(Minghui.org) Today I talked with someone on the Internet about withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. He thanked me but didn't say whether he was interested or not.

The CCP will be struck down

I thought, “Is this because I haven't explained the truth about the CCP, Falun Gong, and the persecution enough so that he hasn't realize the importance of withdrawing from the CCP?” So I told him about the terrible things that the CCP has done. I said, “It wouldn't matter if they hadn't committed such horrible crimes, but there is a heavenly principle that good is rewarded and evil is punished. Won't those who belong to the Party have to bear the consequences for its actions? The CCP is like a big tree and its members are the many branches. When lightning hits the tree, you won't be struck down if you have quit.” He just said, “I work for the government.”

Withdraw from the CCP on the Chinese Epoch Times website

I'm in contact with people every day on the Internet and understand their concerns. I said to him, “The CCP kills people by removing their organs for transplant operations. This is a heinous crime. I want to let people know the truth about the CCP, Falun Gong, and the persecution. People will then have the opportunity to choose between good and evil, and this will determine their future. Announcing your withdrawal from the CCP is done on the Chinese Epoch Times website. It is not necessary to declare this at a branch of the CCP. Over 140 million people have announced their withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.” I showed him the picture of the solemn statement that the Chinese Epoch Times published on its website to encourage Chinese people to withdraw from Party.

“But I'm a CCP cadre at the county level!”

He said, “But I'm a CCP cadre at the county level! I'm just an insignificant county Party secretary. What can I change? What should I do?” I told him, “I can help you withdraw from the CCP on the Epoch Times website. It will give you a certificate and a registration number. You can keep it and you will be all set. People cannot continue to endorse the crimes committed by the CCP, because there is a heavenly principle that good is rewarded and evil punished.”

“I've been interested in Falun Gong since I was young...”

He didn't tell me what he wanted to do or whether he was willing to withdraw from the CCP. He suddenly said, “I've been interested in Falun Gong since I was young, but I had no way to practice it. Now I have you, a person of great character, who can guide me! I'm indebted to you and am willing to risk my life to repay you for helping me!”

I said I would definitely help him as long as he wanted to practice. I then asked him if he wanted to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

When I first contacted people on the Internet, I presumed that most of them would be atheist due to the influence of the CCP, so I usually started by recounting the crimes committed by the CCP and reminded them that good is rewarded and evil is punished to encourage them to withdraw. But this person suddenly said, “But God will punish me even if I do withdraw from the CCP.”

“Are you an angel?”

I told him, “Withdrawing from the CCP won't interfere with your work. It will enable divine beings to clearly see your heart, whether it is disposed towards good or evil.” He immediately said, “I get it. Can you help me quit? I want to reveal my true feelings to heaven. Thank you! Are you a messenger from God? Are you an angel? You definitely must be an angel!”

Dying of thirst without Falun Gong

I helped him to withdraw from the CCP. He couldn't wait to get information about Falun Gong. He said, “It's really been a great loss for me not being able to get Falun Dafa books and material. The CCP has destroyed so much. Do you have any? Can you give them to me? Can you give me information about Falun Gong?” It was as if he'd been dying of thirst without Falun Gong.

I gave him the electronic versions of Zhuan Falun, The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa , an instruction video on teaching the five exercises, and the exercise music. Before I gave them to him, I asked, “Do you know why Falun Gong is banned in China?” I listed for him the reasons, and explained that the Tiananmen self immolation was staged. I hadn't finished talking when he said, “Sure, I thought so. So that's why! I said that before! So it really was like that.”

He cried out that I was an angel and thanked me with great joy. I was so happy that he quit the Party and finally had the predestined opportunity to practice Falun Gong.