(Minghui.org) In 2001, my husband and I were illegally sentenced in court. A police officer said if we agreed to give up our practice of Falun Dafa, they would set us free. We told them that it was impossible. At that time we didn't know how to completely reject the old force's arrangement. We only knew that nothing could shake our determination to cultivate. So after being detained for one year in the detention center, we were sentenced to three and five years of imprisonment.

Living in that harsh environment; having lost family, freedom, and the thought of a bright future; and under pressure and torture from the evil, the pain I was enduring was beyond words. Had I not been a practitioner, I would have surely suffered a mental collapse.

At that time my daughter was only three years old. My mother said she never smiled after we were arrested. She cried every day looking for her parents. It was hard for me to see them crying when they visited me, and it was even more painful to see their eyes filled with fear and desperation. They were deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's lies and misunderstood me.

At that time I fully experienced: “Abundant troubles rain down together”. (“Tempering the Will” in Hong Yin) We did not have the opportunity to obtain Master's newly published lectures and articles then, so I often recalled passages from Hong Yin in my mind and used it as my guide.

My understanding was this: Although I didn't understand much about the persecution and I was still being detained, I realized that I was a practitioner with a mighty mission. I can't betray my conscience nor be moved by human sentiments. I also shouldn't be frightened by the evil because justice will prevail. I must act as a true practitioner to assist Master in Fa rectification and saving sentient beings. Master, please help me!

After spending a year in prison, with Master's help, I became more rational and peaceful, and was able to show what a true practitioner looks like. I used every opportunity to clarify the truth. Many people changed their attitude and misunderstanding. They admired and secretly helped and protected practitioners.

There was an inmate called Daqing who was a swindler. Other inmates were all afraid of her and called her “wolf” behind her back because they thought she had no humanity. However, Dafa's compassion changed her. Once when she was with me alone, she leaned on my shoulder and said with tears, “You all are good people. I believe you and Dafa. Nobody here understands my heart and I won't show my heart to others. People are too evil here. But did you know that I also have a compassionate side, and I used to be a good wife and mother? ...”

The environment was strict and brutal for practitioners. I will share a story of what the awakened sentient beings did during a battle between the righteous and the evil.

I was detained in Team 3. I remained steadfast in my faith in the face of all their torture and “transformation” efforts. After I clarified the truth to them with sincere compassion, they stopped trying to “transform” me. The team lead said, “As long as you don't cause trouble and intervene in others' matters, I will cover for you till you get out. I can give you some freedom and make things easy on you. But others don't have this privilege since I can't cover for everyone.”

I heard in Team 2 that there was a senior practitioner who was beaten by inmates every day. I wanted to speak up and stop it, but I hesitated because it might lead to more trouble for the fellow practitioner, the team lead and myself.

Then I realized I had some human notions. How can an ordinary person (the team lead) guard a practitioner's safety? In this evil persecution, if it wasn't because of Master's protection and direction, how can an ordinary person come through? The relatively relaxed environment wasn't a favor from ordinary people. It was because I did what a practitioner was supposed to do, and with Master's help and protection, the evil couldn't use the bad people to persecute me anymore. And for ordinary people, only if we did well could they get rid of the evil control and stop committing more crimes. This is truly good for them and can save them.

After I enlightened to this, I felt my whole body was filled with righteous energy. Finally one night when the inmates were beating this fellow practitioner again, I stood up and shouted, “Stop! Stop beating her!”

Suddenly hundreds of inmates became quiet and stopped doing their work. The inmates who were beating the practitioner were shocked too. After a while, one of them said, “It's none of your business! This is Team 2's matter. Who is in charge of Team 3? You have to punish her; otherwise I will report to the team lead and extend your term!”

I responded to them seriously, “Why should we be punished? You are the one who is doing something wrong and beating people! Who granted you the right to do so? Ask your own conscience; she is even older than your mother, how could you beat her? Persecuting good people is the greatest crime!”

One of them said, “Conscience? How much is conscience worth? I only want to get my term shortened and go home early! Do you want to be beaten too?”

A few inmates who understood the truth about Dafa stood up behind me, and one of them shouted, “How dare you! We won't let you get away with it if you so much as touch her with a finger!”

The inmate who threatened me was shocked because usually no one dared to show sympathy to Falun Dafa practitioners in prison. Once there was an inmate who shared a piece of preserved vegetable with a practitioner. The team lead shocked that inmate with an electric baton. Since then no one talked about Falun Dafa or showed sympathy to practitioners again. And the bad inmates even helped persecute practitioners.

One inmate who understood the truth went to get Daqing to come. She knew that Daqing was good to me and Dafa, and the other inmates were afraid of her.

Daqing came and said to those who beat the practitioner, “Did Xiaoyu (me) say anything wrong? You don't have the right to beat others! I admit that I beat people too. And compared to me, you are not as bad or evil! But now I treat people differently. Let me tell you, everyone came in here because we have committed crimes, except for Falun Dafa practitioners. They are detained because they don't want to give up their belief. I admire their conscience and determination! Can any one of you do that? Moreover, you want to have your terms shortened, so you beat practitioners. You have to take the responsibility if they are wounded. Do you know who you are beating? Even if you are not afraid of karmic retribution, you ought to think about accumulating some de (virtue) for your offspring!”

The inmates who beat the practitioner became speechless. I knew it was a grand battle between the righteous and the evil in another dimension. And at that moment, the righteous had pressed the evil to the very bottom.

Of course, it was not over. The next day my team lead was told that the section chief was going to investigate the incident. She said to me angrily, “You have caused big trouble! You have to take the consequence!”

Many people were questioned during the day. Towards the end of the day, the team lead asked me to go to her office. She said to me with a smile, “You did great, and it seems everyone likes you. To my surprise, during the investigation, more than a dozen officers said good things about you! They all said you did the right thing. The section chief said just let it be. You are such a rare case!”

We both smiled. Finally, she said, “To be honest with you, sometimes I really want to leave you alone. But sometimes I have to do something. In this environment, we all admire what you have done. The section chief said, if you have anything to say you may talk to her directly. She may not care about what others say, but she will consider your opinion seriously!”

My heart was filled with joy. During this incident, I clearly experienced the mighty power of Dafa. I also witnessed Dafa's compassion and inviolable majesty, and how sentient beings were choosing their own futures!