(Minghui.org) Recently many Falun Gong practitioners were arrested as a group in the city where I live. The arrests happened more than 50 days ago. We should calm down, reflect on our own shortcomings and look within for the reasons that these practitioners were arrested.

Reasons for the Persecution

A group arrest means that the old evil forces have taken advantage of our loopholes. Usually an arrest of this type takes place when a few practitioners are being monitored. However, these practitioners didn’t act in a rational and clearheaded manner, so they unwittingly provided information about other practitioners. Therefore, the evil was able to target a larger group of practitioners. The arrests were made at specific locations and timed well.

What are the gaps in our one body? Perhaps they are the attachments of dislike and noncooperation. When these two strong notions and attachments align with any particular type of being, these beings will be able to exert an effect and reinforce the notions and form a vicious cycle.

If the reason for the persecution is a gap in our one body, the most effective way to disintegrate the persecution is to form a solid one body.

How do we form a solid one body? My personal understanding is that it is a process of letting go of self, cooperating with others, forgiving others for past conflicts, and forgiving others’ mistakes. We must ask if other practitioners need help when there are problems

We shouldn’t look at those detained practitioner for their loopholes and mistakes. A Dafa disciple has a great amount of energy.

Master said in Chapter One of Zhuan Falun: “In fact, let me tell everyone that matter and mind are one thing.”

A bad thought is a cluster of black substance and it will reinforce the negative field around practitioners that are being persecuted. We should support detained practitioners with righteous thoughts. Even if they have loopholes, the loopholes will be rectified by the Fa. There is no reason to acknowledge the old forces’ persecution. We need to relinquish our notions and support other practitioners. If we can think of the detained practitioners with righteous thoughts and cooperate well to rescue them, we will have targeted what the evil fears the most.

Practitioners were all kings and lords of remote cosmic bodies. Our origins and characteristics are all different. When we work together some practitioners may insist their way is right and arguments may occur. However, we have come to the human world with a common goal and to fulfill our vows. We gave up our divine status to come to the human world. How difficult can it be for us to let go of our own ideas and support others for the sake of saving people? The “best idea” will not work if practitioners do not cooperate. When we let go of our own ideas and cooperate with each other, it strengthens the one body.


Our righteous thoughts can disintegrate the evil that persecutes practitioners. It is not wrong to do this. However, let’s think about what we are actually doing. Do we send righteous thoughts for rescuing persecuted fellow practitioners only?

We have come here to help Master save sentient beings. When the evil persecutes practitioners, we should clarify the truth. We can clarify the truth on a large scale to help the local people know the truth about Dafa. Truth-clarification materials are in many households already and that is really remarkable! Practitioners also send letters to workers in the public security and legal professions. This gives people the opportunity for salvation at the final stage of the Fa-rectification.

Master said in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference:”

“So, when you consider that however severely Dafa disciples may be persecuted they are still walking the path to godhood, and that whether they depart early or late they are still bound for Consummation and will return, is it not in fact human beings who are the true victims of the persecution?”

The more people there are that know the truth, the larger the righteous field will become. This pure energy field will also help to disintegrate the evil and lesson the persecution.

When I first sent righteous thoughts, I aimed at disintegrating the evil that persecuted local practitioners. Later, I focused on disintegrating the evil that controlled ordinary people to commit sins against Dafa.

After Fa study today, I thought that I would target the evil that persecuted people who worked in the public security and legal professions in China. I want to encourage these people to assimilate to Dafa and treat practitioners kindly. These people are kings of huge universes. They came to the human world as representatives of their cosmic systems. When they came into the Three Realms, they were full of confidence and knew about Fa-rectification and Dafa practitioners.

Master cares about all people. The time period from 1999 to the present exists because Master has made many sacrifices. We cannot underestimate the compassion of Master or the sacrifice he has made. We also cannot give up on sentient beings.

The people employed in the public security and legal professions chose that profession because of their karma. They are waiting for us to save them. I thought of Master’s poem “Every Lifetime Was for This Life:” “Dafa practitioners are suffering, but who is ruined are sentient beings.”

I had this vision when my compassion emerged. I was looking at the tall public security office building. I could feel the countless beings kneeling down and begging for our help. They cried about how long they had waited and hoped for salvation. Every being was extending their hands to Dafa practitioners for help. When I sensed all of this, I had no resentment or hatred. There was only salvation on my mind.

Fellow practitioners, let’s not be confused by the behavior of the police. They are controlled by the evil. Only when we eliminate the evil controlling the police, can we fundamentally resolve the issue. We should try to save those who don’t know the truth, rather than show hatred toward them.

Who Takes the Lead?

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be trapped in the arrangements made by the evil. We should take the lead and call the shots! If we follow the time line that the evil has arranged, we have already restricted ourselves.

There is a story about this: A practitioner was taken away. The local practitioners immediately started efforts to rescue him. However, when word came out about his arrest, many practitioners lost their confidence with regards to rescuing him. They thought that their efforts had not worked. Later, we learned that the practitioner was sentenced to a three-year jail term. More practitioners lost confidence in their ability to rescue him. Later, the practitioners even started pointing fingers at one another and complaining.

One group of practitioners persisted in sending righteous thoughts, starting at the beginning of the rescue efforts. No matter the situation, they were not affected. When a practitioner was being transferred to the labor camp, these practitioners sent forth strong righteous thoughts to ask Master to help the practitioner to appear to have the symptoms of sickness karma.

During a physical examination at the labor camp, the policeman yelled with anger: “This person has all kinds of illnesses. Are you giving us trouble by sending him here? Take him away immediately. We refuse to take him.”

The practitioner was sent home the same day he was sentenced to a three-year jail term. It turned out that the entire situation involving this practitioner's imprisonment was an illusion and a test. During the process, every practitioner that was involved made a choice. Some gave up because they heard bad news. Some held viewpoints similar to the evil. Some persisted in disintegrating the evil with righteous thoughts from the beginning to the end.

Many of the practitioners who had given up regretted doing so. Those who persisted in upholding righteous thoughts experienced the determination of a practitioner and the power of Dafa.

Thoughts on Hiring Attorneys

Master told us in Zhuan Falun: “Different Levels Have Different Fa.”

The law should be used to govern matters in society. More and more lawyers with righteous beliefs are standing up to defend Dafa practitioners. As Fa-rectification progresses, more lawyers are not only emphasizing the innocence of practitioners during court trials, but they are now also suing the persecutors.

We must always remember that practitioners should play the leading role. We cannot completely rely on the lawyers. They are a part of the efforts to rescue practitioners, but they are not the deciding factor.

Hiring a lawyer to defend cases involving practitioners is also offering salvation to the legal profession. This is also difficult for the local legal system because they are used to taking orders from their governing body and treating those orders as the law. Some of them still think arresting Falun Gong practitioners is legal.

The impact of having a lawyer defend a case for a practitioners is obvious. Many of the policemen and judges, upon learning about the involvement of lawyers, stop mistreating practitioners. Some of them have delayed or canceled trials or lessened the persecution. At the same time, the local practitioners have been clarifying the truth to their communities. This has improved the overall environment.

Stop Sentient Beings from acting against Dafa

When a policeman arrests a practitioner, he will have acted against Dafa. The countless sentient beings that he represents face a horrific ending. When the labor camp takes in a practitioner, the policemen who work at the labor camp have acted against Dafa. When a court officer issues an arrest warrant for a practitioner, he has acted against Dafa.

When family members of fellow practitioners show hatred toward Dafa because of the persecution, aren’t they in danger? And when they do not know the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party, aren't they also in danger?

If we can be righteous and selfless, miracles will unfold before our eyes.