(Minghui.org) I'm a lawyer who was appointed to defend Falun Gong practitioners in court. I had a great deal of sympathy for them, however, I did not know what Falun Gong really was, and did not fully understand why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was against it. Besides what I needed to know to defend my clients, I was not interested in learning more. When I defended practitioners, I did not completely deny the Party’s lies about Falun Gong.

After my niece explained what Falun Gong was about and I read practitioners' experience sharing articles, I realized that they are a group of people with dignity and integrity. They have walked difficult paths for over a dozen years, and have unshakable determination. Faced with inhuman torture and persecution, they do not have hatred towards their persecutors, and neither do they complain.

They instead continue to speak the truth about Falun Gong to the guards and police and disregard their own safety. Their actions have proven that they have profound compassion and forbearance. I was deeply touched by them and believe that practitioners are magnificent people, and I respect them. I decided I wanted to practice!

Obtaining the Fa

I read a few chapters of Zhuan Falun fifteen years ago, but did not begin practicing.

When the CCP broadcasted their staged “Tiananmen Self-immolation” in 1999, I did not believe it because no practitioners that I knew had done anything like what the government accused them of doing.

After learning the truth about Falun Gong, I realized that practitioners are a group of honorable and selfless people. They endure extreme hardship and inhumane torture, yet they lay aside their physical miseries, and continue telling people the truth, particularly to those who are directly involved in persecuting them. By being in close contact with them, I've learned what Falun Gong and practitioners are really about. I respect them, and want to be part of them.

My niece gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun , and taught me the exercises. I began to walk on the path to return to my original true self.

Eliminating Interference and Studying the Fa Well

Cultivating in Dafa is different than doing physical exercises, and it is not the same as learning some new knowledge. I was first unable to concentrate when I studied the Fa. Household chores and daily business matters often distracted me. I fell asleep after reading a few pages, and could not finish reading the book even after two weeks. I was afraid that fellow practitioners would find out that I did not even finish reading the book a few times in a year. Failing to search within myself, I did not make much progress that first year.

After learning my situation, my niece said, “You should spend more time on Fa-study. When you’re tired, you should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference.” I did as she suggested.

I remember Master saying, “The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference” in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I began to study at least one of Master's teachings every day.

Fulfilling My Vow

Master told practitioners to do the three things well, and our task is to offer salvation to people. However, I focused selfishly on healing illnesses when I studied the Fa. I must be a genuine practitioner and assist Master in speaking to people about the facts and saving people.

My niece told me that I should cultivate myself well first, and the time would come naturally for me to help save people.

One of my old college friends was a practitioner, and I hoped that I could find her. Because we had not contacted each other after we graduated, I no longer had her contact information. However, a few days later, Master helped us run into each other in a market. I was very grateful for Master’s help.

Defending Fellow Practitioners in Court

The Domestic Security Team illegally arrested several practitioners. Fellow practitioners were very concerned for their situation and asked me to represent them in court. I accepted the offer quickly because I knew Master had made this arrangement and it was also an opportunity for me to improve.

Case One

The detained practitioner looked worried. To encourage him, I said, “These issues might have been caused by your own problems. You should look internally and search for what you have done wrong. You should correct the mistakes and focus on what you’ve done correctly. Practitioners have dignity.” He agreed.

I continued, “Why do you study the Fa and practice the exercises?” He replied, “Falun Gong teaches people to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be good people.” I said, “Have you done anything wrong?” He said, “No.” “Then say and do what you want. Don’t be afraid.”

When I went to see him again, it was obvious that he was more confident, and I could see courage in his eyes. He told me that he helped the inmates in the cell quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I told him to strengthen his power to cleanse the vicious forces. The prison authorities notified me a few days later to get him out of jail. I went there right away and took him home.

I thought about the hardship, as well as the happiness I had experienced during the days I worked on his case, and realized that every step I took was only possible with Master’s help and encouragement, as well as fellow practitioners’ support. Defending practitioners in court is a positive force to oppose the persecution.

The local law enforcement personnel had never seen any lawyers representing Falun Gong practitioners in court before. They were shocked, and could not fathom how the practitioner got out of jail so soon. To cover up their criminal acts, they returned the practitioner’s belongings right away.

Case Two

The second case I worked on was more difficult and the practitioner’s situation more complicated. The local practitioners and the practitioner’s family all cooperated with me. I also went to talk patiently with all the agencies involved in his case. Dafa gives me wisdom and strong power to disintegrate all interference and hurdles.

The notice the family received said that the practitioner was incarcerated in the detention center in the city. I went to the detention center early in the morning. After finally getting permission to see him, I learned that the practitioner was actually detained in the police department owned hospital nearby. To see him, I had to make an appointment ahead of time, and so it was impossible for me to see him that day.

I panicked, but got the hospital’s phone number and called them. However, every time I called, I was given different answers as to when I could see my client. I asked Master to help me: I must see him that day.

Over the phone I told the officer on duty, “It’s not easy for me to come all the way here, and I will not talk very long. Please help squeeze some time for me to see my client today.” The officer asked where I was, and I told him I was right outside the hospital. He then told me that he would go ask. A few minutes later, I was given permission.

Knowing that a lawyer from her hometown would represent her in court, the detained practitioner was very excited. I learned about her case, and her physical condition. I also encouraged her to have courage and confidence. Meanwhile, I told her that fellow practitioners and her family all sent their greetings, and they were working together to rescue her.

After the initial contact, I obtained very valuable information from her which laid a good foundation for me to rescue her. She also gained more courage going through this tribulation.

To get her out of jail, I requested a second visit and began to work on bailing her out. The second visit met with lots of interference: I had physical issues, and I ran into traffic jams on my way to the prison. In addition, the paperwork was abnormally complicated. When I finally put all the required paperwork together, it was already close to noon.

With Master’s help, I met with the practitioner. I reminded her that if she began to have some physical symptoms, she should think about what problems she had. She understood what I meant and smiled at me.

Between my two visits, this practitioner searched inside, communicated with fellow practitioners promptly, and received their support through righteous thoughts. I could see the changes in her as a result of the mighty power that exists when practitioners work together as one.

The two meetings helped local practitioners to form a one body, and their families gained more confidence. I am able to maintain a peaceful mentality when I work with the guards and other law enforcement personnel. Without any grievances, I patiently help awaken their good side and encourage them to do good deeds.

No matter what happens, I will continue working to rescue fellow practitioners.

I enlightened that my twenty-year experience as a lawyer were arranged for me to assist Master to validate the Fa. This is probably the vow that I made. I have experienced and witnessed that Dafa is extraordinary and miraculous, and that Master is magnificent and benevolent.

I will continue to improve, make the best use of my time to study the Fa well and be diligent, and do my part in rescuing fellow practitioners. This is what Dafa needs and what people are waiting for. I must take advantage of what my career allows me to do. This will allow me to catch up with Fa-rectification, and live up to the expectations of being a Dafa practitioner.

My level is limited. Please help me by pointing out anything inappropriate.