(Minghui.org) Mr. Liu Shiquan and his wife Ms. Cao Lingfeng are facing trial, according to family members who were notified of the trial earlier this month. The couple was illegally arrested on September 9, 2013 for their belief in Falun Dafa.

In charge of the arrest were Qin Handong from the Jinshantun District 610 Office and Jin Cheng from the Dakunlun Police Station. Officers ransacked Mr. Liu’s home and confiscated a satellite dish receiver and Falun Dafa books.

The couple is from Jinshantun District of Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. They are farmers who specialize in tree-grown mushrooms. They are known for being kind and trustworthy members of their community.

The police returned to their home second time and ransacked it again, confiscating a computer and printer.

The couple was interrogated and physically abused by officers including Tao Xuwei, Zhang Wei, and Liu Xiyao. They were then held at the Xilin Detention Center.

Mr. Liu’s mother, in her 70s, and sisters went to the police department, Political and Legal Affairs Committee, Procuratorate, and court several times to ask for their release, but to no avail.

Ma Yonggang, deputy director of the police department, was evasive in his dealings with the family. The family was refused visitation rights. In addition, political commissioner Tang Haijun threatened the family.

Mr. Liu and Ms. Cao have been held in the detention center for the past three months. The Jinshanzhun District Court notified the family in early January 2014 that the couple would go on trial.

Parties involved in the persecution: Ma Yonggang (马永刚), deputy director of the Jinshanzhun District Police Department: +86-13704855556, +86-3738755
Tao Xuwei (陶绪伟), captain of the Criminal Police Detachment: +86-0458664685, +86-13845812004
Qin Handong (秦汉东), officer of the 610 Office: +86-13766730827, 0458—3738551(O)
Tang Haijun (唐海军), commissioner of the Jinshanzhun District Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-3738629, +86-13845811527
Zhang Wei (张伟), captain of the Criminal Police Detachment: +86-0458-3733999, +86-13704583777
Liu Xiyao (刘喜跃), officers of the Patrol Police Group: +86-13089621110