Practitioners Ms. Liu Suran, Ms. Huo Yuping, Ms. Zhang Chunxian, and Ms. Hao Guangmei went on strike to protest the arbitrary extension of their labor camp terms. They refused to be "transformed" in early August 2011 at the Hebei Women's Forced Labor Camp. Camp leaders Feng Kezhuang and others told the guards of the Ward No. 3 to torture practitioners on August 15, 2011.

Here is what happened.

Ms. Zhao Ye

Ms. Zhao Ye , 42, a native of Tangshan, Hebei Province, is a former designer in the Tangshan Ceramic Research Institute. She was sentenced to 21 months of forced labor for giving out a DVD with information about Falun Gong. She refused to work. Guards made her stand the whole day in the workshop and then forced her to sit on a small bench in a hall for a week.

Torture reenactment: Shocked with electric batons

The guards first pushed Ms. Zhao into their office, which had no surveillance camera, on August 15. Guards Lv Yaqin and Liu Ziwei (ID 1356101) shocked her on her neck, mouth, chest, and arms for half an hour. There were dark burn marks on her chest, and she had pain in her gums and teeth, as well as her right arm. The pain was so intense that she was not able to chew or move her right arm.

The next day, the guards made her stand the entire day her for not singing songs praising the CCP.

Guard Liu Ziwei shocked her for another hour the third day. Her right forearm was swollen and covered with purplish black marks from of the electric shocks. She could not bend her finger and could barely move her right hand. She had no feeling in her right arm, and she could not lift it. Subsequently, the muscles in her right hand atrophied, and her right arm was almost disabled.

Ms. Zhao was in good health before she was incarcerated. She quickly lost weight, started to cough and wheeze, and could not stand up after she was tortured in the labor camp. The guards did not let her seek medical help from any outside hospital until she was in critical condition in February 2012. By then it was too late, and she died on December 15, 2012.

Ms. Liu Suran , 48, was a nurse in the No. 3 Hospital of Hebei Province. She was arrested at work for no reason, and then subjected to forced labor for "disturbing social order." She was forced to do slave labor and her term was extended every month. She stopped working to protest the injustice.

The guards dragged her into the female guards' office on August 15. Present in the room were Feng Kezhuang, the deputy warden in charge of the persecution of practitioners; a male guard from the Management Division; and guards Lv Yaqin and Liu Ziwei. After Feng left, Lv shocked Ms. Liu on her shoulder so that her clothes would cover the burns.

Ms. Feng Ruixue , 42, was a teacher in the Integrative Medicine Institute of Hebei Medical University. Police arrested her on March 9, 2011, and sentenced her to forced labor two weeks later.

She was pushed into an office around 11 a.m on August 15. The guards had her stand there and listen to the electric shocks from next door. After 2 p.m, guard Liu Ziwei came in with an electric baton. Liu cursed her and ordered her to answer if she would work or not. Ms. Feng did not answer, so Liu shocked her on her arms, neck, ears, mouth, and head. Liu also used a police baton to beat her on her arms, buttocks, and legs, and teased her, “How about we also make you a pig snout using electric shocks?” The torture lasted until after 5 p.m.

Torture re-enactment: Electric shock

Guard Lu Yaqin threatened to call four males guards from downstairs to torture her and said, “I will extend your term for another three months.”

When Ms. Feng was taken out of the office, her left forearm was blue and she had difficulty lifting it. She had blue spots on her buttocks and legs. She limped, and it took her two weeks to recover. For a while after this she was confused when she spoke.

Ms. Zhang Ni , 31, is a native of Gaocheng, Hebei Province. Lv Yaqin shocked Ms. Zhang on her head, face, and back for 20 minutes straight. Her arms and mouth, both inside and out, were badly damaged. Her lips were extremely swollen and she was covered with black blisters.

Ms. Lu Di , 32, was an English teacher in Shijiazhuang. She was arrested at home.

Ms. Lu was taken to an inner office after 10 a.m on August 15. Liu Ziwei shocked her on her arm and asked her if she would work or not. Ms. Lu told her how she was arrested for no reason, how the forced labor hurt her and her family, how the loss of her personal freedom without a trial was illegal, and that forced labor was illegal. Liu ignored her and kept shocking her. Ms. Lu calmly reminded her, “You are also a mother. Why do you act like this?” Her words might have had an effect, because Liu left after a while.

Ms. Lu remained in the office while the guards took a lunch break. After the break, Lv Yaqin came with a short, high voltage electric baton and a long police electric baton. Lv used them to shock Ms. Lu on her arms, neck, and mouth. Ms. Lu told her that treating practitioners nicely was treating herself nicely. Lv handcuffed her to a radiator and kept shocking her. Lv said, “If I do not shock you, I will be transferred to the front one.” She meant the neighboring Hebei Women's Prison. Lv warned that she would call male guards to help. They kept torturing her on and off until 5 p.m.

Ms. Lu was made to stand alone for a week afterward.

Other Practitioners

Ms. Qi Junling, a practitioner from Changzhou, and Ms. Wei Yuhuan, who was arrested for appealing, were shocked that same day.

While practitioners Ms. Liu Suran and Ms. Huo Yuping talked to Lu Yaqin before August 15, Lu said she had learned a lot of persecution techniques from other forced labor camps and, “If this plan is approved, you will not be able to bear it.” Lu had been involved in the persecution of practitioners for many years and participated in many secret meetings with the 610 Office. She said they were not allowed to take any notes in those meetings.