(Minghui.org) Anyone looking at me would not believe that I was once diagnosed with kidney cancer and was given no more than a year to live. That was when I started to practice Falun Gong.

I am a retired worker from Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, China. I thought I was in perfect health until I took a required physical examination for all employees in 2006. I thought it was strange that it took more than 40 minutes to have my scan taken, when it should have taken only minutes. But the physician only told me that my kidneys were unusually large. I paid no attention to it since I did not have any physical discomfort.

Due to pressure from my workplace, I eventually had a thorough examination at a large, well-known hospital in Shandong Province. It turned out that I had cysts on my left kidney and a tumor in my right kidney. The doctor recommended immediate surgery.

I was rather calm when I heard the diagnosis. I said to my wife, “I don't have any physical pain. I think I will be fine because I have a positive attitude towards Falun Gong. I don't think I need surgery.”

My wife respected my opinion, so we went home without getting any treatment. I carried on as usual.

I wasn't practicing Falun Gong at the time, but I had witnessed the enormous benefits that my wife and her younger sister gained since they started practicing Falun Gong. Because of them, I knew that Falun Gong is a wonderful cultivation practice.

Missing the Opportunity to Practice Falun Gong

My wife's younger sister had given me a copy of Zhuan Falun , Falun Gong's main study text, before the onset of the persecution. I am a slow reader, but I finished reading Zhuan Falun within 12 hours. It was magical. Every word in the book radiated golden light. I was neither tired or sleepy when I read the book. When I finished, I saw Teacher's name on the cover beaming in gold light. I was very excited. I knew that this was by no means an ordinary book.

Yet I was young and healthy, busy with my life and work. I thought I would wait until I retired to practice Falun Gong. Although I did not practice Falun Gong, I encouraged my wife to do so. I even shared what I knew about Falun Gong with my colleagues so that they would no longer fall prey to the regime's propaganda against Falun Gong.

Death Sentence from Cancer

I didn't think any more about the diagnosis, because I didn't feel any change in my health for several years. But, in early 2012, I suddenly felt intense pain in my lower back I also started coughing up blood. I went to a town hospital only to be told to go to a large hospital for a thorough examination.

My wife and I went to Foshan Hospital in Jinan, Shandong Province in July 2012. The doctor said I had kidney cancer and that it had already spread to my lungs. In fact, my lungs were covered with tumors. That was why I coughed up blood. Moreover, the cancer had started to spread to my arms.

I was given the death sentence, as it was too late for any treatment, not even chemotherapy, according to the doctor.

My wife refused to accept the news. She asked the doctor for a different type of scan, but the result remained the same. She hid the truth from me, fearing it would affect my health even more.

My son took me to an old, seasoned traditional Chinese medical doctor, hoping he could at least mitigate the excruciating pain caused by the tumor in my right arm. The doctor told my son secretly that it was too late for treatment, but he prescribed some herbs in order to not upset me.

I accidentally twisted my legs a few days later while climbing into bed. I went back to the town hospital and begged the doctor to prescribe some painkiller. The doctor told me it was nothing to worry about, but while I was using the bathroom, he told my family that the cancer had already spread to my legs.

Letting Go of Fear of Death

My wife eventually told me the truth. She told that all the doctors said it was too late for any treatment and she believed that only Falun Gong could save my life now.

I started practicing Falun Gong at the end of 2012 as there was nothing else that promised success. When I first started the practice, I feared death and constantly thought about my cancer. I rarely studied the teachings of Falun Gong. For the first six months, I was still in a lot of pain, especially in my legs and my right arm. I no longer could take care of many of my needs.

My friends and acquaintances commented about my having refused treatments when they saw me walking on crutches. Some said that my wife should not have discouraged me from having treatment. Some said I had lost my mind to not get medical treatment. I explained to them that the hospital had never offered any treatment option because it was too late. I told them that I believed that only Falun Gong could save me now. They all looked at me in silent disapproval.

My wife stood by my side and encouraged me when the pain became unbearable. She explained to me that Teacher was cleansing my body and that I would soon feel better. Falun Gong has saved many people from terminal illnesses. She believed that I would get well too as long as I followed Falun Gong's teachings and had faith in Teacher. I studied the Fa, practiced the Falun Gong exercises, and stopped fearing death.

Another Miracle Because of Practicing Falun Gong

I got up to use the bathroom around 2 a.m. on October 9, 2013. Then, I went back to bed. While half asleep, I felt someone pressing my lower back. I felt very comfortable afterward and free of any pain.

I got up at around 4 a.m. to use the bathroom again. On the way back I forgot to use the crutches. When I woke up in the morning, I told my wife what had happened. That was when I realized that I had stopped using the crutches. She was ecstatic. “It was a hint from Teacher that you can walk on your own! You have recovered!”

Miracle Causes Local Sensation

Since then I have been walking without crutches. The swelling in my legs and arms disappeared and I felt no more pain. I had returned to good health.

Everyone was impressed when they saw me walking without crutches. They could hardly believe that I had survived cancer when the hospital told me I was going to die.

I told everyone that it was Falun Gong that has returned me to good health. I asked them to ignore the regime's propaganda against Falun Gong because that was all lies. They believe me now because Falun Gong has clearly saved my life.

My miraculous recovery caused a local sensation. Many people have since changed their attitude towards Falun Gong. Some have even started practicing Falun Gong.

Thank You Teacher

Teacher saved my life. He cleansed my body and mind and gave me a second lease on life. No words can express my gratitude toward Teacher.

I have told my wife repeatedly, “I feel like kneeling before Teacher's picture and crying my eyes out.” “There is no need for drama,” she said. “Just believe in Teacher and Falun Gong. Follow Falun Gong's teachings. Help more people learn the facts about Falun Gong and let go of the regime's lies. This is the best way to repay Teacher.”

Yes, I will do my very best to share my story with more people so that they will have a positive opinion toward Falun Gong. This is indeed the best way to repay Teacher's grace.