(Minghui.org) The Masanjia Labor Camp in Shenyang, Liaoning Province was heavily involved with the brutal torture of Falun Gong practitioners. Below are some cases that occurred in 2012. However, due to information blockages in China, many cases remain unreported.

Ms. Liu Junlan, 59, is from Tiexi District in Shenyang City. Ms. Liu was sent to the Third Brigade of Masanjia in May 2012. Guards took her to Donggang, a sector within Masanjia dedicated to torturing practitioners. They handcuffed and beat her, in hopes of permanently disabling her. Ms. Liu's hands were completely swollen and blistered. In the end, Ms. Liu was forced to write guarantee statements promising to give up belief.

Torture demonstration: Handcuffing

Ms. Wang Yingqin, in her 40's, is from Sujiatun District in Shenyang City. In July 2012, guards shackled her, beat her, and stretched her body in all directions while she was tied to a bed. Her legs were severely swollen and she needed assistance walking. Several guards involved in the torture include Zhang Huan, Zhang Lei, and Zhang Lili.

Torture method: Stretching using a bed

Ms. Wang Shulan, in her 60's from Dalian City, was sent to Donggang twice in order to undergo physical abuse. Her hands were completely swollen and blistered for a long time afterward. Her face was also swollen and bruised due to the beatings.

Fuxin City practitioner Ms. Xu Xiuhua suffered from cerebral thrombosis, high blood pressure, and disfigured legs due to the rounds of physical abuse. In the end, she was unable to walk.

Guards also beat Ms. Sun Guiping, a practitioner in her 40's from Dalian City, and shackled her at Donggang. As a result, her hands and legs became disfigured.

Torture demonstration: Hanging up and beating

Ms. Wang Xuejie, in her 50's, is from Dandong City. Guard Zhang Lili repeatedly and viciously slapped her in the face. Ms. Wang was also taken to Donggang twice, where she was tortured by being stretched across a bed by her limbs. Several guards were involved including Zhang Huan, Yu Haiyan, Yu Huijing, and Shi Haiyan. Ms. Wang's legs were disfigured from the beatings.

Ms. Liu Qiuhong, 32, from Dandong City, was stretched out by the limbs across a bed at Donggang in September 2012.

Ms. Pan Yuxia, in her 40's, is from Huludao City, and she started to practice Falun Gong in 2004. Ms. Pan was forced to stand without movement for extended periods in September 2012 at the Third Brigade.

Dalian City practitioner Sun Zhongli, 30s, has a one-year-old son. Guards beat her many times in July 2012, and when she called out “Falun Dafa is good” while on the prison yard, inmates Zhan Guilian and Hui Jiaojiao beat her viciously. Guards later took her to Donggang.

Dalian City Practitioner Ms. Zheng Juxiang was detained at the labor camp in 2012 for over a year. Guards beat and shackled her many times.

Haicheng City practitioner Ms. Shen Xiangling was slapped in the face and punched in the mouth in November 2012. She was also forced to stand for long periods of time. Inmate Huang Xuemei participated in the torture.

Ms. Wang Xuemei, in her 40's, is from Dandong City. Ms. Wang was tortured severely in August and September of 2012, causing her to lose consciousness on several occasions. Guard Qi Fuying slapped her in the face, pounded her head, and punched her in the mouth. As a result, Ms. Wang’s head bled profusely. When she went on hunger strike in protest, guards tortured her with a forced-feeding. Ms. Wang was also viciously kicked many times by guards.

Ms. Song Guangdi, in her 60's, is a practitioner from Dalian City. Upon a hospital examination, it was revealed that she had a fractured sternum and tissue damage. Guards tried to cover up Ms. Song's condition by refusing to release the medical information.

Ms. Wang Tan, in her 50's, is from Dalian City. Guards deprived her of sleep and asked her to take care of inmate Qu Meiyu. She was beaten in Donggang for more than a month.

Dalian City practitioner Sun Yue was an accountant before being detained at Masanjia. Guards tortured her by stretching her limbs across a bed. They also disfigured her legs, making her unable to walk.

Chaoyang City practitioner Ms. Cao Fuyan was stretched by the limbs across a bed at Donggang.

Inmate Zhan Guilian tortured Dalian City practitioner Ms. Zhang Lina for closing her eyes when she was supposed to be watching programs slandering Falun Gong on the television.

Ms. Zhao Fengjie, in her 40s, is from Shenyang City. Ms. Zhao was beaten by and cursed at by guard Zhang Lei. On the day she left Masanjia, Ms Zhao was tortured by guard Yu Huijing.

Ms. Ma Liguang, in her 60s, is from Dalian City. Because of the routine torture, she suffered from high blood pressure and partial paralysis, which made her unable to walk. Guards also deprived her of family visitation.

Practitioners were forced to watch brainwashing videos while detained at Masanjia. When Liu Ying saw practitioners close their eyes instead of watching the videos, she would viciously slap them in the face. Ms. Li Chunhua was slapped by Lui Ying for closing her eyes during one such brainwashing session.

Ms. Xu Xiuhua, in her 50s, was tortured many times at Masanjia. Due to the non-stop torture, Ms. Xi constantly twitched while sleeping and suffered from partial paralysis.

All cleaning duties at Masanjia were performed by practitioners. Practitioner access to the restrooms was also restricted during both the day and night. Additionally, the labor camp made large profits by selling items to practitioners at a exorbitantly high prices. It was also customary for officers to dump out all of a practitioner's personal items in the name of “cleaning up.”

Practitioners had access to cleaning water but only very limited access to any prepared water for drinking. Guard Zhang Lei even said that any officers' leftover drinking water should be discarded instead of being given to practitioners.