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This 8-part series explores the role of China’s judicial system in the persecution of Falun Gong. The facts presented in the series show that the judicial system has lost its independence and has followed the lead of the 610 Office (a special agency created for the sole purpose of eradicating Falun Gong) since 1999.

Instead of righting the wrongs committed against innocent practitioners, the judicial system actively carries out the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution policies and spares no effort in imprisoning practitioners for crimes they did not commit.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Overview Part 2: Who is Pulling the Strings? The 610 Office Part 3: Judges Show Their True Colors Prosecuting Law-abiding Practitioners Part 4: Practitioners Wrongly Accused and Denied Fair Trials Part 5: Groundless Verdicts at the Discretion of Corrupt Officials Part 6: Attorneys: Punished for Representing Their Clients Part 7: Families Punished for Hiring Lawyers Part 8: Supporters Arrested for Standing Up for Justice

Part 3: Judges Show Their True Colors Prosecuting Law-abiding Practitioners

The persecution has brought out the worst in many judges who have completely lost their professionalism and ignore their conscience in their pursuit of job security and political gain. In prosecuting law-abiding practitioners, they show total disregard for the law and often claim that politics is higher than the law. Instead of being fair and impartial, they do whatever it takes to send practitioners to detention.

Below are some examples of judges' shameless courtroom behavior in trying Falun Gong practitioners.

Judge Wang Chunhua Rips Up Defendant’s Appeal Letter and Slaps Her Lawyer’s in the Face

While defending practitioner Ms. Miao Fu from Dongning County, Heilongjiang Province, in June 2012, attorney Wang Quanzhang asked that her “confessions,” which had been tortured out of her during interrogation, be dismissed. Judge Wang Chuanfa became furious and refused.

When the attorney visited Ms. Miao in the detention center on August 31, he ran into Wang Chuanfa. To his shock, the judge slapped him in the face and cursed at him. He also couldn’t believe that the judge had ripped up Miao Fu’s appeal letter.

Judge Wang Jun Confirms That He Is a “Bandit”

Practitioner Mr. Zhang Jingdong from Xinfu Village, Suibin County, Heilongjiang Province, was tried on August 17, 2004.

The court refused to let his two older sisters testify on his behalf. When reminded that the law allowed it, judge Wu Jun replied, “It’s an order from higher-ups.”

When Mr. Zhang’s sisters asked to see the order, Wang said there was none to show. They couldn’t believe it: “How can a law-enforcement agency behave like this? You’re not following any legal procedures. Are you still a people’s court? We’d say you’re bandits!”

Wang replied shamelessly, “Yes, we’re bandits. So what?”

Judge Wang Ziliang Agrees He Is "Really Bad"

On August 10, 2010, Qian’an City Court in Hebei Province tried Ms. Li Yankui, Zhao Minghua, Li Qingsong and Zhang Hewen.

The four practitioners had already been tried four times since their arrest in October 2007. Although Tangshan City Intermediate Court dismissed their cases citing insufficient evidence, Qian’an City Court refused to release them and tried them for a fifth time on August 10.

When the trial began, judge Wang Ziliang, public prosecutor Zhou Wenqing, and a clerk showed up in street clothes, not their uniforms. Wang even had a cigarette in his mouth.

During the trial, Wang answered four phone calls and left the courtroom twice. When he returned, instead of sitting in his own seat, he moved to a clerk’s seat.

Far from being serious and professional, judge Wang joked around. He said, “I never interfere with your practice of Falun Gong, but you sent me Falun Gong flyers. My 84-year-old neighbor said to me, ‘You are really bad!’”

He wasn't bothered at all by his neighbor’s comment and, in fact, seemed to relish his “bad-guy” label.

Ms. Li Yankui was shocked with electric batons for 12 hours in the local Domestic Security Office. While interrogating her, agents Pu Yonglai, Ha Fulong, Tang Xueping and two others shocked her almost non-stop, resulting in blisters on her thighs and chest. She still had visible marks on the day of the trial.

Public prosecutor Zhou Wenqing expressed his disbelief, arguing that anyone subjected to such treatment should have died.

Ms. Li’s lawyer suggested she show everyone the burn marks, but Wang Ziliang stopped her, saying, “There’s no need. The court never interrogated you. Your lawyer can take photos of your injuries and then talk to the Procuratorate.”

Zhou Wenqing charged Ms. Li with installing a satellite dish to receive programs from New Tang Dynasty TV, but he couldn’t specify what law prohibits such installations when questioned by Attorney Li Subin.

Attorney Quan Yunge pointed out, “According to the law, the court cannot convict the defendant when there is no witness present to testify.”

Wang Ziliang asked, “What law? Why don’t I know about it?”

Attorney Quan read the statute aloud and Wang murmured, “I see.”

Zhou Wenqing rubbed his abdomen and lifted his shirt to expose his stomach multiple times during the trial. Around 11 a.m., he said to Wang Ziliang, “It’s almost noon. Let's adjourn.”

Judge Liu Liangkai: “No One Cares If You Die”

Taicang Court in Jiangsu Province tried Ms. Qin Yanqiu on November 7, 2005. Judge Liu Liangkai sentenced her to prison for possessing copies of Minghui Weekly and cards with “Falun Dafa Is Good” written on them.

Liu had Ms. Qin’s husband and son removed from the courtroom and refused to allow her to engage a lawyer.

When Liu asked Ms. Qin what else she had to say, she answered, “Practicing Falun Gong is not illegal.” Liu shouted at her to shut up.

Ms. Qin continued, “I've committed no crime and this trial is illegal. I’ll continue my hunger strike, and, should I die, you’re all responsible.”

Liu replied, “No one cares if you die.”

Fengrun District Judge Xu Tianpeng of Tangshan City Disregards the Law

Judge Xu Tianpeng is head of the Fengrun District Court in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. His mother once told a friend, “If you want a favor from my son, you have to pay him; otherwise there’s no way he’s going to do anything for you.”

During his tenure, he abused his power and illegally sentenced practitioners to prison: Li Yushu (10 years), Gu Youwen (7 years), Yang Guoguang (4.5 years), Wang Xiwen (4 years), Jia Yuanfeng (3 years), Zhang Weizhong (2 years), Ling Yun (3 years), Xu Jie (7 years), Zhang Mingfeng (3 years), Zhang Guizhi (4 years), and Deng Xiuyan (4.5 years).

He never responded to defense attorneys’ arguments and handed down all the sentences outside of the courtroom. Moreover, he refused to show the verdicts to the victims’ families.

For more details of Xu Tianpeng’s misdeeds, see Fengrun District Judge Xu Tianpeng of Tangshan City Disregards the Law

Judge Yang Zhenqing Orders Witness Removed from Courtroom

On February 28, 2005, Xiangzhou District Court in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, tried three practitioners, including Lin Wuyong and Mr. Zhang Wenxue.

Two local practitioners, Ms. Liu Chunhong and Ms. Ajuan, testified on behalf of the three on trial.

While Ms. Ajuan was testifying, Ms. Liu looked into the eyes of judge Yang Zhenqing. Before Ms. Ajuan finished, Yang Zhenqing stopped her and asked Ms. Liu, “Why do you keep looking at me?”

Ms. Liu replied, “As a witness, I of course need to look at the judge.”

The judge ordered four bailiffs to remove Ms. Liu Chunhong from the courtroom and refused to allow her to testify for the defendants.

When practitioner Mr. Zhang Wenxue complained to Yang Zhenqing that he was beaten in the detention center, Yang stopped him right away, “Don’t talk nonsense without any evidence.”

After the trial was over, Yang Zhenqing boasted that he had kicked Ms. Liu Chunhong out of the courtroom.

Judge Tian Dianying Claims, “I’m Paid to Do This Job. I Have to Sentence Her to Prison.”

On April 16, 2013, Chang’an District Court in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province tried practitioner Qiu Liying and sentenced her for “possessing state secrets.” For more details, see Ms. Qiu Liying Falsely Charged and Sentenced for "Possessing State Secrets"

The court didn’t announce the trial date as required by law, nor did it inform Ms. Qiu’s family of the trial.

Ms. Qiu’s two lawyers urged the court to follow the law and seek justice for Ms. Qiu. After all, the so-called “state secrets” were public documents available online.

But judge Tian Dianying ignored the lawyers’ arguments and sentenced Ms. Qiu to 30 months. He said in front of everyone, “I’m paid to do this job. I have to sentence her to prison.”

Judge Wang Hui Says He Is Not Afraid of Breaking the Law

Yuhua District Court in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province tried Ms. Sun Tao on December 7, 2012. (For more details, see Ms. Sun Tao Protests Illegal Trial, Prosecutor Withdraws from Courtroom During Hearing

When her two lawyers arrived at the courthouse, bailiffs ordered them to go through a security check.

The lawyers pointed out that lawyers are exempt from security checks, but the bailiffs insisted they follow the rule set by Yuhua District Court.

Though the bailiffs failed to produce any documents indicating Yuhua District Court demanded security checks of lawyers, they didn’t budge. The lawyers insisted they were exempt.

The standoff lasted for about 10 minutes before judge Wang Hui came over and said, “I’m not afraid of breaking the law. Let me check them.” He forcibly searched the two lawyers, and found no prohibited items.

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