(Minghui.org) One of my friends came to Beijing on a business trip. I invited him to dinner with another friend. Here is an interesting story he shared with us.

He met a young couple on the train. They wanted to exchange one of their two upper beds for a lower bed for the pregnant wife. At first nobody wanted to help them out. My friend then said, “I'll swap with you.” The husband became excited and asked, “Where do you work? What do you do for a living?”

My friend replied, “I work for a provincial government and am responsible for administrative work.” The husband exclaimed, “You mean there's still a good person in the provincial government?!”

Everyone seemed to freeze. After a moment of silence, the husband reiterated, “You are a good person, a really good person!”

My other friend at dinner was a higher-ranking official. He said: “Last year, while looking for a gift for my friend in a supermarket, I chatted with an employee there. After she heard about what I do for a living, she seemed surprised and asked, ‘Why do you still work for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)?’”

We all laughed and said in agreement, “The CCP is going to be finished soon!”