(Minghui.org) The Ningjiang District Court in Songyuan City, Jilin Province, recently held a secret trail for Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Jinbo. The family was not informed of the trial. When they subsequently questioned the court, judge Lu Ping blatantly declared, “There is no need!” He also refused to disclose the date of the hearing.

When family members asked which law Mr. Wang had violated, another judge claimed: “No specific laws are applicable. Since the Communist Party writes our paychecks, we do what the boss dictates.”

“There is no point in hiring a lawyer,” he added. “Do you think we will allow your lawyer in court?”

Blatant Disregard for the Law

Mr. Wang is from Yitong County. He was illegally arrested at work in the Songyuan Experimental High School on June 5, 2013. Officers Yu Wenrui, Li Guoqing and several others from the Songyuan Domestic Security Division made the arrest.

Mr. Wang has been detained at the Songyuan Detention Center.

During a visit to the Ningjiang District Court on August 6, Mr. Wang’s family learned that there had been a secret trial held for Mr. Wang. Presiding judge Lu Ping told them that a hearing had been held and that case files had been sent to the Songyuan City Intermediate Court four days earlier.

When the family inquired about the date of the hearing and why they had not been informed, Lu Ping stated that there was no need to inform the family. He refused to reveal the trial date.

The judge told the family, “Wang Jinbo has refused to eat or drink, so we are force-feeding him. He did not say a word during his trial.”

On the morning of August 8, Mr. Wang’s family visited the Songyuan Intermediate Court to request for his files. The court staff responsible for receiving files failed to locate the records, even after searching twice. They told the family that Mr. Wang’s records had not been received by the court.

Mr. Wang’s family went back to the Ningjiang District Court to see judge Lu Ping. The judge then told them that no verdict had been reached at the hearing, and it would take another week.

A family member said to Lu Ping: “The previous labor camp term caused Mr. Wang to suffer from a heart condition, and he almost died. The labor camp was afraid of taking responsibility for his health, so they let us retrieve him from the Changchun Medical University Hospital. Mr. Wang later recovered after practicing Falun Gong at home. What would happen if his health declined again?”

When asked about the possible length of Mr. Wang’s sentence and based on what law the sentence could be given, a judge in his 50s who shared the office with Lu Ping said: “From three to seven years. No specific laws are applicable. Since the Communist Party writes our paychecks, we do what the boss dictates.”

When the family asked about legal responsibility, he said, “What responsibility? The Party never has any legal responsibility.”

The family said that they would consider hiring a lawyer. However, the judge told them, “No point in hiring a lawyer. Do you think we will allow your lawyer in court?” He repeatedly tried to cut the conversation short and expel the family out of the office.

In the afternoon of August 8, Mr. Wang’s family went to the Songyuan Detention Center to speak with the director. After 10 minutes of inquiries, a guard called director Shi Hongliang. The director sent officer Gu Jinghua (badge number 700433) to meet the family.

The family asked about Mr. Wang’s health and if he was still on a hunger strike. Gu said, “Where did you hear that? He has begun to eat now. The center supplies an additional lunch to help him. His diet consists of all good stuff, including milk. I also treat him very well, and even wash his clothes every three days.”

When the family asked whether Mr. Wang could care for himself, Gu replied, “He can't do anything when others are around, but he can walk when no one is there.”

The family believe that Mr. Wang is still on a hunger strike, that guards continue to force-feed him, and that his condition is very serious.

Parties Involved in the Persecution

Lu Ping(路平), judge, Songyuan City Ningjiang District Court: +86-438-2290264 (Office)
Ningjiang District 610 office head: +86-438-3128368
Songyuan City Detention Center head: +86-438-3010001

Please refer to the original Chinese article for additional parties involved in the persecution.