canberra after we moved there. I would sometimes tag along with my dad and mom to truth clarification sites to do the exercises or hold placards.

Some teachers and my classmates from Minghui School started joining my dad and other practitioners every Saturday to collect signatures for petitions to stop the persecution in China. The young practitioners would help hand out newspapers or stand next to the adults while holding placards. To encourage us, the adult practitioners told us that because of our participation more petitions were signed and there was a strong energy field.

On one occasion we went to Bateman’s Bay to collect signatures. Another young practitioner named Chen Chen and I worked together. Encouraged by an auntie, I gave out newspapers while Chen Chen stood beside me collecting signatures from people who took the paper from me.

People who were previously reluctant to offer their support gladly signed the petition when Chen Chen and I handed it to them. They even said we were doing a great job. My sister joined me later. We collected more signatures than the adults that day. We were thrilled to see so many people understand the truth about the persecution.

Younger Sister: Doing Early Morning Exercises

We asked our mom to wake us up so that we could join her in doing exercises early in the morning. My mom agreed, but over the next two days my sister and I got up and discovered that our mom had already finished the exercises. So my sister asked our mom again to wake us up in the morning.

The next day our mom called us, but by the time I got out of bed I discovered that my sister and mom had already finished the exercises. I cried because my mom didn’t wake me up.

My mom apologized and said she didn't wake me up because she didn’t have righteous thoughts. She thought that I couldn’t endure as much hardship as my sister, because I was younger. She felt it was too early for me to get up at 5am.

My mom promised to wake me up the next day so I stopped crying. We slept earlier than usual that night, but by the time I woke up, my sister and mom had almost finished the fifth set of exercises.

I ran back to my bed and bawled my eyes out. When my mom finished meditating, she explained that I didn’t respond when she tried to wake me up. My sister, on the other hand, immediately jumped out of bed when my mom called her. She got dressed quickly, and they did the exercises without me.

My mom said that doing the exercises was my own responsibility, so if I really wanted to do the exercises, I should wake up when she called me. She said she’d wake me up the next day.

My mom did wake me up the following day, but I continued to laze in bed for a little while. Seeing my reluctance to get out of bed, my mom started to play the exercise music. I panicked as I heard the music. My mom saw my anxiety and stopped the music to wait for me. We felt wonderful after doing the exercises. I didn’t even feel tired during class that day, despite having less sleep. Now my mom wakes me up every day to do the exercises.

Heshi! Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!

(Shared at the 2014 Australia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference)