In 1996, my mother, who had been diagnosed with late stage cirrhosis, started to practice Falun Dafa and miraculously recovered. Falun Dafa saved her life.

My Mother's Pain and Suffering

I grew up in a poor family. My mother suffered far too many hardships in life. She had to take care of our grandfather, who walked with a limp from rheumatism of the knee, our grandmother who was blind due to cataracts, and us six children. She was not old, yet often had to languish in pain from having developed multiple health problems.

In 1993, my mother was seriously ill. Medical treatment was ineffective in the countryside, so she transferred to a well-known large hospital in the provincial capital. There, she was diagnosed not only with late stage ascites due to cirrhosis but also with otitis media, sinusitis, cataracts, atrophic and superficial gastritis, among other diseases.

According to the doctor, even if we spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on treatment, no one so ill had ever recovered, let alone someone from a poor rural area. The doctor advised my mother to go home to recuperate, and for us to pay attention to her as she was expected to became emaciated. We were advised that when she was reduced to skin and bones and her gums started bleeding, she would be in critical condition.

When Mother returned home, the neighbors, relatives, and friends flocked to her house with eggs, sugar, or canned goods. They all said they came for a visit. The truth was, they really came to say goodbye. Behind our sixty some years old mother’s back, we secretly bought a coffin and sewed traditional burial clothes in preparation for her funeral.

To try to ease Mother's pain and suffering, my elder brother and his wife, who lived in the provincial capital, searched for medical specialists and brought back bags and bags of Chinese herbal remedies for Mother to take. My younger brother purchased a spectrum analyzer to do repeated treatments at the lesion sites. I went to the neighborhood temples to pray and to seek divination. I also donated a month’s free labor at a massive construction project for a temple on a prestigious mountain site, in hopes that the gods and Buddhas would grant us blessings.

It was all to no avail. My mother got worse. Her abdominal ascites resembled a cauldron bubbling in her stomach. She could not sleep. She would take diuretic tablets when her stomach became too swollen. She would take fruit guides and laxative tablets when she was badly constipated, all in high dosages. The bleeding of the gums, as well as the skin and bones symptoms the doctor warned us about, appeared. Relatives, friends, and neighbors all believed our mother’s life was about to come to an end.

By Practicing Dafa My Mother Recovered

In the early part of 1996, Falun Dafa was introduced to the public in our provincial capital. After my elder brother and his wife started practicing Falun Dafa, they got hold of a copy of the tape recording of Master’s lectures in Jinan. Because our mother had never spent a day at school and could not read, they had her listen to Master’s recorded lectures. She suffered from otitis media, so she couldn't hear very clearly, but she did not give up. After more than a month of continuous listening, she could understand the basic content of Master's lectures. Miracles began to happen. Without realizing it, her stomach stopped swelling, and her urination and bowel movements returned to normal. From that moment on, she did not take any more herbs or drugs.

Noticing these amazing changes, we purchased a VCR player so that she could watch Master lecture and also watch the exercise demonstration video. She was then able to study the Fa and follow along with the exercises according to the tape.

The evening after watching Master’s fourth lecture, she said, “I feel hot all over.” Faluns were rotating inside her body so intensely that she felt as if her intestines were all pushed upwards. During the latter part of the evening, she spit up mouthfuls of blood clots. For the first time, she experienced the comfortable feeling of a body free of any sickness. Every one of her other adverse physical conditions were no more.

The most amazing thing was, my mother had gotten penicillin shots for her ear problem since she was young. After she finished the exercises, the entire room was filled with the smell of penicillin as a result of the cleansing process.

During the 1970s, when she was working on a production team, her leg had been fractured when she was run over by a forklift. After she recovered from the injuries, for some unknown reason, she began to walk with a slight limp. One time when she was getting ready to do the sitting meditation in the full lotus position, she pulled her leg up over the other leg and heard a slight cracking sound. From then on, she has walked normally without any limp.

Bearing Witness to Dafa’s Extraordinary Power, Predestined People Appear

During the early days of practicing, the extraordinary power of Dafa continued to manifest in my mother. Her celestial eye opened. She was able to see life forms in other dimensions and other supernormal phenomena. She could feel Falun rotating and the flow of energy in her body.

Mother had never been to school. Her greatest obstacle in Fa study was her illiteracy. However, whenever she picked up a Dafa book, she could see every character bathed in light, rolling, somersaulting, jumping up and down. Mother asked her school age grandchild to teach her to read one character at a time so she could learn each character through recognition. She began to read Zhuan Falun. A few years ago, she had learned how to read completely through Zhuan Falun among other Dafa books. She could recognize all the characters in Dafa books but could not recognize the same characters in other books.

My uncle is a doctor. When my mother recovered, my uncle was very surprised. He wanted to witness Mother mastering her illiteracy. He would point to different characters in Dafa books and she would be able to recognize and read them all. Uncle stopped making further remarks.

My mother's body changed dramatically. As a result, my wife, myself, Father, younger sister, my mother's two younger sisters, and those villagers who have a predestined relationship with Dafa all embraced Dafa and became Dafa practitioners. In our family, my mother’s other relatives also understood and supported us.

In over ten years, my mother has been steadfast in her faith in Master and in Dafa; she has never wavered a bit; always strives to do a good job with the three things; and constantly clarifies the truth to people everywhere. She exercises every day for two hours; sends forth righteous thought at the designated four times a day for at least half an hour each time; studies the Fa; listens to Fa recordings; and watches the videos of Master’s lectures. She practices diligently to show her gratitude to Master for saving her. She tells about the great changes in her body to testify to Dafa’s extraordinary nature.