(Minghui.org) I am not a Falun Gong practitioner myself but I have family members who are. In the past I'd heard them describing how Falun Gong could cure people's illnesses but never saw it with my own eyes.

My mother's fluctuating health during the past few years allowed me to witness firsthand the miracles brought by Falun Gong. Not long after she began practicing in early 2011, she quickly recovered from her erythroblastopenia and osteonecrosis. Unfortunately her health declined day by day after she stopped practicing later that year to care for her newborn grandson.

She became critically ill in May this year and the doctors told us she only had one week to live. While she was at her lowest point and struggling to keep living, her fellow practitioners visited her twice and encouraged her to resume cultivation. She did and a miracle happened. In just a couple of weeks she fully recovered, leaving her doctors in awe of Falun Gong's healing power.

My Mother Had Three Major Operations in Ten Years

Back in 2001, my mother had surgery to remove her Mediastinal tumor, but the post-operation chemotherapy caused a sharp decline in her red blood cell count. She had developed erythroblastopenia (pure red cell aplasia).

During the next few years, she tried all kinds of western and traditional Chinese medicines, to no avail. Worse yet, the pills she took caused a severe side effect and she contracted osteonecrosis as a result. She underwent a second surgery in 2006 to fix her bone problems.

My mother later had a third surgery to lessen her pain.

After undergoing three major operations in ten years, my mother was too weak to walk by herself.

Then a relative came to visit her in early 2011. She told my mother how she had recovered from all kinds of illnesses soon after she began practicing Falun Gong. My mother was totally amazed and decided to give the practice a try herself.

Not long afterwards, my mother fully recovered. She was able to resume doing all her usual household chores and didn't feel tired even after biking ten miles.

Unfortunately, the happy days didn't last long. My younger brother had a son and my mother was so busy taking care of the newborn baby that she completely stopped practicing Falun Gong in late 2011.

During the next two years, my mother's health went downhill quickly. Her physical condition hit bottom this May when she became critically ill and almost died.

Falun Gong Saved My Mother from Death

My mother came down with a cold and fever on May 16 this year and her condition suddenly worsened on the 19 th . She had trouble breathing and was rushed to a military hospital for emergency care.

The diagnosis was very grim. Her blood glucose level was at 35.7 (a value between 4.9 and 6.1 is considered normal), and her red blood cell count was 5.2 (a value between 11 and 13 is considered normal). Moreover, she had severe pulmonary fungal infection and only a quarter of her lungs was still functioning.

On May 24, the attending physician issued a “critical condition notice” and informed us that my mother probably had only one more week to live. They monitored her condition around the clock and our family members took turns caring for her.

My mother's pulse was about 150 beats per minute and her breathing was very rapid. She couldn't stop coughing and had edema all over her body. Even diuretics didn't help. In order to keep her alive, the doctors put her on Voriconazole (a very expensive drug).

During this period of time, my mother swung back and forth, between alertness and coma. When she came to, she told us what she experienced while in a coma. She said she went to a different world where people wore red and beat drums to welcome her arrival. The drumbeats kept ringing in her ears and a voice kept talking to her. She had no idea what was said to her, but the voice wouldn't go away.

On the morning of May 29, my mother, who hadn't lived in her hometown for years, suddenly asked to go there, saying that she saw people there were preparing for her funeral. At that moment, she had extreme difficulty breathing and was in and out of a coma. We were all crying and the doctors watched us helplessly.

While my mother was on the verge of death, our practitioner relative came to visit in the afternoon, and she brought along another practitioner. The two of them gave my mother an MP3 player with Master's audio lectures on it and encouraged her to listen to it as much as possible. They also reminded her to have strong faith in Master and Dafa at this critical moment and to not follow anyone in other dimensions if it were not Master. They also sent forth righteous thoughts to help her.

Things soon changed for the better. From 8 o'clock that night to 9 o'clock the next morning, my mother was finally able to relieve herself and coughed out phlegm frequently. When the doctors and nurses came at 9 a.m. to check on her, they were puzzled by her improvement. They recorded a total of 10 liters of urine that came out of her throughout the night. No wonder her edema subsided significantly. Her breathing returned to normal around 2 a.m. and she was able to lie down and sleep. She no longer heard voices or saw scenes in other dimensions.

On June 5, four practitioner friends came to visit my mother at the hospital. One of them had also been critically ill about a year ago but she recovered because of her Falun Gong practice. She even showed my mother her “critical condition notice.”

My mother told them that she saw the IV injections leaking from the needle hole on her arm and the pills she took passed through her body intact. They assured her that Master was taking care of her and she no longer had any illnesses. As long as she kept reading Dafa books and practicing Dafa exercises, she would for sure be well.

They left after sending forth righteous thoughts for my mother. She was greatly inspired and looked much more spirited. Her appetite increased a lot and she no longer uttered nonsense as she fell asleep.

Two days later a CT scan showed that all vital signs were normal. My mother was discharged from the hospital on June 18.

After she returned home, several practitioners came to visit her every afternoon to read Dafa books, practice the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts with her.

When my mother returned to the hospital for a follow-up examination on July 17, the doctor and nurses were shocked to see her walk in by herself. They couldn't believe she had recovered so quickly.

My mother told them these miracles were brought by her Falun Gong practice. The medical staff were all amazed.

Even though all the check-up results came out normal, we were still a bit apprehensive and asked the doctors if she still needed any additional medication.

One of them said without thinking, “I just don't get it. Theoretically, not only can she not stop taking medication, but a lower dose would fail to control her symptoms. But she has stopped taking medication for so long yet she still managed to make a full recovery. How can I prescribe any more medication? I'd say no more pills, just go home and practice more of her exercises.”

Hospitalization vs. Falun Gong Practice

The month-long hospitalization of my mother cost our family more than 110,000 yuan. She stayed at a top-notch hospital and was given imported drugs, yet she almost died.

On the other hand, two visits from a few Falun Gong practitioners to the hospital had a price tag of zero yuan. All together they stayed with my mother for less than three hours, yet they helped make her recovery a reality.

We sincerely thank Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong, for saving my mother from death. All our family members, friends, doctors and nurses witnessed her miraculous recovery and were totally convinced of Falun Gong's extraordinariness.

All of my mother's symptoms are documented by the hospital just in case anyone does not believe it and wants to verify her medical records.