(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yang Guizhu was forced to give a blood sample to local authorities on the afternoon of October 28, 2013. Ms. Yang, 64, was retired from the Huaihua City Social Security Bureau in Hunan Province. The police who forcibly took her blood were Cao Riquan and another officer from Xinhuang County Police Department Domestic Security Division in Huaihua City. A plainclothes officer in his 30s was also present.

Ms. Yang went to pick up her grandson at 4:30 pm on October 28. Three officers approached her and Cao demanded that she give a blood sample. Ms. Yang refused. The officer with Cao said that it was for DNA tests. Ms. Yang told them the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong, but they refused to listen. Cao threatened to lock her up. The three officers followed her home and tried for an hour to talk her into having her blood taken.

Ms. Yang hid in a woodshed to avoid them. The three forced her husband to open the woodshed. She was then forced to hide in a lavatory, and the three waited outside. When Ms. Yang emerged from the lavatory, they grabbed her, and two held her left hand and one held her right hand. They straightened Ms. Yang's finger on her left hand and stabbed it repeatedly with a sharp object and took her blood. Ms. Yang's fingers were almost broken.

They told Ms. Yang's daughter that the blood was for a DNA test.

Unlawfully Detained in March 2013

Ms. Yang's father was hospitalized in March 2013, and Ms. Yang went to Xinhuang County to visit him. The police from Chengzhen Police Station in Xinhuang illegally arrested her for informing people about the persecution of Falun Gong. Ou Zhiliu and Cao Riquan from the Domestic Security Division of the County Police Department interrogated her. She was incarcerated in a detention center for five days. Her cell phone and cash were taken. The excuse the police used for taking her blood in October was that they didn't have time to perform DNA tests during the arrest in March and now they were only completing the procedure.

Ms. Yang's arrested was illegal, let alone the DNA test done against her will. It is suspected that the authorities were trying to match her blood type to someone who was willing to pay for an organ transplant. Many past cases have shown that Chinese authorities conducted large scale health exams and blood and urine tests on Falun Gong practitioners while they were imprisoned. The purpose was to build an organ bank database.

The people who participated in the persecution: Yuan Daoxin(袁道新), director, The Xinhuang County 610 Office: 86-13574592633(Cell) Yao Xuemei(姚雪梅), deputy director, The Xinhuang County 610 Office: 18975093821(Cell) Ou Zhiliu(欧枝柳), captain, The Domestic Security Division of Xinhuang County Police Department Cao Riquan(曹日诠), collaborator, The Domestic Security Division of Xinhuang County Police Department: 86-13874465698(Cell) Li Yuegong(李跃工), director, Huaihua City 610 Office: 86-745-2710851(Office), 86-745-2725516(Home), 86-13307459315(Cell) Yang Jun(杨军), director, Hecheng District 610 Office: 86-13607412096(Cell)