(Minghui.org) As the persecution of Falun Dafa continues in China, many Dafa practitioners outside of China are volunteering their time to make phone calls to police officers who have participated in the persecution. Why? They wish to awaken these men and women, help them see through the negative propaganda fabricated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and ask them to refrain from continuing to harm innocent, law-abiding citizens.

Because the CCP controls all of the news in China, many in China do not have a full grasp of world or even domestic news, do not realize that Falun Dafa is practiced freely the world over, nor do they know that the brutal persecution has been condemned throughout the international community. When Dafa practitioners make phone calls to policemen and women in China, one of the chief talking points is the recent political downfall of many high-ranking CCP officials who have been instrumental in orchestrating or perpetuating the persecution.

Many of the police officers who receive phone calls from overseas practitioners have agreed to no longer act as accomplices in the persecution and many have even expressed gratitude for the calls.

Below are some recent experiences of Benita, a Dafa practitioner from Australia who devotes much of her free time to reach out to law-enforcement officers in China.

When Benita first calls police stations involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners, the officers might initially be negative and unreceptive. However, after she speaks further and gives the example of the recent investigation of Li Dongsheng, director of the 610 Office, as well as the deputy party secretary and deputy minister of the Public Security Department being charged with “serious violations of law,” they become willing to listen and even write down relevant information.

Communist Party Historically Attempts to Shift Blame

In her conversations with police officers, Benita reads to them from the “Advisory on Earnestly Preventing Unjust, False and Erroneous Cases,” recently released by the CCP's Central Political and Legal Affairs Committee. An excerpt states: “…those who hold positions of authority, such as judges, prosecutors and police, will hold responsibility for their behavior during their employment by the state for their entire life... Stern action will be taken against any activities such as extorting confessions by torture, resorting to violence to obtain testimony, or concealing or fabricating evidence.”

Benita then tells the police that several key players in the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa have been indicted for crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity in a number of overseas courts. She lets them know that the severity and injustice of the persecution has triggered strong international condemnation.

Benita explains that high-ranking CCP officials have historically attempted to shift blame for their atrocities on lower-ranking officials. A major example took place after the decade of terror of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), when 793 policemen and 17 military officers who had been loyal to the CCP's “Red Line” were gathered in Yunnan Province and secretly executed. Their families were only told that they had died in the line of duty.

Benita urges these law-enforcement officers to reconsider their actions: “Several years have passed and more vicious acts of persecution, including forced organ harvesting from living practitioners, have surfaced. Do you want to be held responsible for this? A nationwide persecution that has harmed approximately 100 million people?”

Quite often, the police officers listen intently to each word. Benita tells them that the only way to atone for their crimes is to quit the Communist Party and to share what they know about the persecution with the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG). She then gives them the contact information for WOIPFG, as well as information on obtaining free software to safely break through the CCP's Internet blockade.

“I'm Ashamed of Being a Police Officer and of Our Involvement in the Persecution”

A Dafa practitioner in Australia recently phoned a police officer and asked him to stop mistreating Falun Dafa practitioners. The officer swore at her initially, but in the end he gave her his personal cell phone number.

Later on, Benita dialed this man's number, as she thought that he might still be misled by the Communist Party’s hate propaganda

To her surprise, the officer was very congenial. He thanked Benita for calling him back and said that he had to speak that way earlier on his work phone, in order to avoid retaliation by his colleagues.

The officer said that he agreed with what Benita said. He shared that one of his friends, a junior officer, was recently utilized as a scapegoat after a major incident occurred. From his heart, this policeman said, “My friend, I'm ashamed of being a police officer and of our involvement in the persecution. Despite what this uniform represents, I intend to be a good person, as everyone should be.”

At the end of their conversation, the police officer also wrote down the contact information for WOIPFG and said that in the future, he would help Dafa practitioners rather than participate in the persecution.