(Minghui.org) When I worked out of town, I lived alone, and had the apartment all to myself. It was very convenient to study the Fa and do the exercises.

In November 2012, my company told me that a new colleague was coming and that he would be staying with me. My first thought was that we must have a predestined relationship and I had talk to him about the persecution and save him. Many of my coworkers have understood the truth and quit the communist party.

The coworker later called and said that he usually did certain activities in the evening. He wanted to let me know in advance and hoped it wouldn't bother me. I wondered if he was a practitioner. I thought it would be nice to work with a fellow practitioner. We could help each other on cultivation and upgrade together. On the other hand, I thought Master was unlikely to arrange for two practitioners to be at this location. It's so urgent to save people. Just one practitioner would be enough here. Anyway, Master's arrangement is always the best. I thought I'd just wait and see.

When the new colleague arrived, I took him to the dormitory. There was a large mat in his luggage, which he explained was for yoga. I was kind of disappointed. But I would clarify the truth to him anyway and that was the most important thing. I helped him to settle in. After supper, I talked with him about Dafa.

As we talked I realized that he used to be a Dafa practitioner. He was sentenced to forced labor after 1999. After he was released, he started to practice a qigong, and it's been ten years since he stopped practicing Dafa. He kept in touch with some of the practitioners who were imprisoned with him in the labor camp. Many of them still practiced Dafa, but they couldn't bring him back. I thought that Master must have confidence in me and thus brought him to me. I didn't want to disappoint Master. I had to bring him back to Dafa.

Through talking with him, I discovered that he had great respect for Dafa and knew that it was Buddha cultivation. However, he thought he could still complete cultivation and reach consummation by doing yoga. I talked about the differences between Dafa and qigong practices. He told me he'd been taking medicine and supplements to treat his blood pressure. I pointed out to him that he'd done yoga for ten years, but his health hadn't improved. How could one still believe that he could succeed in cultivation through yoga? Throughout the following days, I kept talking about this. I knew he was listening, though he couldn't accept it right away. Every day he still took medicine, carefully took his dietary supplements, and every morning did some yoga.

I added a thought to clean up his dimensional field when I sent forth righteous thoughts hourly after supper. Usually we faced each other, just two meters away. He did his own things while I sent forth righteous thoughts. A few days later, I wanted to watch the DVD “Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners,” and I asked if I could turn up the volume. He said he didn't mind and would like to listen to it, too. Perhaps there was something wrong with my computer and the playback quality was very poor. He offered to play it on his computer. I realized it was Master's arrangement. He sat straight on the chair with his legs crossed while listening to the Fa. I was touched by his attitude of respect for Dafa. We watched it for about two hours before we went to sleep. In the next few days, we finished watching the entire lecture.

Later, he went back to the company headquarters. When I returned to headquarters, I gave him all the electronic copies of Dafa audios, videos, and books. A few days later, he left the company, but we had a long conversation before he left. He said that he felt the beings in his dimensional field were so happy and excited while he was watching Master's lecture video with me and that their dull clothes turned vibrant. He had a dream that night. Master came to him and said, “You've been gone a long time. Come back soon.” Behind Master were several divine beings in bright white clothes. When he did the exercises after he went back to headquarters, he saw with his celestial eye that Master had curly blue hair and flew in front of him followed by many divine beings.

He threw away his medicine and told me that he would never again step away from Dafa. If he had the chance, he would talk to those former practitioners he knew in the labor camp and encourage them to come back to Dafa. He said the reason he came to my company was to return to Dafa, and now it was time to leave. Now he's very diligent in cultivation. He studies the Fa and does the exercises and also clarifies the truth when there's an opportunity. His physical condition has improved a lot, and he has become more calm and tranquil.

Through this experience, I profoundly understood that everything is arranged by Master. I just did what I should do. Master knew that I could bring him back, and so he sent him to me. To bring back former practitioners, sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity and inviting them to study the Fa is crucial. And for former practitioners themselves, respecting Master and the Fa is the key.

Fellow practitioners, please kindly point out anything incorrect.