(Minghui.org) Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials from the 610 Office, the Comprehensive Management Office, and the police station in Shengzhuang Town, Tai'an City have created a secret prison to illegally detain and torture Falun Gong practitioners. The authorities also extort money from the practitioners and their families. There is no limit on the duration of imprisonment once a practitioner is sent to the secret prison.

Practitioners Ms. Yang Li, Zhang Jianliang, Mi Feng, and Gao Jianwei were arrested at Ms. Yang's son's home in Zhitian Village on the evening of May 13, 2012. The police also ransacked the house. After being held for several days, the practitioners were transferred to the secret prison. None of the transfers were processed through the regular procedure and their families weren't notified. The practitioners' families couldn't find the location of the prison when they tried to visit them.

The secret prison is located in a remote area, with no other buildings nearby. It has a large courtyard about 100 square meters in size. Inside the courtyard, there are fierce dogs, a two story building, and many cars, motorcycles, and bikes. A tent has also been set up in the courtyard, surrounded by three walls and an iron fence with very thick steel bars that is locked. The practitioners are imprisoned in there.

Practitioners are only given one bun for their meals and they are forced to drink water from the well. They are often interrogated and tortured. When the prison wardens fail to get any information from the practitioners during interrogations, they severely torture the practitioners. One practitioner's weight dropped from 132 pounds to 88 pounds as a result of torture. After returning home, one female practitioner often covered her face and cried when someone asked her about her experience in the prison. She had been subjected to inhumane tortures.

Ms. Yang Li, Zhang Jianliang, Mi Feng, and Gao Jianwei were imprisoned for almost six months when the Chinese New Year approached. On top of being forced to pay 1500 yuan to cover their so-called “living expense” in the secret prison, each practitioner was extorted an additional 3000 yuan before they were released.

On the day of their release, the practitioners' eyes were covered with a black cloth, and they were handcuffed. Five people drove them around for one and a half hours before releasing them sometime after 9:00 p.m. at a roundabout in the Development Zone of Xiaojing Village. The practitioners then had to walk more than 30 minutes to get home.

Practitioners Ms. Jin Hua from Xiaogoutou Village, Gao Liang from Shiwen Village, Ms. Wang Jinzhen from Xin Village, and Mi Wei from Yanglou Village were arrested on May 30, 2013. They were distributing truth-clarifying materials at Shengzhuang Farmer's Market and were followed by plainclothes police. Their homes were also ransacked.

These practitioners were held for four days at the Town Comprehensive Management Office. During that time, the police tried to extract information from them, particularly the location of where they got the truth clarifying materials. When the police failed to get any information, they transferred the practitioners to the secret prison. When the practitioners' families asked about their whereabouts, the police refused to tell them, and only replied, “They are not dead.”

The practitioners' families were recently ordered to pay 20 yuan per day for prison living expenses. The families were also extorted of 4,000 yuan before the practitioners could be released.

Ms. Jin Hua, Gao Liang, Ms. Wang Jinzhen, and Mi Wei have been imprisoned for approximately 90 days. Their families haven't been allowed to visit them since their arrests.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Guilan is in her fifties. Her home was ransacked in 2007 and the police confiscated all her Falun Dafa books and truth clarifying materials, a radio receiver, and a DVD player. Ms. Zhang suffered a broken wrist as a result of police brutality.

Seven practitioners were arrested by plainclothes police in the winter of 2008 when they went to Loude Farmer's Market to distribute truth-clarifying materials. They were held in Zhuyang for several days, their bicycles were confiscated, and each practitioner was extorted of 1000 yuan.

Seven practitioners went to distribute truth clarifying materials at Zhuyang Town Farmer's Market in July 2011. They were arrested by plainclothes police, and each practitioner's electric car was confiscated. They were detained at the Comprehensive Management Office and tortured.

The officials also extorted 1500 yuan from each practitioner. When the city and district 610 Office heads went to Zhuyang, the town officials extorted an additional 10,000 yuan from the practitioners before releasing them, so the officials can use the money to “treat” the 610 Office heads. When the practitioners were released the next day, the police refused to return their electric cars.

Two Falun Gong practitioners were arrested on the third day of the Chinese New Year celebration in 2012. They were held for about five days and each fined 2000 yuan.

For many years now, CCP officials, including the 610 Office personnel, Comprehensive Management Office personnel, and the police in Shengzhuang Town, Tai'an City, have ignored practitioners who tried to clarify the truth to them. They instead insist on carrying out the persecution for personal gain and have made a fortune from extorting money from practitioners.

We would like to warn all the people who participate in persecuting Falun Gong in Shengzhuang Town, Tai'an City that practitioners cultivate Buddha Law, and they clarify the facts about Falun Gong to save people. Throughout history, no one who has persecuted kind people and a righteous belief has succeeded.

The Chinese communist regime, in order to maintain its' bloody reign and interest, has committed evil crimes beyond redemption and is despised by the people. The act of heaven eliminating the CCP is imminent. We hope you realize the CCP's evil nature and stop being accomplices by persecuting Falun Gong. You should stop persecuting practitioners, and make up for your wrongdoings, to leave a way out for your future.

Responsible parties and individuals:
Shengzhuang Town Government: +86-538-8541015
Li Zhen, Shengzhuang Town CCP secretary
Ma Lin, Shengzhuang Town CCP deputy secretary and mayor
Liu Xiaoying,Shengzhuan Town CCP Discipline Inspection Committee secretary

Shengzhuang Police Station: +86-538 -8541153
Wang Xinming, Shengzhuang Police Station director
Wang Hua, Shengzhuang Police Station deputy director
Xu Jiyuan, Shengzhuang Police Station deputy director
Zhang Zhimin, Shengzhuang Police Station deputy director
Zhang Tingwu, Shengzhuang police officer
Li Feng, Shengzhuang police officer

Song Hongyin, Taishan District CCP secretary
Zhao Bin, Taishan District CCP deputy secretary and mayor
Zhang Jingzhou, Taishan District CCP deputy secretary
Xu Ning, Taishan District CCP deputy secretary
Song Xianchun, Taishan District Political and Judiciary Committee secretary
Shen Kunyuan, Taishan District Political and Judiciary Committee deputy secretary and Comprehensive Management Office director
Lin Jiansen, Taishan District Court director
Wang Zeng'ai, Taishan District Procuratorate chief
Yang Qidian, Taishan District Police Department director
Wu Zhenji, Taishan District Police Department political commissar
Wang Kunhua, Taishan District Bureau of Justice director