(Minghui.org) Five Falun Gong practitioners were arrested by the Domestic Security Division from Qilin District Police Department in Qujing City, Yunnan Province on November 12, 2013. They are Ms. Li Hongmei, Ms. Su Shuzhen, Ms. Zhan, Ms. He. and Ms. Wang. While three were released, Ms. Wang and Ms. Li Hongmei are being held at the Wangjiashan Detention Center.

Ms. Li Hongmei is a 45-year-old former employee of the Qujing City No. 14 Hydropower Bureau. She has benefited physically and mentally from practicing Falun Dafa. Ms. Li headed out towards Sanbao Town to distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and informational materials about Falun Gong, along with Ms. Su, Ms. He and Ms. Zhan, on November 12, 2013.

As soon as they left their car, they were surrounded by nearly 20 plainclothes officers from the Beishijiang Police Station of Qilin District. One officer called Ms. Li's name and handcuffed her. The four practitioners were taken to the Beishijiang Police Station, were interrogated, and their homes ransacked. Ms. Su, Ms. He and Ms. Zhan were released. Police officers took away Falun Dafa books, informational materials about Falun Gong, a computer, and printer from Ms. Li's home. They took Ms. Li to the Wangjiashan Detention Center.

The next day, Ms. Li's father and younger sister went to the Qilin District Police Department requesting her release. Captain Guo of the Domestic Security Division said they wanted to initiate an investigation of Ms. Li. Her father became terrified, and had to be bedridden for three days.

Captain Guo of the Domestic Security Division came to Ms Li's home ten days later on November 22, and told her husband that Ms. Li had not eaten for ten days. He asked them to bring food to the detention center and visit her. He also said that Ms. Li refused to sign documents, so she could not receive the money sent by her family.

Ms. Li's husband and sister visited her. Ms. Li said that Ms. Wang was being held together with her. Ms. Wang was also from the Qujing City No. 14 Hydropower Bureau, and was also arrested on November 12. Police ransacked her home, and took away two computers, printer, and a photocopier. The police sent Ms. Li to the hospital for force-feeding after her family finished the visit.

A police officer from the Domestic Security Division of the Qilin District Police Department telephoned Ms. Li's family on December 7, and said her case had been handed over to the procuratorate.