(Minghui.org) Greetings, respectful fellow practitioners:

I recently noticed on the Minghui website that many practitioners have been arrested in China and received lengthy sentences. Some of the lawyers who helped to defend them in court have been beaten. At the trials where the lawyers were in attendance, police were all around the courtroom. Uniformed police and plainclothes officers were also outside the courthouse, with lots of police cars rushing back and forth. Some practitioners asked me about what was going on.

A strong sense of responsibility quickly arose in me to address this issue. I would like to share some of the Fa principles that I recently enlightened to, and I have included some suggestions of what I think should be done. I hope that this will help us all have a better understanding of things based on the Fa. Please point out anything inappropriate and lets all work together to accomplish what Teacher requests us to do.

Recently, in order to save a practitioner, practitioners from two cities got together and met in small groups of about a dozen people in each. The practitioners were able to validate the Fa because their understandings were based on the Fa, and the results from the meetings were good. I would like to share some of the things that we discussed.

One of our discussions refers to an experience sharing article that I read on the Minghui website, entitled, “Our Power is Stronger When We Understand the Fa Principles from Within the Fa”.

The article talks about when officers at a police station interrogated a few practitioners. They tortured the practitioners with electrical batons that were on a table, handy for the police to use at any time. The horror of this situation was stifling. After being tortured, some of the practitioners were taken to forced labor camps, and some were taken to prison. However, after facing such a horrifying situation, the last practitioner remained undaunted and sent forth strong righteous thoughts during the ordeal. He said in his mind, “Listen to me all of you beings in other dimensions. No matter who you are or where you come from, I will not allow you to use these police officers to persecute practitioners. These officers are our sentient beings.” The officers yelled at him and threatened him as he sent righteous thoughts, but he paid no attention to it and only thought about saving them. He focused his thoughts to clear away all of the evil lives and factors behind them. At that moment, he thought of a paragraph from Teacher's Fa:

“... whoever sees me, I will help him, (applause) and I can reduce the sins and karma he made throughout history. (Applause) So no matter what your job is or what you do, as long as you see me, I'll have you develop good (shan) thoughts, and as long as you see me I'll reduce your sins and your karma amidst your good thoughts.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003”).

Within a few minutes, all of the officers left. After a long while, a supervising officer came in and pointed at the practitioner and said softly: “Nothing we do will affect you.” The practitioner was unconditionally released the same day.

What did this practitioner do? He was able to send forth strong righteous and kind thoughts for a few minutes, and Teacher was able to help him resolve the problem.

The next example was also reported on the Minghui website. This story involves a practitioner who gave the police a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. When the Nine Commentaries came out in 2004, a practitioner took a copy to an officer at the police station. The officer looked at her and was not sure how to react. He said: “You are very bold. I have not met any other Falun Gong practitioner who has as much gall as you. How dare you bring this book to me? Aren't you afraid that I will send you to prison or a forced labor camp?” The practitioner laughed and said: “I did not think of myself. I only thought of you.” The officer was really shocked and very moved. Then the practitioner spent the next five hours talking with him about Falun Gong. By the end of their conversation, the officer thoroughly understood the facts and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

As long as we are able to be be selfless, Teacher will protect us, and the righteous divine beings will help us. No beings will dare to touch us. The Dafa of the cosmos is rectifying the world. The evil that persecutes Dafa will be annihilated.

The third example from Minghui is about a practitioner who saw a vision with his celestial eye. He saw that many beings, who lived within the field of the officer who was persecuting a fellow practitioner, were kneeling in a circle facing the practitioner. They were begging him to spare their lives.

From other dimensions the old forces use sentient beings that work for the CCP to destroy practitioners. Teacher decided long ago that the new cosmos would consist of the millions of practitioners who had reached consummation. In other words, the old forces would cease to exist and the new cosmos would be made up of practitioners.

Practitioners live all over the world. In Mainland China, people that work for the government are everywhere. These people share the same space as practitioners. In other words, they are our sentient beings. We cannot discard them arbitrarily. If their lives can be benevolently resolved, then let’s get it done. If they should be sifted out, let’s get that done too. The Fa determines everything.

The issue is whether we act according to the Fa. Many practitioners are actively validating the Fa, yet some of us are still afraid of the CCP. However, this fear is a strong attachment. It is a substance formed in humans. With such a large attachment, how can we return to heaven? How are we going to be able to manage our large cosmic systems? The attachment to fear in practitioners has also hampered Teacher’s Fa-rectification.

Actually, it is not that our true selves are afraid of the CCP. It is our human attachments and possessing spirits in our notions that are fearful and trembling. It is the human self that has fear. The old forces in other dimensions are laughing at us because of our attachments. It repeatedly utilizes our attachments and the principles that we have not yet enlightened to, to persecute us and destroy sentient beings.

The old forces have taken advantage of our loopholes, and used these sentient beings to persecute us. We need to destroy the old forces and rescue our fellow practitioners. We need to give those who are deserving their opportunity to be saved. For those who are truly hopeless, the Fa will treat them justly.

The end of Teacher’s Fa-rectification continues to be put off. Who among us can truly appreciate Teacher’s efforts and thoughts? Everything has been arranged for us and Fa rectification only waits for us to carry out our part. We need to correct our notions, and dissolve all of the old forces that persecute practitioners. We need to save the sentient beings in the CCP. By our giving them the opportunity to make up for their crimes, they may be saved in the future.