(Minghui.org) “If you think of everyone as a bad person, the policies you make will for sure be the best!”

This is the advice a CCP secretary doles out to his subordinates.

The implication of this advice is that as long as the policymaker can reap benefits from the policy, it doesn't matter whether it hurts the well-being and interests of those subjected to the policy.

This secretary has been working in the Chinese Communist Party system for years and knows all too well how to survive and thrive within the system. Compared to his peers, he is considered a successful person with a great career.

How did he make it this far? The advice he gives his subordinates clearly states his philosophy, which is also the Chinese regime's motto when it comes to ruling the country.

Due to lack of trust in its citizens, the regime has launched one political movement after another to terrorize people since it came into power some 60 years ago. After all, the party thinks of everyone as a bad person so it takes turns oppressing different groups of people.

When the regime thinks of veterans as bad people, it makes policies that fatten policymakers' own wallets but hurt retired service people. For instance, a Discipline Committee secretary who is a veteran once said to me, “Many of our veterans couldn't find jobs or housing, yet the government made no effort to solve our problems. Instead, they monitored us around the clock in order to prevent us from appealing for our plights. This is the reward we got for fighting for the Chinese Communist Party.”

When the regime thinks of factory workers as bad people, it lays them off on a large scale without any reservations. Many laid-off workers are struggling to make a living.

When the regime thinks of peasants as bad people, it confiscates their land, and arrests whoever dares to voice objections.

When the regime thinks of Falun Gong practitioners as bad people, it sends them to prisons or labor camps where they are tortured or even have their organs harvested while they are still alive. Under Jiang Zemin's policy to “ruin practitioners' reputations, bankrupt them financially and destroy their physical bodies,” many torture deaths are counted as suicide.

Anyone who thinks that everyone else is bad is already going down the wrong path. They make policies to benefit themselves when actually in the long run they are also made victims of their own greed and cruelty.

The time is coming when the Party will be brought to justice. Those who follow it to do bad deeds will also have to pay for their crimes. Don't ever think that the Party will shelter them from prosecution. All too often those who are favored by the Party one moment are thrown under the bus the next time around.

Hopefully people who are still following the Party can break free from its grip and secure a bright future for themselves.