(Minghui.org) Ms. Gao Xirong and Ms. Guo Lianqing have been harassed, monitored, tracked, and maliciously reported since early 2013 by police officer Zhang Dongli from the 133 Coal Geological Exploration Team in Baiyin, Gansu Province. The court date was set as July 14, 2013, and the plan is to sentence them to three and a half to four years in prison.

Ms. Guo, 70, is a family member of someone who works for 133 Coal Geological Exploration Team. She previously suffered from many illnesses and carried medicine at all times, in case she was suddenly stricken by neurasthenia or heart disease. Six months after she started practicing Falun Gong, all of her symptoms disappeared.

Ms. Gao is retired from the 133 Coal Geological Exploration Team. She used to suffer from diabetes, stomach problems, and headaches, and had to take a lot of drugs. After she began practicing Falun Gong in 1996, she no longer needed the medicines, and enjoyed good health.

Ms. Gao and Ms. Guo talked to a girl named Zhang Yun about Falun Dafa in the Linlang Shop on Shizi Street in the Pingchuan District, Baiyin on December 21, 2012. Zhang's friend, a boy named Teng Yunfei, reported them to the police. Teng followed them to the Liming Market, and identified them to officers from the Dashuitou Police Station. The officers arrested Ms. Gao and Ms. Guo and took them to Baiyin Detention Center.

Ms. Gao and Ms. Guo used peaceful means to protest that their freedoms of speech and belief were being violated. Baiyin Detention Center refused to admit them, saying, “They are too old.” They were released at around 2:00 a.m.

Zhang Dongli, under orders from his supervisor, harassed, monitored, and secretly tracked the two practitioners in April 2013. Zhang reported them to the Pingchuan District Procuratorate for telling people that Falun Dafa is good. Procuratorate agent Zhang Xiaoping took them to the Pingchuan Court. The court planned to sentence them to three and a half to four years in prison.

Ms. Gao and Ms. Guo are under house arrest, and are being watched around the clock in their homes. The trial is scheduled for July 14, 2013. Officers are trying to extort money from their families.

Ms. Guo Lianqing Persecuted for Many Years

Ms. Guo and her husband, Mr. Wang Gengfa, have been repeatedly harassed for many years. Their home has been ransacked multiple times. Ms. Guo was arrested and detained on many occasions and endured a year of forced labor and four years in prison.

Ms. Guo was sentenced to forced labor for a year in January 2000. Sun Jieqiang, chief of the Politics and Security Office of Pingchuan District Police Department, put her in the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp in Lanzhou. The captain of the guards of the Seventh Ward had two inmates side by side monitoring her around the clock. She was forced to work more than ten hours per day. She was exposed to the cold in winter and the sun in summer. She was routinely deprived of restroom use and was frequently beaten and cursed at, especially if she did the Falun Dafa exercises. Ms. Guo did not cooperate during brainwashing sessions. Guard Li Xiaoqian ordered inmates to lock her in a small cell, put handcuffs and shackles on her, hang her by the handcuffs, and not feed her or let her use the restroom. They did not let her down until she lost consciousness.

Liu Junrui, the chief of the Politics and Security Office of Pingchuan District Police Department, arrested Ms. Guo in December 2005 and took her to Baiyin Detention Center after she was reported. Baiyin Intermediate Court illegally sentenced her to four years in prison. She was incarcerated in the Gansu Women's Prison.

While she was in prison, the police jailed her husband, Mr. Wang Gengfa, for practicing Falun Gong. When she was released in December 2008, Mr. Wang was still in prison.

Agents from the Gansu Women's Prison, the Pingchuan 610 Office, and the Pingchuan Chemical Industry family community harassed her at home in April 2012.

Ms. Gao Xirong Suffered Many Years of Persecution

Ms. Gao has been illegally incarcerated in a brainwashing facility, detained, subjected to forced labor, had funds extorted from her, and sentenced to four years in prison.

She and another practitioner were reported in December 2005 for handing out Falun Dafa information in the countryside. Liu Junrui, the head of the Pingchuan Domestic Security Division, along with other officers, arrested them, and the Pingchuan Court sentenced them to four years in prison. They were taken to Gansu Women's Prison. Officer Liu Junrui said, “We will make you stay in prison as long as possible and break up your family until you die.”

While she was in prison, her husband gave up the practice under duress. He later developed cerebellar atrophy. He died in 2007.

Gansu Women's Prison has a department that specializes in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Zhu Hong, one of the chiefs, forces practitioners to watch videos which defame Dafa and its founder. She deprives them of sleep until after midnight and makes them get up very early to work. Guard Meng Xianru forces practitioners to work overtime every day.